As you might have heard, Muammar Gadaffi has finally been killed. What are your thoughts?

I think he was a dark lord like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, George Bush and so on who has finally fallen. What do you think?

Much love to y'all 

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  • if I ever take over the world


    well now. . .

    hmmmm. . .

    so. . . I sence their may be some real challengers to the throne then eh, ok ok no problem : p

  • Rebels could be good or bad; it depends on what they are rebelling against. You, as a parent, could make your children do chores & homework & they could rebel against that. I come along w/ my intelligence agency listen to their complaints & hire "Al-Quaeda" to lead a revolt to not just change things, but to kill mommy & daddy (the evil dictators); under the premise that mommy & daddy punishes & beat their own children. "How evil!!". Call child abuse & lynch & kill the parents! Many (50,000) of the children, I kill thru bombing; cause "I'm so concerned about human life (all of a sudden) ; "ask the Indians". Cynthia McKinnley (former U.S. Congresswoman went to Libya for 2 weeks on a fact-finding trip; she said she wanted to check things out for herself because our track record when it comes to reporting the truth. (Remember Iraq; Sudaam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction; he's killing his own people. Over & over; day & night. later we find that there were no weapons of mass destruction; LIES, LIES, & more LIES!!!!!). She said NATO bombing was predominantly in Black communities; she said she noticed that about half of population look like the Black people in America. The bombing was not on military targets, but innocent civilians (hospitals, schools, universities, homes, etc). ["Humanitarian" bombing!!!!]. In Gadhafi's Greenbook, he mentions that wealth of Libya belongs to the Black Africans & he mention the glorious destiny of Black people; his policies & attitudes, like apologizing for the Arab's role in the TransAtlantic slavery & condemning the America & Britain's puppet leaders in Saudi. This really angered lots of the Arabs, many who are racist to the core. The CIA used & manipulated the whole scenario very craftily. Divide & conquer! Its these same type of Arabs put in control this African country. So they can do what the KKK are not there to do. Where there is no justice, there is peace! Much peace & love!!!
    • Yes Bro,. Rebels can be good or bad. There are many types of Rebels, but over all they are usually going against something, something that no one else agrees with. It just depends on what that thing is.

      Bless the Nite,


    • Bro. Daniel,

      Great posts.  One of the first things that the NATO backed rebels have done is to bring in islamic law to the Libyan people, public stonings, and revoking pologamy, it is now law to have as many wives as you want.  The one thing that I was trying to get across to people in my world was the fact that NATO were bombing cities, NOT military targets.  I think it disturbs people so much that they don't want to believe that it is actually going on.

      Fellow posters on this thread:-

      I have said it on this thread before and will say it again,

      If the powers that be, eg NATO were that concerned about the "crimes" against the Libyan people that were happening then WHY did they allow it to go on for 42YEARS?  IT IS ALL BULLSHITE PEOPLE, WAKE UP PLEASE, WAKE UP.

      And go and educate yourselves about this man before you make ignorant statements!

  • in the "future" EVERYTHING will be settled on the disco floor, I mean. . if I ever take over the world
  • Hey Kelly Ann, I will agree to this. There could be some ties in with the Dark Illumanti, when something like this happens, but in general it was setup for the Starving Children in Africa. It was set up for them, because they can invest there money wisely for the near future. Not all forms of Government is setup to be bad. 

    Whenever you have a Government setup in the 3D, there are going to be some tie ins with the Dark Illumanti, but you have to be smart about it. It isn't the people who work or have jobs that is the problem. It's the ones who are behind things that are set out to kill, or hurt people in all of this.  Which also includes robbing banks as well.

    I think there are different classes of Free Masons as well. Not everything is cut and dry in the 3D.

    We can't always think that just because a Bank has been set up in Africa, for the children to invest there money in, is a bad thing. We have to sometimes think that this was set up for a goodthing.

    Saying No always to Government things in the 3D, isn't the way to go either. You have to becareful, know your smarts in things. Know when something was meant to help, or hurt others.

    Bless the Nite,


    • maybe for u some are good.. but not for me..

      All, and when i say All, i mean All...every itty bitty bit tiny piece of human politic governments are bad, all around the globe... and when i say bad... i dont mean evil... or that they are out to take on the little guy...

      they are bad, in the sense that they dont cannot work... its not their fault also... the whole system is set up to not work...

      when u see that the bottom line of everything in society is PROFIT, u cannot have a working system for all, by default... even if u had the best intentions in your heart... NO... Good People in Government does NOT work, even if they liked to!!!!

      profit over anyone, and anything, Does Not Work!!! long as Profit is the End Goal, nothing is going to work as it should be... even if u become Jesus Christ himself...

      the problems of the World, cannot, and they will not solved in politics, political speeches, and declarations... Period.

      • Well I don't think it's all bad, the system I mean. But...people seriously need to come first. Profit over people, is just not right. I think any form of government, from a dictatorship to a republic, communism, capitalism, or whatever....would work....IF the people in power actually cared about the people they govern. On paper, every form of government is usually never is, and I don't blame government for that, I blame people.
  • Nothing wrong with African music :0) 

    Bless the Nite,


  • Does anyone here know that when the "rebels" got Gadaffi out of Tripoli the very first thing they did was establish a Central bank of the Rothschilds??  It seems that Gadaffi had started a gold backed monetary system that was really taking off and it had been adopted by no less than 5 African Nations and was spreading and very successful.  This whole "rebel" thing stinks of the good ole boys of the EU bankers breaking up the newly founded gold backed system in order to keep control as well as relieve him of the oil in his country.  I will be very very surprised if we don't end up attacking all the countries that adopted this monetary system and raise them to the ground as they did in Libia. We already have troops on the ground in Uganda (one of the countries that had adopted the gold backed system) I'll be hornedswagggled if we do not start bombing the crap out of them.  Don't get me wrong -  I do not think he was an especially good man - but know for sure the Rothschild bankers are very much worse.  They would not have cared about Libia if he was a monster to his people - only that he was being successful in opposing them and what they consider THEIR money.  When are the sheeple going to WAKE UP!!  We do not "liberate" anybody by bombing them and financing "rebels" to bring down the government.
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