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Its been a while since my last time here but in a first contact I had AGAIN with alliance ashtar members crew in a dream they gave me the name of "divsy pafe" to contact, I thought it was another person but I think he might work with that woman who contact me sometimes by telepathy

on saturday noon, I finally controlled ALL my gifts

But in my country there is serious skepticism against psychics.... usually people here is a fraude and many other true psychics use their power in general to do strong money

so I dont know what to do now, I can do reading of auras and health problems, I can see spirits, from elementals to angel dead relatives or just deamons to kick their a**** yeahhh!!!!

but I dont know how to do with those gifts, I dont have a serious group on my country and I have to hide this from my family they think I have lots of imagination

How can I help here?

also... how I do to say a mod I wanna resign another account I did wrong?, I was not sure if I still had this account or I just let it loos it?

I think I did it last night as "lucia" with a mail called

my email is WRONG, it seem it was misstyped ok?

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Thanks Angelo

Is easy if you give me a photo of you and tell me what you want

I tend to feel too the future but sometime I have some "fear" to this feeling...... but I can try if you want

but a photo of you and what you want to know would be great

just by strange chance.... I am new to this stuff.... is one of your grand mas passed alredy? or do you know a passed ladie big with a beige-gray color hair tight? she is the typical american past grandma, she sais something about "angeline" but not sure

hope you know that lady, she is smiling to you with a news.....but she wont tell me until you wanna know them....

...Hmm Frustrating...Aint It.......:).....<3......xx.......

totally.....I know we can do all these things from feel people to reading minds but alas what do we do with it....;)

she told me, the big grand ma, you maybe be having income money problems for some months, not the stop of it but it maybe difficult to afford MORE money as you maybe needing, she said your projects will work with time to move on

she was a friend of an old family memberof you, you dont know her a great great grand father did, she looked 1800 nor america colonist so I dont know

Greetings Lucia!

     Lucky You!  You have come amongst friends here at AC, because there are other legitimate psychics here, and each one has there very own way of conducting business.  Some charge for their services, some don't, some take donations only, and some offer one free question for a limited period of time.  It's all up to you and what's in your heart to do.  Just email Ben-Arion and state your intentions.

     Dear Lucia, while it may be difficult for others to accept the new you and your abilities, don't you think being honest with them will help you connect with your path and passion to becoming your new Authentic Self?  Your abilities are greatly needed at this time, and should you be a accurately successful, you'll be sought out for your talents.  Once the truth of the "new you" hits your family and neighborhood/community, you will have the opportunity to bring them closer together so that they won't be so separated by fear, judgement, or prejudice.

     This is your time to shine Lucia, and the possibilities are endless!  Use your imagination!  What is your dream(s)?  Your desire(s)?  Your passion(s)?  Make your own website.  Use your heart and let it guide you to new adventures filled with joy, happiness and bliss.  All are the blessings you will receive when you see and feel the gratefulness of those you've helped along the way and throughout your travels.  

     Get excited, Dear!  Your path is clear and you've got so much to give. 

Love and Blessings To You!


thats the problem.... in one way I want to help others, but I dont know how my habilities may help, lucias old soul was tender but full of fear and I inherited part of the fear to loose family attention and love

I am a walkin called Jeanna, I am new here so I dont know how to do with my life, I am also an artist in soul and I want to teach how to do my own art but I am like paralized of my potential

I passed throught big problems but finally my new family is ok with me

how you suggest me? were can I start to put my talent on use? I may accept donations yes but never charge people who just can not afford it I suffered that myself sadly uruguay is the country were psychics are most feared due to catholics origins

in wich forum section should I start make reading? how I should ask for donations?

and maybe I use too yahoo messenger and skype I am open to chats, in fact, throught the webcam I see people "stuff" even better

Greetings Again Jeanna!

     Trust me when I tell you that I completely understand your confusion.  I, too, have spent this entire lifetime trying to deal with people and their ways, and still haven't "got it" yet.  As an outsider, we tend to let our fears cloud our judgement of how to proceed.  So, let's take first things first, shall we?  I can only give you suggestions.  It'll have to be your heart that decides which path to take first.  If money is not an issue with you, it's entirely possible to work with a couple of talents so that you can become better at both.  Perhaps you can delve into your art and see where it takes you, and on the flip side, give psychic advice.  The thing is, you must step into whatever direction you feel most comfortable with.  Once you do that, by taking that first step forward, the Universe will provide the rest.  For the Universe always provides for all our needs,  agreed?  You didn't mention what type of art interests you, so I cannot suggest anything further on how to proceed with that. 

     As far as your psychic abilities, if you decide to offer your services with AC, you can work right from your own home page or discussion or blog post.  If you are going to take donations, perhaps opening a "PayPal" account will help.  They seem to be the best in security and usage.  There are others you can use, you just have to check them out to see which one is right for you.  May I also suggest you look through the many businesses that are offered here on AC.  See how they are doing it.  They may give you an idea as to how to proceed regarding explanations and payments. 

     Honesty and Compassion, along with the desire to help others should be your foundation for success.  You are going to find that people will pay for good advice and knowledge, but you're also going to learn that there's a great deal of people here who do not have any money at all, due to the fact that they've dropped out of the 3D system and no longer have banking accounts.  If they do have any money at all, chances are they only have cash and will not be able to use the PayPal for payment.  So, that being said, it'll have to be totally up to you as to whether you decide to give psychic advice for free, or let them send you money, check or money order via postal mail. 

