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September 25

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i wrote a 9050 page book within 1 year and also went 12days with no sleep trying to figure out the universe : X

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Parmahansa Yogananda

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    Authentic Learning: Creating win~win relationships

    Making Your Relationships work for You ~The Course
    What is the nature of a relationship and how do you enable relationships that will truly work for you and the other person?  ...
  • Very impressive - 12 days without sleep, tryin to figure out the universe. D-nice ;)

  • hugs

  • Glad to be your friend.

  • 8115153652?profile=originalRobin Williams, R.I.P.

    Your gifts to us all have been much appreciated; you will be missed!


    for sharing all your talents with us; especially the joy of laughter!


  • Let go of that which is not of you or authentic; let you inner~guidance lead the way

    Authentic You; like a diamond with many facets

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    And inside you seeking expression as 'Authentic You'

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Jamie Rodden replied to Agarther Z's discussion Cmdr Ashian: New Horizons - Jennifer Crokaert
Mar 20, 2020
Jamie Rodden commented on amparo alvarez's blog post OUR GOD-SELF: I AM ALREADY HERE! through UTE
"amparo: how do u want me to WREAP HAVOC by response/love u the same type of point/sherpa sharpened. point 

ima writer and im clear'r then ever. how can i repay you? any topics for an improv essay i can make 4 u? or a poem or analogy/new formulaic…"
Jun 23, 2016
Jamie Rodden replied to Jason's discussion Black goo and it's true intentions the best way that i can describe it.
"definitely liked this"
Mar 11, 2016
Jamie Rodden commented on amparo alvarez's blog post - NEW YOU - by ARCHANGEL METATRON Through NATALIE GLASSON
Jan 9, 2016

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ET Hugger replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"The banana fairies did it 😇

I rather go for more fresh food than processed food.

I’m not anywhere near Keto yet, but I’m reading about it."
5 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"India to us was a commercial asset and very lucrative for British commerce, but we also had a great love of this ancient civillisation and actually described it as an empire, within the Empire.....
The INDIAN EMPIRE (or British RAJ) was part of the…"
27 minutes ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"So Britain ruled IN COLLABORATION with the very Indians themselves. Calling it a 'British empire' is an historical misnomer. It should be called 'indo-British empire', or something like that, just like we talk of 'medo-persian empire' even though…"
54 minutes ago
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"Blue eyed cat -I'm not trying to start a argument by your comment about the US as the poorest nation in the future-news flash, I don't want this build out to happen, but there is a plan to import tens of millions of people from India, Asia, and…"
59 minutes ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Roaring said: "Fact is that Britain could not possibly rule even India alone, all the way from London. India now has the largest population in the world. For every one briton there might have been thousands of Indians! So how could they all be ruled…"
1 hour ago
BlueEyeCat left a comment on Comment Wall
"The best King ever! Rulers today can take his wisdom as an example.

1 hour ago
BlueEyeCat left a comment on Comment Wall
"Because these kind of people are obsessed with power, they won't listen to nobodies like me. That's probably complete nonsense. This is what is called a revolution and it is carried out by many. If the problem is a handful of people in government…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega replied to ET Hugger's discussion Good Food Talk
"I know you love the sugary stuff, it's 'cause you're so sweet......😊 Hehe...!!
And I know what you mean about sweet flavours in general, they are very popular..Maybe more than most flavours....But, notice that we all have senses on the tongue for…"
1 hour ago