FORGIVENESS is when you learn to LOVE.

FORGIVENESS is the Key to Happiness and Health.

FORGIVENESS holds no Grievances, past or present.

When you learn to ''FORGIVE you are FORGIVEN.

FORGIVENESS is our only ''Mission'' Here in 4 & 5D.

The ''Light-workers of the World'', brings Peace to every mind through our FORGIVENESS.

When you FORGIVE ,you LOVE, when you LOVE, GODS Light shines on you and through you

to others, to Save the World.

FORGIVENESS is known as the stairway to Heaven.

When you FORGIVE ,you open the Cosmic Portals to higher Dimensions.

FORGIVENESS is only learned by practicing it.

Our Grievances Hide the ''Light of the World'' in us. [a.c.i.m.]

The Darkness of the World is brought into the Light, through our FORGIVENESS & LOVE.

To FORGIVE others, one must first learn to FORGIVE oneself.

FORGIVENESS is our Mission as Light-workers of the World.

Our only function is the one GOD gave to us. [a.c.i.m.]

Our Happiness and our FUNCTION are One. [a.c.i.m.]

When you practice your FUNCTION, you then begin to Ascend.

Our FUNCTION and our MISSION are actually One and the same.

There is no FORGIVENESS in Heaven, because there is no Judgement, therefor no conflict to


FORGIVENESS leads to the Law of ONENESS, for we are all One.There is No Separation.

When you FORGIVE you FORGET and release all Grievances past and present.

Grievances occur when you FORGET to FORGIVE and bury it instead.

FORGIVENESS is for Ascending, Grievances is for Descending, Choose wisely, my friends.

The Shadows of our Past are Dissolved in the light of our FORGIVENESS.

You cannot Ascend if you hold Grievances of the past or present, for there is No SIN.

When we FORGIVE our past, both for ourselves and others, we then learn that we all just make

Mistakes,that can be corrected and halt the Wheel of KARMA.

When you FORGIVE the past, you are able to Create a future from the present moment that is


When a negative past memory enters your thought system,deal with it by FORGIVING it,let it go.

We cannot Ascend into 4D & 5D UNLESS we Learn to FORGIVE our past & past lives.

Grievances are nothing more than present or past Conflicts that has not been FORGIVEN.

We cannot go forward until we go back & correct our past Mistakes through FORGIVENESS.

You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven until you Love and you cannot enter Alone. Only

with your brother, hand in hand , that you have FORGIVEN.

Enter Now in LOVE, For We are all ONE.

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