     Speak from the heart when asking for donations.  Example:  "My advice is free.  Donations are greatly appreciated and accepted, but not required."  It's totally up to you if a donation is required.  If so, make sure you stipulate that.  Also, list all of the necessary items you need from your clients so that they are prepared, so that you don't have to reply back for reminders. 

     It'll probably be a lot easier for you if you arrange a draft of what you want to say, need and receive.  That way you can just copy that to your post.  Such as, how much advice are you prepared to give?  One question per client or can it be an ongoing account?  Do you give your advice openly on your post or privately?  Do you require an email address, picture, phone number, birth date, birth time, place of birth, or first and last name?  Is a webcam required?  Which chat site will you use?  This is all pretty basic business stuff.  You'll get the hang of it once you get your site up and running.  You can always change it if it's not sufficient.

     I wish you great success!  If there's anything else I can help you with, please feel free to ask.  I, too, love and enjoy helping others.

Love, d'tewa

d'tewa thanks

I will accept donation only butonly from paypal, is ok if they dont pay me I know what is it to not have money for help or psychic advice

and yes when they approve my group I will have all that stuff arranged... I never thought on that

you know.... I am good artist, but I want both artist and "talented"

but I dont understand why the voices are saying to stope them and move on with my talents

I have like a strange "need" to talk all the time with them and I have fear to make friends, in general I can see many stuff on people, and I ask to the soul throught a photo what I want with yes no questions

I hope I can do well

what you think is the voices INSIDE my head? because many times I also HEAR literally voices from guides in dreams or in activa daily life but they dont answer all when I need it just sometimes

Greetings Jeanna!

     It's my guess that those voices you are hearing are possibly from either your spirit guide, earth angel(s), or higher self.  The fact that you are afraid of your potential, as well as unsure of yourself makes it difficult for you to make sense of what they are trying to tell you.  Trust that you have all that you need to move further in your life, and stop to smell the roses along the way.  As you do this, in the silence of your day and mind, you'll be able to "connect" easier to those voices you hear.

     Please be aware that the ego is still alive.  The ego does not want to die, and will fight tooth and nail to stay that way.  That is why it is so important to follow your heart in most cases, and not your head.  When you go into your silent world of meditation, listen to your heart beat.  This will bring a calmness to you.  As you achieve this, let the voice in, and notice whether your heart beat rises or stays calm.  If the beat rises with a voice, it's most likely your ego trying to trick you into thinking it's something else worth listening to.  Tell the ego goodbye, and that you no longer need it in your new improved life.  If the beat remains calm, you've found your "inside friend" who has been waiting patiently to chat with you.  And, don't be afraid of this.  They all Love You!  So much so, that they are reaching out to you in various ways, such as dreams, and other forms of messaging.  If you receive no voice when you need them the most, be persistent.  As with all things, a strong will and desire brings the best of outcomes.

With Love, d'tewa

is odd

because with the voices I find PEACE and my heart relaxes... my ego was proved at work several years ago, and recently I was tested in a hard way, a guy arrived to the library, and he know loads of computing stuff like me in other areas I did not knew, first I was scared of him, is not easy to find someone  like him in my living day to day, first I was scared to let that guy teaching me stuff... but then I realized how good was to learn more with him, so I said "whatever " and I learned so much, he also learns so much with me and I have a strange idea of not selling possessions I dont need, so I made a gift to him of a 1tb external drive I was not using any more,he is so extremly SURPRISE he has become my best friend at work

and althought my brain is making me frightned I get confused over that,my boyfriend sais I do tongs chit chat inside, and when is not my inner self my tongue moves just like when chatting with someone, society and doctors here are a problem for me, church in my family is strong and psychich and dealing with dead people is EVIL for everyone or a fraud

yes money is not a problem for me I am of the few who dont care to living with their parent house, is way cheap and I live like in a hotel jaja and we get along very well... people sees me weak for doing that

you think ego might be frightening so I dont become jeanna a medium?

is like a double side in me, the one who love to use her talents but on the other side I fear church teachings lucia learned

Greetings Dear Jeanna!

     Yes, your ego doesn't want to let go, and will continue to hold on until you take your power over it back.  If you succeed in becoming "jeanna, the medium", the ego will die. Your ego knows this.   In actuality, the ego will soon be dissolved anyway, due to the incoming Light energies. 

     Jeanna, whichever comes first, your power over the ego or the dissolving of it, KNOW that you are more powerful than you realize.  Take control!  Be firm!  Give your ego the heave-ho, and refuse to listen to it anymore.  You have it in you to do that.  Be strong!  You Can Do It!  You have within you the ability to accomplish anything your heart desires.  All you need now is the courage, determination, and a desire to realize that you have the power to create the life you want.  Dig deep within yourself and know that to be your truth, and follow your heart.  Your heart will show you the way to success.

Love, d'tewa

P.S.  Just curious, what do you see for my immediate future?  Is there a name of someone I should be on the look out for?  I Am grateful for a reply.  Thank you.

Love, d'tewa

Crew members

I have created a group to do readings

I was teached by my contactees not to charge for my talents if I am currently living as librarian I am so I will only accept donations

I am feeling now something "new" to me, I felt dizzy and ashtar said "now you will offically channel me" I am with him since many years now but I NEVER EVER received a single messagge for other people just normall speaking to me, to help me be jeanna

I wont charge for my services you can donate we can arrenge that, I really would be glad to do readings I have tons of free time

jaja I work only 5:30 hours a day (part time like) and earn quite good I am librarian and speak english and spanish I prefer to write down but we can try speech

when my group is approved I will invite all to join it



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