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What is foreign aid? The most basic foreign aid definition states that it is “resources given from one country to another.” These resources include money, materials, and manpower that are donated to developing countries around the world. Foreign aid is offered to help with emergency preparedness, disaster relief, economic development, and poverty reduction. 

No money should be given to any country but project teams should be formed that go out and build hospitals, homes, schools, food farms, clothing factories etc 

Let's take an example :

America gives 1 million to Nigeria money should be given as the receivers make most of it a team of professionals should be sent to Nigeria to build schools, hospitals, food farms, homes etc and train Nigerians to run the projects once buildings are completed ...but no money should be sent as the receivers take most of it and leave the  poor as they are  


Look at how much countries are getting in foreign aid results April 2020 

Security Assistance Monitor, the following countries receive money 

Bethe most in economic aid:

  • Afghanistan (US$ 650,000,000)
  • Jordan (US$ 635,800,000)
  • Kenya (US$ 632,500,000)
  • Tanzania (US$ 534,500,000)
  • Uganda (US$ 435,500,000)
  • Zambia (US$ 428,525,000)
  • Nigeria (US$ 413,300,000)

The countries receiving the most help in security aid are:

  • Afghanistan (US$ S5 billion)
  • Israel (US$ 3.2 billion)
  • Iraq (US$ 1.3 billion)
  • Egypt (US$ 1.3 billion)
  • Syria (US$ 541,500,000)
  • Jordan (US$ 364,200,000

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