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I am looking for GFL pictures or videos for making music video. I need pictures with angels, positive alien races or spaceships (something that can wake up people, heal our hearts, give hope and spread love and light...) Something like that. 

But I can´t find a lot of pictures on the internet. I find only seven of them that can be used.

Google find much of them and they are really nice but I can´t downloaded them because they are protected by copyright. :(

Are there any webside with them?

Is there anybody who can help me?


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There's none. 

Obviously this is because they are of someone's imagination.

If if they were, the Cabal wouldn't let the pictures of them ever be seen. Although I once had access to a album of pleidians though but then It was banned...

I know there is no one picture with real spaceship.

I was looking for something like this: 

I would like to find some fake pictures of spaceship. Picture which were created by photomontage of these ships like the ones there. Sorry for misunderstanding.

Oh! There's plenty I guess.


Thanks. I like that.  ♥ ♥ ♥

Or you could use the crapload pictures of FW offered?

I don't know if it from Russia government or good aliens races...

you could crop out the text and use it, one love



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