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  • PS. I am on the Path to Sirius, so will have dual membership with the earth Hierarchy and theirs, what I do to pull Sirius energies down to earth I will continue on a more macrocosmic scale, I imagine.  My higher self and I still have to talk about it, heh heh...

    Have a great weekend, peace, love and light,


  • Wow, you must be feeling this energy wave too, aren't you?  Last night I saw the geometric shapes form a circle and then a vivica pisces, interesting, no?  Lol, good thing I found this awesome site and blogged about it in Padawans, here is an except you may be interested in: 

    Many persons who have developed a small degree of etheric sight have expressed astonishment when first beholding showers of stars, pyramids, double pyramids, cubes and other geometrical forms issuing from the body. Such figures are the cast-off molecules of which his body is composed and which are being excreted through the action of the radiating vital forces of the etheric body. Students who are interested in making an analysis of these figures may consult scientific magazines and books in which the molecular structure of matter is indicated. There they will find that each molecule has its own characteristic atomic structure, which occult investigators have been describing under another terminology.

    (These geometric forms I see sometimes, I saw them in the djed but they were geometric forms not seen in earth before- this was when the tones opened it)

    Note that these microscopic crystals seem to have actual size and shape to the etheric vision. (Sometimes they appear in large clusters). We can understand from this why the seers were not at first able to explain what they saw in terms of laboratory science. This has not been possible until our own twentieth century, with its development of atomic and nuclear physics.

    A great many people see the "dots" in the air, which seem to be gold or silver dust (or sometimes multicolored, and which sometimes move in great cloud-like masses before the vision. Ancient seers have described these clouds, out of which "the spirits of the ancestors" would condense and materialize before the physical eyes. This is again a view of the Chemical Ether, as it appears in materialization from etheric to physical formation.

    he etheric vision reveals both molecules and atoms and the forces locked up within the atoms, and other forces and particles. Occult scientists have described them as best they could, but their vocabulary is not the vocabulary of modern science, and until a nuclear physicist develops the etheric vision or an occult scientist schools himself in nuclear in nuclear physics, students will have a difficult time in equating their occult knowledge with modern physics and chemistry. A few scientists have admitted to the possession of extrasensory perception.

    Read more:

  • PS.  The channelers were right on many things but we humans ask the wrong questions...hmmm ponder that :)

  • Thank you for your friendship, I'd love to discuss more and tonight I had a major breakthrough as I was expecting but not in the manner I thought (is it ever?lol)... still absorbing and dealing, so will connect more tomorrow, I'll be posting a blog about it Triangles, important to share what I saw and am experiencing. 

    Good luck, I sense we are going through the same thing, I know its going to get even more intense as next month unravels (unfolds?)... take care,

    Namaste, Kel

    PS.Yes, I see the geometric forms and the answers lay in Triangles and with what is happening to us as we unlock 4d.  What you need to ask yourselves right now, is what are you going to manifest with your new abilities?

  • lol what i meant was Hydra, that those who call another insane, see that aspect of insanity in themselves to call it another , in other words labelling others what you see in you lol

    Dr Dyer said the same thing.He's a lovely teacher.

    mirror effect in other words.

    i think whoever calls me insane or names or who thinks human beings are the only life who exist in this whole entire universe is insane, yes i do lol

    yes all are on their own paths and thats an amazing thing but it doesnt give them the right to judge others like me as insane, that gives them no right to name call, lol

  • Yes!!!.. indeed, i just hope the for the best but you never know? what could happen so the question is ARE YOU READY?
  • hello, and thank you for the greeting! very thankful to have found this group. highest love, highest healing. : )

  • Hello Hydra,

    funny the ones calling the name *insane* are insane themselves are they not? lol

    I find patience with these kind of people, and walking our talk, makes them to change somewhat... i feel that.

    have a beautiful day! (activation code) for you, so pretty!


  • welcome to ashtar site :) welcome to the party :) welcome to the learning xD

    I like your blog on some issues of the site. . very keen eye <3. .
    I feel I can learn alot of things from you ;)  <3

    also, you mentioned. .

    "You could say I'm a grounding agent for those who stray too far into the surreal delusions of the mental realm :)"

    +1 ;) well put stance. .

    thankyou for coming here, and checking us out :)
    (love the music on your page)

  • awwe thanks, love ya avatar! very pretty!

    sacred geomatry ;)


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"Reminds me of certain images I've seen in crop circles.
Good find"
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You can still see the current one as it is.
You decide the truth for yourself."
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NOTE: I'm aware this article is old. This is to remind many of you that all sources of information should be questioned instead of immediately accepted without careful comparison and contemplation.A World Of Disinformation:Ron: Those perplexed by…
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"Might want to check dates.
Also, this was a mock tribunal. There is no authority behind it, sadly."
May 8, 2012

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