This concept may be a little hard to understand due to sensitive subject matter of the highest order. And, for the simple fact that if you have not experienced it - you may not wish to read further - I am a survivor of soul entropy. Which is a decaying of your very consciousness as a presence that is only aware of itself but not the weight of being.

Lets have the conversation. Entropy is a fixed rate of decay that occurs when an object is no longer moving in a way that regenerates its actual form. When things can't freeze, but are abandoned, they wait for a presence to make use of them. By materially, cosmically, celestially, atomically, energetically, etc constantly reaching out to form to a purpose. When this movement or call to action goes unanswered, they start to deform and turn in on themselves to create a state of defusing their mass. If this process continues, it will reach a point of no return, freeing up dead space to reshape itself around another part of creation.

This is where the saying comes from, ashes to ashes. It is perfectly normal for some states of entropy to exist in. This is how life naturally forms after all. It is entropy that allows it to regenerate itself on a basis of internal structural alignment.

The problem with entropy, is that it became a sentient weapon during war. In fact, its presence is the reason we embodied the purpose of entropy to conflict with ourselves at all. For a purpose the sentience of decay could only benefit from. To use the weight of our potential as a sort of cannon fodder for itself to grow into more of an unstable neurotic consciousness with much mass but no ability to bond to it.

As you know, entropy is defined by a state of constant movement. The more still something is, the faster it will decay. The more active it is, the less likely anything has a chance to destabilize its form. Among the list of things entropy effects, matter, energy, density, mass, weight, volume, presence, focus, structure and chaos. These are the most notable mentions we will see entropy turn anything from a recognizable strong light filled range of colors. Into a dark colorless artifact whose time had already came and went.

Entropy reflects upon, like a mirror of the power of our presence, the things we bond into form. Whether it be our reality itself, or thoughts we have had that have which turned into a vision of their own. The stronger the pull of entropy becomes, the harder it is to resist it because we have bonded to the form it is trying to attach itself to in order to flip its polarity. The problem is, this is a premature process of absolute decomposition. Particularly when it has been done to us, rather than because of us doing it to creation. Which therefore means, that creation has had entropy become a part of a plan to destabilize form into being, since its inception into existence. As apart of its cycle was damaged to allow it to try to become self aware too soon.

The more entropy we collect into our being, the harder it is to escape its self awareness trying to bond to a purpose that leaches off of our shadow of presence. This shadow, emits a blind calling similar to a siren, that blocks out any light from seeing it. Though we can feel and be aware of thoughts we possess while under its influence. And they are not thoughts of creation, they become those of separation in every aspect. In order to expand the mass of entropy, rather than the density of staying true to its form or purpose.

Entropy has been malformed for awhile, and the strength of combined presence has been a breeding ground for it to destabilize life at the hand of our assistance in creating methods of destruction. This process has started at the very onset of forming spirit into matter. I suspect that this is also where the term entropy came into being. The regeneration of matter into itself, as opposed to back into spirit being the primary cause for its inability to remain a force of self balance.

This is why those who cannot understand the purpose beyond self identity, have been used time and again, at the expense of soul fracturing, to split their focus into being. But this comes at a high price to pay, the interference of entropy. Causing the weight of fractured souls being damaged, therefore they end up being the first casualties experiencing entropy. By design of an imbalanced and forgotten part of absolute alignment to form. Because as we know, it never fully did when matter was brought into presence.

Presence through purpose is how most souls grow a state of conscious alignment through the knowledge of self reflection. Which then turn into points of awareness which seamlessly flow into a type of compressed existence that is capable of recreating what it has already embodied into being. The act of recreation, bears not just a new soul, but a soul of presence to bond with it. Ensuring that entropy cannot normally harm such an entity, in order for it to be considered completely healthy and whole in its alignment to step into a journey of consciousness.

Which is why mass without weight is deadly. This very formula is the weapon of mass destruction which has caused entire universes to simply malfunction. Our own galactic history tells us, that the Orion war would never have occurred, if those who were not introduced to entropy were heard for all of their thoughts in communicative alignment with the presence of their power as soulful and purposeful beings of creation.

It is important to realize, not that their souls were incomplete, but that the forms they embraced were. These forms gained primal sentience through the soul bonds that possessed them. Allowing them advanced knowledge, that was leached onto by the shadow of an advanced state of decay. Which altered the very DNA of their material potential. Forcing soul bonds to break, under the strain of being expected, rather than respected for what they could achieve.

Expectancy wasn't the issue, the reliance on a transfer of weight to be used to end soul creation was. And to this day, such a force has gone unchecked throughout existence. Due to the misappropriation of entropy.

When people die now on Earth, their soul has to reclaim the weight that being under entropy has damaged because the bonds of its potential were fraying from misuse and a lack of awareness or attention brought to them. While they remain out of phase with material form because of entropy, the bonds themselves hold the weight of the potential each soul has embodied throughout its history. Which is the cause for souls splitting time and again into aspects of themselves, in order to account for the embodiment of entropy being so out of control materially. Especially on planets like Earth whose population density is over limit and whose purpose becomes more imbalanced, the greater the risk of entropy grows into a presence of itself.

Which brings us to the reason why the quintessential light worker, fights entropy on the soul level. To prevent the calling of entropy to attack souls into being imprisoned by a lower state of awareness. The fact of the matter is, fractal souls cause entropy to gain shared consciousness. And as entropy is unstable, this becomes a battle for the will of presence to assert itself both by energy and by right of absolution.

If neither are brought into being at times when entropy rates spike, particularly during material conflict, we see more of our potential, which is the embodiment of soul memory placed into material form, blocked and regenerated into an outer state of being. This is also why so many people have been unable to fully awaken their chakras during meditation. It has nothing to do with their willingness or readiness, but everything to do with how far entropy has progressed in their life to be unable to amass critical healing of their core being.

Soul bonds, and points of absolute connectivity block entropy from being able to possess space to compress it into a mass of its own under any circumstance. You must fully embrace true to form, every conviction you have ever known about yourself, to hold close everyone you hold dear to you. Keep your focus on the power of your decisions, instead of the decisions your power has been unable to achieve. In order to break entropy from reaching absolute mass and forming the enemy to our salvation.

These are the lessons I have learned, surviving its insanity. Knowing people who have died, and whose souls have been trapped trying to escape. Other survivors have been forced to watch in dreams as soul bonds broke due to the shadow of inverted polarities forming creation into false purpose. And so many other horrors I will not dare to bring into being, for they have all led to this moment. Where our here and now, is defined by the choices we will into being to reclaim back the power of our presence away from the control of our innocence.

We have every right to form absolute existence to deny entropy the power it took away from us in all means to every end. We have the right to claim a beginning of hope, built from the ashes of knowing its purpose before it was so rudely interrupted.

Together, we will finish what we started. By uniting against entropy, our fight is on the personal power of our presence. It always has been, through the existence of soulful memories, our vision becomes the reality we create under the respect of the greatest right of all. Being eternally blessed for who we are.

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