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From Sweden With Love Comes OUMPH ..Tastes Real Good...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Swedish company Oumph! is hoping to impact positive change in the world...IT SURE MADE A POSITIVE CHANGE

The award-winning plant meat company's flagship flavors are: Pulled Oumph!, Thyme & Garlic, Kebab Spiced, and The Chunk - which are rich in protein and fiber, as well as a good source of iron and folic acid.



I saw Oumph Stall at shows in London Olympia and London Excel and I tried it and I liked it very much.

Oumph is for everyone including Vegetarians and Vegans so go for it. 

Now I get Oumph from Wholefoods or Tesco which is cheaper and I have it atleast once a week.

I sometimes have Oumph with Cassava Chips and it’s a real good tasty combination 

This is what they say about Oumph 
We believe in mouth-watering food. Food that’s delicious, easy to cook, and crazy good for the environment. And that’s Oumph! Really good food, made from beans, with a climate impact so low that you, and everyone else on this planet, can eat it every day. Epic.*
So welcome to Oumph! We’re so happy to have you on our journey!

*Plant protein is resource efficient and have low climate impact. Oumph! is rich in protein and fibre. And a source to iron and folic acid. Read more on WWF!

We are convinced that a great taste experience is key to a food culture where there’s enough food to go around for everyone, even when there are nine billion people on earth. That’s why we created Oumph! With it’s completely unique structure and texture, it’s unlike anything else from the plant kingdom.
We are driven by an ambition to decrease our climate impact drastically, while increasing the health of as many people as possible. And Oumph! will help do just that. We’ve developed several varieties of Oumph!, seasoned and unseasoned, for you to use in an endless choice of dishes. So, whether you want to sauté, boil, grill, deep-fry or heat it over open fire, you’ll find the perfect match. Just do whatever tickles your fancy!
The words “you have to try it for yourself” have never been truer…


I make Oumph Chunks with Chips or Cassava Chips which taste even better 

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While I am posting this I am sitting outside Canary Wharf I am eating Oumph Chunks with Chips and I always add Himilyian Salt, Organic Ginger and Organic Turmeric with Organic Black Pepper and some organic mixed spices

ottimo , ma , dove si trovano ? quanto costano ? se costano poco e sono in vendita in negozi hard discount forse avranno diffusione ma se costano tanto chi li acquista ? la solita elite vegana che frequenta negozi di lusso e erboristerie alla moda ......e i poveri guardano.......


great, but where are they? how much do they cost ? if they are cheap and are on sale in hard discount stores, they will probably have diffusion but if do those who buy them cost so much? the usual vegan elite who frequents luxury shops and fashionable herbalists ...... and the poor look .......

Check on their website and for more info contact them and they will tell you if available in your area 

I shall meet the Oumph team members at The Plant Based Show at Excel and GoOrganicFestival at Batersea Park if they are there but I did tell them about The Plant Based Show so more then likely they will be there. 

The GoOrganicFestival is mainly Organic products but a few stall will have as natural as possible products.

I go to a lot of shows as I get to know new products before they are in the retailers 

Oumph goes very well with cassava chips ..yes taste real good 



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