So the story behind this is these are the notes I typed down during the Sheldan Nidle webinar today. Posted this specifically in Nation Earth Warriors group, but Galactic Free Press got a hold of it and... well, it's public now, lol. Hope I don't get in trouble. Enjoy!


By Earth Brother Brett in Nation Earth Warriors

- Limited consciousness beings react to the unknown by seeing reality as one thing. Fear is just a false event appearing real. (F.E.A.R.) We are treated and run like puppets. Our society is based upon fears that are imagined and not real.


  - Fall of our Consciousness: Brain was disconnected greatly. Gene sequencing was altered. The body possesses genetic memories for fear passed down through generations (Epi-genetics). Epi-genetics were added to cause you to age and eventually, die. The ultimate fear is to die and be separated from your physical reality.


  - Role of the Annunaki: Overlords of the post-Atlantean world. Altered humanity's origins for control. Eco system of our world changed from loving to savage, non-competitive to competitive. We are living in a reality now designed to change at the whim of Annunaki = Rise of "Fear". Used fear to manipulate. Severed your direct link to Heaven. Skillfully set society against society. Knowledge was divided between the known and the unknown. Only the 'great rulers' knew how to control.


  - We live in a Realm of Lies, a Realm of Competition, Realm of Uncertainty. Art of War was born, rise of 'altered' religions. Minions learn how to control and manipulate humanity. "What if this happens? What if that happens?" Suddenly we are caught in a hell-like world based upon fears. We now live in a kind of physical living 'hell'.


  Ascended Masters:

Their ultimate goal is to transform humanity and alter this dark realm into Light. The Galactic Federation consists of galactic human contingents assigned to bring this realm back into the Light. Angels & Elohim: Heaven has sent its specials spiritual messengers as well.  There is a great reason for all of us to honor and know that the Light is out there and that changing is happening. We are on a journey to return to who we really are. This great period of hellishness is a ground for teaching to teach us the worst aspects of physicality. Use this information to transform into the Light. "Trial by Fire", so to speak, is reaching its end.


Galactic Benevolent Beings of Love: Are either corporeal or non-corporeal.


-Corporeal Beings:

* Galactic Humans (i.e. Pleiadians): Fully conscious, taller than us or a lot taller than us, well proportioned.


* Inner Earth Humans (i.e. Argathans): Fully conscious, taller than Pleiadians, want to be able to (more than anything) to activate themselves to manifest freely in front of us, unite inner planet to outer planet.  


  - Non-Corporeal Beings: Beings of Light who normally only exist above 6-D. They normally don't like to come down below 6-D, sit above physicality in heaven. Whenever you encounter them it's through telepathy, you encounter a degree of love and wisdom that is unbelievable amazing in its purity. They are backing up and containing this energy of light so it can come forth at the sacred 'right time' of bringing in this new reality. * Angels & Seraphim: Beings of Light who normally only exist about 8-D.


  - You are being watched and guided by your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Heaven felt it was important that these great human-prototypes be created out of the essence of limited conscious beings into Ascended Masters. What is happening on this world is a great change. This great change allows all of us to understand we are part of a great journey. We sit at the edge of a return.


  - The Role of the Galactic Federation: First contact mission = Mentors to guide you back to full consciousness. Creation of a new Galactic Society. Galactic Humans create (naturally) Galactic Society. It is based upon the Four Sacred Laws.


Four Sacred Laws:

The law of One: The goal of every being to discover their soul path for personal growth and service.

The law of Two: The power of creation is experienced in a loving relationship with another being. This closeness defines the couple's divine service to each other and to others.


The Law of Three:

The close bond with one's self, friends, family, and clan creates the planetary web. Within the planetary web, we rely on each other's strengths to create greater strength.


The Law of Four:

The Law of Four is the Law of Three expanded to larger groups such as clan-to-clan and planetary-to-star nation.


- We are all physical angels. We are returning to love. We are a Greater Oneness. You are awakening to your power and how your divine service aids all Creation. We have a spiritual responsibility to serve Spirit and spread Love and Light throughout physicality. We are part of a grand mission to carry out the divine plan to sustain it through Creation.


  Meditation to Spread Love:

Step 1- Meditate and Energize:

Quiet your mind and start to meditate. Go into a deep, calm and loving meditation. Bring in the colors green (essence of this world, nurturing, all living things) and blue (energy that unfolds life, great energy of spirit, Sirius great blue lodge of spirit, divine blue flame, wisdom of all great levels of heaven.)


Step 2- Surround |Your Body

Take this green and blue and surround your body with it. Feel your body healing as it reaches out to the divine.


Step 3- Send This Energy To Gaia

Radiate this bliss to Gaia. Feel the interaction with this reality and share this bliss with your Higher Self.


Step 4- Meditate Until you Feel Done

Meditate for your usual time (or even over). Use this space to accomplish these steps. Eventually do it as a group effort.


Piecing the Puzzle Together: Light is forging a transition that is to have new governance, debt forgiveness, new banking system, etc. This is being done in stages that are to complete before the end of the Gregorian year of 2012 AD.





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  • Thank you for taking the time to put this all together for us.  Great job! 

    • Your welcome. :) I didn't expect the Galactic Free Press to take it and give me credit, lol.. but they did. At least it got out there.

  • nice, Thank you for sharing, and taking notes. Great news and yes we are close.

    • You're welcome ^_^. I  type 100WPM, so .. basically that was an hour and a half of listening and typing.

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