First Contact and Disclosure could be days away, my gut feelingI know everyone here is as frustrated as I am. We keep hearing first contact is imminent and days weeks and months go by and nothing big happens like millions of light ships and mother ships showing up in the skies to finally put to rest weather our space brothers exist or not. My gut keeps telling me that soon very soon we all will be blown out of the water, and I have my reasons for believing this to be so. The last months we have been hearing about increased crop circles, and ufo sightings. During the past two weeks we have heard about massive electrical blackouts all across Brazil, I don't know if any of you remember that. Then today I hear on the news about the widespread airline delays cause by a glitch of the FAA'S computer system or so they say. The signs are there people, and thats something big is happening no doubt in my mind. Then recently there was an earthquake in canada, it's happening but some people are not stopping to notice the changes. In conclusion hold your breath, and I would like as many feedback on the topic as possible. Namaste

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  • Part 9 of 9 Pleiadian Message from The Galactic Federation

    I came across this video by Alaje just today and found it highly intriguing. I somewhat hold him in high regard because I've watched his earlier videos early on which have really helped me much in understanding our true nature and relationship with God/source and the cosmos. Therefore I just can't simply brush aside his new information.

    He talks about how the government, supposedly from the US, is going to take a new approach to deceive the people. The government is going to disclose the existence of extra-terrestrial life and ufos. But not only that. From what I understand, the government is going to admit working with the ets and that they are going to say that they are greys and reptilians! The government is going to tell the people to stay calm and not judge the ets by their appearance since they will not appear human and presentable. These ets are going to try and win the favor of the people by curing diseases and maybe divulge their advanced technologies to the people. Because of this chain of events, the US government is going to appear as a savior and in a good light to the people of the earth!

    I've been following the new V series and it looks very similar to some extent to what Alaje was illustrating. In the series which premiered this past November 2, ets arrive on earth and try to win the hearts of the people by promoting good causes and opening up clinics to cure diseases. Despite public protest, the reptoid ets continue to use media and reporters to win the public opinion in their favor.

    The reptoids, especially the leader, don't have our best intentions in mind and plan to exterminate the human race but there appears to be some good reptoid ets. In one of the show's episodes, one of the characters is revealed to be a reptoid but with a good heart and who falls in love with a human. This is a turning point in the show because it actually shows a reptoid who's on the good side! Is this some kind of slick propaganda to condition the people to be accepting of ets, reptilians in particular? Is the V series trying to blur the line between fiction and reality if ever et disclosure happens?

    Coincidentally, Alaje mentions that the US government is going to reveal these ets as greys and reptilians. He also recounts a time when he was psychically attacked by these beings but was able to ward them off through a high vibration of love. He says that if ever the government admits to collaborating with ets, these ets would be the malevolent ones because the benevolent ets have always been rejected by the US government. The government wanted to get weapons and technologies but the good ets wouldn't give them any.

    I believe just as much as Alaje that we should always try to be filled with love and positivity so that if ever et disclosure and contact happens, we can discern the motives of these beings through our own intuition. The bottomline is that if we want to be able to think clearly in these uncertain times of so-called 'swine flu', 'climate change', healthcare debate, et disclosure, and others, we need to let go of all negativity, and attract love as well as reflect it. As Alaje explains, this is just simply the key.

    Et disclosure sounds great but who or what exactly is going to be disclosed, and to what end?

    • if we want to let go of all negativity, and attract love and reflect it... to be able to discern the correct motives....

      that that means we have to allow ourselves to acknowledge the possibility that these 'greys and reptilians' are to be welcomed? that they might be benevolent? that they might have thrown their dark hat in the dust?

      it seems a paradox, isn't it?
      if we distrust this 'contact', than we cannot discern truth cause we are prejudiced.
      if we trust them, we will be vulnerable to any hidden malevolent action.

      personally I think our strength and courage will be in this vulnerability, in the ability to really give them the benefit of the doubt that they are benevolent and willing to help us, to embrace their friendship... (but I'm not sure if everyone is able to do this, and it might look like a very bad idea if you are convinced they are malevolent)
      • I think the good ets will only make themselves known when we reach a certain spiritual maturity. But this can be easily attained through love and loving thoughts for others. The good ets are the angels as told in the bible, Alaje says. I believe so
      • I see what you mean but I think we just need to be strong in our soul center and be prepared for whatever we'll face. These et beings could be anything but Alaje was alluding to the bad ones that he said use humans in experiments and even as a food source! If et contact happens, I don't think we should openly trust them. That would be unwise. Actually, to trust or not to trust shouldn't even be the focus. Focusing on love and inner peace, I believe, will help us to be intuitive and discern the motives of ets as well as ufos. "Love is the solution for everything"
      • Are you kidding TinyWing? Those beings are plain and simpley evil. I have my reasons to believe that the "greys" are who led the Original Nazi Occultists from just being bigots to murdering thousands and thousands of lives. Thank you Teddy because now it all makes perfect since! Obama is the the prophecised Anti-Christ who deceives a great people into trusting Satan. Satan's the Zeta Reticuli and the Alpha Draconis! A false prophet and a false savior.
        • that's what I mean when I say it looks like a bad idea !!!

          I have always believed anyone has the right to start a friendship with a clean slate (look at young babies, they smile at EVERYONE !!) - and doesn't everyone has the right to change his mind and turn to the light? (that's the power of the light, eventually light is shining in the dark)

          I think that everyone is thinking he is 'doing the right thing',... (even a murderer might be thinking he is saving the victim from something worse than death?)

          and I do like the idea that Satan/Lucifer is able to return to the higher realms too, when he is ready... (he has done a terrible job to make it possible for us to be able to experience this all and learn from it... I just hope he didn't have to go too deep into the darkness...)

          sounds crazy isn't it?

          the craziest thing is: it's easier to forgive him than to forgive myself?
          I am more concerned about my own judgement than that of God (or whoever will be helping me at that 'Judgement Day')
  • One thing is for sure... Something "big" is on the way... I suppose, now, more than ever, is clear to many people that it's the right time for humanity to realize that the truth is not the one they've been told by their institutions (political, educational, religious, etc.). The Matrix is breaking down... I believe that the space brothers are trying to come out in the open with minimal impact for the ones that they are still in denial!
    One of the reasons that we are here, is to spread the news to the people around, so when the events start to happen, the vast majority of people will be ready! The whole idea is to have a smooth transition to the new era for humanity... Namaste
  • Hallo Ben Arion,
    I feel this too...I don´t know how to say it in words, but something is coming to us..
    See nature, it is so different. Some days are so silent and warm. The clouds in the sky so beautiful but strange...
    the computers here in my house are so trubbeling. All the things that happend arround me, to much. sick people, suddenly people died.
    I feel chaos is also coming to us
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