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Star I am not sorry about my life.  I look at things from a different perspective  I was needed to become strong,  I was also needed to become compassionate and have Empathy for all others because of my experiences I can be all three and then some.  My life has taken me through the CRASH COURSE I have learned more in this ONE lifespan than most people learn in three,  and it was neccessarry for this to take place because of my importance for the particular time! Everyone says end times I really feel this is a wonderful transitional time not at all an end of anything but a true beginning,  And I have waited for my entire life for this  which is another reason why I believe I am a starseed brought to this world to help,  because I did have so much to go through if only you knew all the corridors my life has opened and the things I have went through I should be dead at least 6 or 7 times over,  but as yesua told me he was with me every step of my way. I have always craved a close nit relationship with those around me and I never understood why people betray each other and cheat and steal from their own friends and family that has shocked me even when I was little. I also do not understand lying to one another this irritates me to no end but I'm working to control the irritation I feel when my built in lie detector goes off. I remember when I was 4 years old I had very different way of thinking for a human child, I loved the Micky mouse show with annette Funnacelli and I watched it everyday until we had to go and pick up my brothers from school and be interrupted,  so one evening I asked my dad how does the TV work and how do the shows get into it? He explained to me that the TV has wires and picture tubes and the waves go into the TV and the show comes on,  so the next day I waited for the show to enter the TV and I unplugged it before we left to trap the micky mouse show inside and keep it from being able to get out, I was very upset when it wasn't there after we got home,  and my dad laughed at what I did I was the most unusual of all of my siblings we still laugh about it sometimes he is shocked how much I remember from very early on.

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  • Oh geez how did I miss this. Oh it happened back in Dec... that was before I joined I think.

    Kinda weird since rambling poet and Star are two of my favorite people here.

    • Maybe you were very busy with current issues thank you for the compliment cutie! I kinda have a preference for you as well!

  • I relate SOOOO SO much with and peace my friend

  • i remember telling a neighbor of an apartment complex I lived in when i was a kid....."look it is another earth" as i pointed to the moon, cause if you use your imagination you can see continents and what looks like another earth. i remember thinking to myself "he does not get it" and just ignored him when he said to me, "no, no erika that is the moon." I just shrugged it off. people just don't understand or they don't get it and they lack belief...

    i think that we where genetically created and put upon this earth, the garden of edan was the first alien hybrid colony. i believe that.

    light to you

  • interesting to ponder greater reasons for such thing. . is it not. .
    hehe <3
    I hope many do

    aye, thepoet put it best, hehe

    but in all seriousness we are a genetic library of the entire galaxy

    • I am the LIBRARY MAN, SHHH no talking in my jeans.

      • Sorry geo i had to do it, hehe:)

    • Thank you geo'a I really appreciate your kind words.

  • We are actually not pollinated that would be for plants but in all seriousness we are a genetic library of the entire galaxy at any time they can isolate any compilation of DNA and genetic markers to bring out certain individually defining qualities for any of their species if they needed to start over or if they needed a variety  and we could do that many times over before we got to the end of our genetic possibilities.    

  • The definition of human is an individual that is intelligent and has the ability to have empathy towards his like peers, as opposed to chimps, Homo Sapient is the particular species,

     we are about to become homo cosmos they say but I thought it was homo telestial which is man that goes into the outer space.



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