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  • Thank you 7dimensionenergy for inviting me to be your friend of which I am always very honored to add to the angel list - First I must apologise for not replying to you earlier, but I have been away in the USA (New York) and when I got back to New Zealand it's been full on work wise. So I'm sending you lots of love and light from New Zealand (in Maori Aotearoa - means land of the long white cloud) Marlena

  • Thank you Marc for the amazing electrifying pic you sent to me.  I am sure it did something to my brain!!!  If that does not kick-start some flowing inspiration nothing will.  You have a good day too.8114195269?profile=original

  • Thank you for your valued friendship and I look forward with much interest to seeing what inspirations you come up with.8114554270?profile=originalNamaste.

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  • Thank Yo8113999270?profile=originalo For Sharing Your Art

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Western Cape


January 21

About Yourself

I work as an intuitive/mystical artist, by connecting with universal energy.Through my art i am able to share and express who i am at a soul level. Each piece of art carries a very high frequency of energy, and will assist those going through transformation. My spiritual interests are now my reality. To live with balance in my life. Understand the Sacred Masculine and Feminine. It is essential during these changing times that there is support.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My sources and inspiration have been my experiences in life, as i have come to understand that each experience has helped me become who i am, and helped me understand my purpose for being here. Teachers have been each and every person that i have connected with, as each has played a role in guiding me to this point of my life.

7thedimensionenergy replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion What A Pity That Most Muslims And Black People Don't Even Know THAT YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT
"Wow, what an astonishingly ignorant post. If you choose to be a vegan that is your choice. You do realise that millions of people eat meat and they are not black or Muslim. Please pop your ego."
May 7
7thedimensionenergy posted a blog post
Nov 21, 2014
7thedimensionenergy posted a blog post
Artwork by Marc Eden. Affirmation added by my good friend Summer waltersCelestial Lightbody Affirmations~ I AM a celestial being of violet fire!!!! I AM a celestial being of infinite purity My central sun is one with my Divine Merkaba Divine…
Nov 25, 2013
7thedimensionenergy posted a blog post
NasaBeyond 2012: Why the World Won't EndDec. 21, 2012, won't be the end of the world as we know, however, it will be another winter solstice. Contrary to some of the common beliefs out there, the claims behind the end of the world quickly unravel…
Dec 7, 2012

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"Water’s structure reacts to any irritation. Its molecules are organized in clusters that work as “memory cells,” so to speak. Within each memory cell there are 440,000 information panels that are responsible for the interaction with its environment,…"
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"A physicist may ask why introduce the mind at all. We reason this way:

Lets state the 'collapse' without involving the mind:

A quantum system is in a superposition of states untill an interaction between itself and a classic device collapses the…"
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""R Lovely, I gently look forward to a profoundly cohesive and holistic post-quantum physics unfolding from the next unfoldment of human awareness, in the 'blink of an infinite I'."

May be such is what I see it too.

Note that you can still…"
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