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Is this what we have been waiting for? Niburu passes earths' path and the world will flood again-tie a dingy to your front door with provisions, guns, and ammo.

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Earthquake? where?



thanks Malcolm-it looks like the end of the world as we know it-I'm starting to 'feel' that the useful idiots who brought this to us are beginning to have buyers remorse simply by watching the the manchurian candidtate in the white house and what a mess they have made 

Damn .. should I cancel my plans for 2016? ....

cancel all plans -burn your house down- give all your money away-

Luke: Do you know who the artist is for your Avatar?

Yep, darkstar .. its HR Giger, a swiss born visionary Artist, created the visual imagery for the film"Alien", saddly passed away after falling down a flight of stairs last year. I love his work.

Luke:  I LOVE this stuff!  I have seen it before in shops, but couldn't look it up on the Internet because I didn't know the artist's name.  Thanks so much.  I would like to buy some of this stuff.

You're welcome, darkstar. There are a lot of reproductions and prints of his work for sale on Ebay, Amazon etc and any good bookshop should stock a variety of art books dedicated to his work, I recommend you buy a brilliant and rather large hard back copy of Gigers "Necromomicon" which you can easily find for about 20 dollars, for an overall comprehensive study of his work. Here are various links you can visit, although you would be hard pressed to find an original for sale, unless you are preparred to fork out a pretty penny ..

Thanks for the info.

  I believe this red planet will slowly makes way here and will eventually pass behind the sun or directlly towards earth .This  happend in Altantis but to a lesser degree .One has to remember that each planet and each world has inhabitants and is a creation like our world and they have weapons too .They can retliate and wipe out earth's inhabitants if we attack them,they will defend themselves and our end will be quicker .It comes to pass that in the to and fro of life ,everything returns to its beginning or to its end .When Hercolubus gets closer to Earth ,when it sets with the sun, lethal epidemics will begin to spread and doctors or scientist will not know how to cure them.Because of  climate and whether changes planet earth will be under darkness and earthquakes ,tremors,and tidal waves prevail in many parts of the world and humanity will become mentally unbalanced .As humanity sinks into the greatest degree of perversity land will sink into the ocean .Does anyone believe in Divine Justice ? i believe there is which judges according to our deeds ..message : there is no time to waste in illusory things .

... well Helen, thats a rather uplifting positive message for a saturday evening .. Lol ;-)


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