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  • Thanks for sharing...

    I wan to add, Obama who is now sitting on the Chair of the UN, threatened Putin to either side with them or be convicted an International Criminal. Which would mean all of Europe and the US would be against Putin. He attacked Syria because they gave him an ultamatum. Donald Trump in the video does not really have his information straight. Everyone in Europe are feeling sorry for all these refugees who must escape all the bombing. No way did Putin want to bomb them.

    What is going down there is a great Kuddle Muddle... German for mess. A personal friend of mine is taking care of a Syrian Family in her home. It is so sad how they are all psychologically wounded from all that they have experienced.

    • Here's Putin's interpretation of negotiating with Obama:

  • Hi Malcolm, I'll embed that vid here, for easier member viewing...

    I agree with much this chap says, but one point of clarification I'd like to make, is that Russia represents the interests of all global Earth Allies of the GFL....It is a prime Earth Ally surface Earth military nation....So the future he speaks of is not just Russia's, but of all in service to the LIGHT....all national and sacred secret society Earth Allies, globally, in opposition to the Anglo-American dark cabal and it's dark governments, which dominate the western powers and Israel....
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Thanks for the info. LOVE Brother Nathanael!

    • Brother Nathanael is definitely a trip. I still don't like the way he makes sweeping generalizations about Jewish people, but I like his analysis of foreign affairs A LOT, especially regarding the Middle East.

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Nonsense Time

The Lion: tell me, how did they release demagorgons in CERN?

The Horse: They teared time.

The Lion: I guess the particles there are travelling faster than…

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