Fountain Giving Life is a Wave Articulation Matrix for a Healthy Civilization.

Welcome to the Galaxy!

Fountain Giving Life Functional Specifications

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These are the plans my friend drew up for an "Energy Multiplier" which was shown to him by extraterrestrials.

Please share this information and make fountains!  

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  • looks cool... is he building  this thing??...or what??

    • Yes, he is going to build it, I am helping him any way I can.

      I believe, and want, people to build this any way they can. I don't think we should wait for people to figure this stuff out. But yes, some kind of prototype is on the way. As far as a machine goes I think it is pretty simple. The hard part may be finding or machining pipes that have the correct ratios to maintain the sequence. 

      It is interesting to see how each of the rings/tubes have the same mass+volume, only change shape according to the golden ratio. God bless!

  • This is intriguing; though, it would feel more professional if your friend used proper grammar.
    I would like to see someone pull off making this device though.
    • Yes, do you mean the -broken english- sounding type grammar? when he spoke in their voice, he used almost a chinese sounding accent that broke english down into things like "fountain very good" etc.

      Not sure why that is. 

      Yes, I would like to see this made too. I'm helping him as best I can at the moment, I also think that suitable people could design their own from this pdf.

      Interestingly, was the sequence of events that lead me to meet this guy. Especially since I'd been reading up on here all about these supposed technologies going to drop into earth zone. We just met "randomly' on the side walk, and I asked what was in the notebook he was carrying....turns out, as above!

      Let me know if have any other questions or ideas..!

      • Ahh, I understand. I take back all I said about the grammar.

        It's a very interesting schematic. I noticed it uses the phi ratio. It looks like it should work.

        I'll take another look at it, and if I have any ideas that may help, then I will let you know :)

        • Yes,,,

          Imagine technologies based on life...that had the energy of growth..of life flow..rather than constant decline and maintainance. I know trees and beings are like that..

          only we are now in this world full of tech that constantly degrades and is so innefficient. 

          It seems to me that the introduction of Phi would help that life-force take hold and grow.

          • I agree. I see the torus design in nature as well :)

            It would be very much like "Heaven" on Earth.

            Have you thought about seeking funding through Kickstarter.com?

            • Yes!!!! thank you for reminding me! I was thinking about that and I couldn't remember the name..Making my ears burn!!

              Yes, the torus..I can't say I get the full import of it, but it does show up..plus it was in thrive:)!

              Yes, we need heaven in earth and we have it. Only to manifest it through and through and through...in all our ways...through all our beings...


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