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We are the sum total of our experiences. Every experience we have had has contributed toward who we are in this moment of time. To know who we are all we need do is look at our surrounding the people we associate with. Each is a clue to who we have become. We attract to us not what we want but who we are. Everything is a part of who we are and have become and this has been done by virtue of our thoughts.

Through every experience in life we have developed certain beliefs about ourselves and the world in general. Many of the other beliefs we claim as our own have been passed on from religion, education, friends and society in general.

We need to ask the question. Do these beliefs reflect who we really are, or who we choose to be.

In order for change to happen within ourselves, we must question our beliefs as they are the foundation to how we live our lives.

`` Know thyself`` It takes great courage to face ourselves, and acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths. We have become so accustomed to simply accepting certain beliefs and if asked the question `` Why do you believe that`` what would you answer.

A child may have experienced terrible abuse growing up, and through this will come to believe that life is only about pain and that others cant be trusted.

This belief will create fear and anger which the child will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

A young girl may have been raped or abused and come to believe that all men cant be trusted.

Both may carry this pain for the rest of their lives, unless they choose to let go.

To let go will take great courage as it will mean having to relive the pain. Who enjoys pain?

They then have the choice. They can let go by questioning their beliefs, or keep holding onto a belief that no longer serves them.

A practical question to ask: In what way does this experience serve me.? And it serves no purpose at all accept to keep us in bondage to a belief we can change at any time.

True haeling is not sitting on a couch or living on medication. Its about having the courage to look inside and face the demons. Your demons are your beliefs that no longer serve you., or they can become your angels if you so choose.

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..thats true.. and very well said...

i like this post; i believe too fears should be faced and *filed* away, to be learnt from... to evolve... grow...

thanks for sharing :)

I have OCD and my life is full of fears, mostly I dont even know what im afraid of. Sometimes, like yesterday I was free from fears and I could laugh and enjoy everything and every moments and finally tought that im free again. Today I smoked cigarette and was shamed of it because im trying to stop so this caused that all fears were pouring back to me, most of them doesnt even make any sense but my mind tries to hold on to them
Now im trying just to relax and quiet my mind and let go of the fear again



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