As you might have heard, Muammar Gadaffi has finally been killed. What are your thoughts?

I think he was a dark lord like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, George Bush and so on who has finally fallen. What do you think?

Much love to y'all 

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  • "The UN Security Council plans on Thursday to end its authorization for a 7-month-old NATO military operation in Libya that led to the ouster and death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

    The plan to cancel the mandate comes despite a request from Libya's interim government for the Security Council to wait until the National Transitional Council makes a decision on whether it wants NATO to help it secure its borders.

    The 15-nation council will meet at 10:00 am EDT [1400 GMT] to vote on a British-drafted resolution, obtained by Reuters news agency, that would terminate the UN mandate which set the no-fly zone over Libya and permitted foreign military forces to use "all necessary measures" to protect Libyan civilians.

    If the resolution is approved, as expected, the UN mandate would lapse on October 31. - Reuters ...

    The French defence minister has said he does not see a need to extend NATO's mission  in Libya, now that Muammar Gaddafi is dead and a new government is in  charge.

    Gerard Longuet said on Thursday that the international community should still  help the new Libyan leadership but with a new mandate, focusing on political  instead of military support."

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  • The eyes are the windows to the soul, Music. I thought everybody knew that lol
  • Amen to my willingness to use whatever means at my disposal to torch egos....amen
  • lol That might be the truth, Anthony. Which brings me to a subject I always wondered, will we be getting new bodies, with this coming first contact and ascension? I´m not thinking of my body really, I´m fine with how I look, I´m thinking more for others, I´m sure that people really won´t feel 100% complete and content unless they have a more perfected body. There are billions of people on Earth right now, with a slightly less than perfect body, to put it nicely, and I feel bad for them. All people deserve to have nice bodies that they can feel proud of.


    So how will it work, will we gradually develop into youthful, beautiful perfected bodies with time, as our higher selves merges with us? Or will the Federation have a role to play in that..maybe with Light Chambers lol What do you guys think?

  • I think that is not dead. They killed his double, Ahmit.
    • My feelings as well....since I don't trust the ego mined...much love, kate


      p.s. I follow my heart only


  • "Amen" to a certain frequency! If u understand, u do! If u don't, you probably won't! (At least, for now). Let him/her who hath ears, hear! Those who REJOICE over the Klans man- like, CIA/international snooper invading, self-righteous hypocritical, oil-junkie (gotta get my next fix by any means necessary), illegal execution of bro. Gadaffi will WEEP later!! Much peace & Love!
  • O.K. Katie!! I think 'I feel ya'! Now everyone can say "Amen!" or "Ouch!"
    • tis all about free will choice after all isn't it? love!, kate


  • Speaking truth is never waffling on...besides...I love waffles and I'll bring the maple syrup, the real stuff to the next truth waffling....fair? love, katie
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