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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRiZzDVXHwoq5baRDBWc0Y6TnGFa4JFzpNqQK08OUWwRc8xVAlA&width=50My Dear friends,

We, the members of this community, are all travelers on the path of self realization and in the search of the truth.

We may be treading different paths or routes to our common destination, but doesn't few things essential, the basic, remains the same.



proper cleansing - laxatives and colon irrigation, fasting, kalps- fasting on fruits, juices, lentils, single cereals.

proper diet- light food easily digestible (preferably vegetarian), food stuff with right fiber content, natural supplements.

Exercise- yog asanas, pranayama, breathing techniques, aerobics,.........

Meditation- in all it's form- for mind training

Proper sleep- 6 to 8 hours.

Disciplined life style- a fixed schedule for all of the above.

Getting rid of bad habits, rather it would be wise to call them irritants- ALCOHOL beyond a certain quantity, drug abuse, intoxicants, too much of excitement.

There are friends on this platform who believe that intoxicants in various forms help them reach a state of trance, but do they really help.

Any experience under influence of intoxicants may not be  an encounter with higher self or truth, but a result of hidden emotions- positive and or negative. Such experience may further deflect us from the path of ASCENSION OR SELF REALIZATION.

Numbing of mind with drug abuse, will be more of a CONFUSION than ASCENSION and it  may appeal to undisciplined persons with weak will power looking for short cuts, whereas there are no short cuts- only reaching to state of no thoughts with help of meditation will show and or lead to the right path.


I would like to request you all to share your practice, methodology, routines and habits, suggestions and experiences with your fellow travelers so that we all grow together, spiritually.

And please also recommend some readings which might be helpful.

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  •  only a healthy body can have a healthy mind.

  • How would you be living if you new that "our common destination" has already been reached?  What are you going to do in this place?  Who are you going to help in this new place?  Where can you be of service to others?  Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see."  Ascension is here, now.  Ascension is knowing that there isn't anybody coming to save you.  YOU must be the ALL.  In All, you move and breathe and have your beingness. Your Sword of light cuts through all ties that hold you down.  Your inner heart flame sings the song of creation before you as you walk through life.  The love you feel for yourself is felt by everything and everyone that surrounds you even out into the galaxy.  You are a living meditation with endless possibilities ahead of you.  You are the Alchemist, transformer, magician.  Turn the key and you are here to be.  So be fearless. 

  •  this is a great post! And to reply…..

    Sleep: I have a regular routine, I get about 7 hours during the week. And 8 to 9 during the weekend.

    Meditation: 30-60 minutes in the evening on week nights (not ideal, but it’s something ) and 1-2 hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    Prayer: daily

    Food: mostly vegetarian, with the exception of some white meat in small portions (organic only,
    And rarely) Lots of green veggies, Fruit, peppers, rice, beans, nuts, and water ,water, water! I do have a weakness for veggie pizza, so I try to keep it to a minimum . I am currently cutting my diary intake way back though. Organic Tea, lots of peppermint tea for good digestion and circulation. I am studying a book on growing, cooking, and healing with herbs. Cinnamon is great for anyone with low or high blood sugars, mine can get too low sometimes if I don’t pay attention and eat enough during the day, so it’s good to have it to keep your blood sugar levels nice and healthy. Although, I haven’t had that problem for a long time 

    Exercise: Walking, yoga, and cleaning with music and dance! Hiking (when I am lucky enough to go somewhere outside the city!)

    Drinks and drugs: none, I don’t drink, smoke or do any recreational drugs, and I don’t take any prescription meds.

    I try to spend as much time as I can outside in the cleanest air I can find in Minneapolis.

    Music, reading, painting , photography are my recreational hobbies.

    Healing: Reiki or energy healing, Aura cleansing, working with crystals, and herbs.
    Epson salt baths are really good to release toxins and give you a relaxing bath which can decrease stress (stress is a big road block for lots of people)

    I do healing and cleansing work as a habit, and aura cleansing and shielding from going out in my work place daily.


  • You are right R2R. No Thought does not come easy, by any means. Takes lots of practice and meditation. It is the point where one can connect much more easily with the higher powers. The silence, just existing and listening without interruption. No thought leads to Samadi, which is a state of bliss. When your Crown Chakra opens up to knowledge and to the wisdom to use that knowledge.

    Minerva talked about talking to ones self. In the old days, you could get put away for that, but it is actually very healthy to do. Makes it much easier to talk with your Guides or those that are around you trying to help you out. Acknowledge these beings and even talk to them. They appreciate knowing that you know of them. Give them thanks for helping you, because they do exactly that. Maybe not in the exact way that you want, but they know what is right for you.

    When things are going your way and all the dots are connected, thank them, they have been at work helping you. Even we like to be thanked for what we do. Gratitude well take you far. Don't just talk to them when things go wrong, and you ask for help. Thank them for helping you when things go right. Sorry to jump in on your post R2R....just seemed like the right place to jump in. :-)

  • Since I started meditating I don't like the taste of alcohol anymore. May be a glass of red wine every so often, like once every two weeks, when I'm with someone just for the pleasure of it. 

    Drugs. I think some drugs can open something that might have been closed, but only if you allow yourself and only once or twice. I have tried some for pleasure, but only on one or two occasions. Don't think it did much though. But I can understand and imagine it's benefits for some. Overdoing stuff is never right I guess. 

    Food. I eat what I want. But for me it's easy because I don't want a lot and therefore it's easy to eat healthy stuff. Sometimes I cheat with sugar and chips. But I allow myself this. Life. 

    Exercise. When I feel like it. Again. Some periods my body does not feel like it (something to do with ascension I think) and others I NEED it. 

    Meditation. Every day. Some days half an hour, other days 3 to 4 hours. Depending on my needs. 

    Sleep. Again. Sometimes I need 5 hours, sometimes I need 6. Sometimes I sleep in two periods. 

    I don't know if discipline is the word. Because shouldn't it come natural? That is my experience. If you have to discipline yourself you're probably not ready is my guess. But that can be different for some people. I don't know. 

    The hardest part for me is not thinking too much. I tend to overthink things and this does not go well with meditation. I am learning though. 

    LOVE Jenn

    • Dear Jenn,

      State of no thought- is the key.

      You think it is the hardest part because may be you are putting efforts to reach there- BE EFFORTLESS,  just observe the thoughts without reacting or judging. 

      meditation is all about getting rid of thoughts AND REACHING A STATE OF NO THOUGHTS- good or bad, positive or negative, happy or sad, inspiring or depressing...........................ALL.

      It may appear difficult initially but with regular meditation, it will start happening effortlessly.

      • It is getting easier. Some days it works better than others. I have always been a thinker so it's quite a blessing not to think as much any more. I notice it also makes me think less during the day. 

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