Fear of greys! HELP!

About two years ago I was browsing around youtube when I came across Bashar, his ideas fit in well with me so I continued watching. Watching his videos reignited my spiritual side and I began trying to contact my spirit guides, I only ended up having limited success. after watching Bashar I became interested in Extra terrestrials, often I read Christian comments on his videos and videos about spirit guides, saying they were demons etc. I mostly ignored them and continued looking around. I cant remember what came next, reading abduction stories or seeing pictures of greys either way they both scared the S*** out of me. For months, literally, I had awful nights sleep; I would end up sleeping on the floor in my mothers room through fear. Eventually I couldn't do it any more and found that in order to sleep I had to give up with my new found spiritual side... it worked, the bad nights went away and my life returned to normal. recently, for reasons unknown to me, I started looking into everything again. I found this amazing website with all these wonderful people. Im once again looking into disclosure, trying to contact my spirit guides and am reading about first contact. then today I came across more pictures of greys and read stories and once again, Im really scared. I have read about other races and I am not scared at all. In fact I love races such as the feline race, I think they look beautiful and I might have even have spoken to one last night :D ( telepathicly ). I don't think it helps that im fifteen. I really don't want to have to give this all up again but im afraid I may have to, please help me!...







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  • As said before, type 1 &2 are no concern the threes are.

    A false flag also in the Denver area {a place to watch} The truth will come out but not to fret as He is watching also.

    Got a message to watch South China Sea Maybe just an event and not related.

    We are moving to a new life and we do not need the mistakes of the past.


  • dear howling wolf,i would not worry to much about the greys anymore,if you can,google search this,and maybe if you are able to read it,it shall in turn give you peace of mind,THE ARMSTRONG REPORT;THEY NEED Us, WE DONT NEED THEM, VIRGIL RELATES PERSONAL EXPERIENCES of encounters with UFOs,ETs,and higher intelligences.they returned to experiment with us,hoping to regain what they lost as they advanced technologically to unimaginable extremes,which as as far i know they lost there humaness,emotion of soul etc,hope this information is of assistance to you,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
  • Having been in a almost identical situation myself during my  during my teen years well into early adult hood

    i have managed to cope with that paticular terror/agitiaton /unrest that fore marks there arival and the invasion itself is to simply breathe through it allow it to wash through you yes this is a very frightening thing to do  to surrender to it but ive found throught the lessons of profound fear the experiance of the greys once surrenderd to grants new awareness  and understanding as the pleadians say feel, deal and heal namaste

  • What happened to this story, it's not on the site anymore.
    • hmm, I don't know? it wasn't me? maybe it wasn't relevant enough? its ok, I got the answers I needed :)
  • Hey Wolf!

    I totally know how you feel, but instead of fearing the Greys for me it was the Reptilians. I could not sleep and was always paranoid. But it was during a meditation that I heard a voice in my head say "I am a shape shifter" that really freaked me out. Because reptilians are known for shape shifting abilities. And like you I also could not handle it and when back to the "normal" life. And again after some time I started looking up info again and I again came back to being confronted with reptilians. If there is something that you fear is such a profound way is must be something that you must face for it to stop scaring you and taking away your light. If you think about it generalizing aliens is like saying all human are evil, which is not the case. The greys and reptilians also live in duality and have good and bad natured among them, like we do. We also share genetics and have counterparts that are grey, reptilian, sirian etc etc. I have started to open communication with my reptilian counterpart, but I have to take it slowly because it is one heck of an amount of energy, that I  can not handle at once. It is wise to fill your glass slowly as to not let it overflow. Now I have found out that "she" was just wanting my attention and love.  Maybe it is the same with you? maybe not. At least watch this video,




     it made me see the greys in and entirely different Light :)


    Good luck! Love / Light

    • That video is one of the best ever for me. I trust the story and I cried for her and for earth. Thanks for posting.
  • Thanks for all your comments everyone! it really has been the help I have been looking for. Cant believe my first post got to #1 most popular!? Thank you! :D
    • Best of luck to you dear one, Namaste.
  • My friend, do not worry about the greys. they feed off fear and negative emotions, the reason i say don't worry is that the planet is surrounded by millions and millions of ships and the ashtar command has gotten rid of all if not most of the negative ETs here,


    all you need do is call in help from the Paschats (aka the feline race) and/or Mother Sekhmet for protection, because they are all very good at that (nothing like a having gigantic feline as a bodygaurd) the greys got nothin on them :3 hehe. Also, have faith in your own gaurdian angels, you are very protected and very loved.

    Call upon them before you go to sleep for protection


    don't worry about your age, you have to remember that you are not your body, you may well be a relatively old soul. I mean my body is only twenty-two and I am VERY old.

    I wish i was better with telepathy, I am impressed with your skill for your age, although I will say that I learned in a reading that I am an embodied Paschat. cats are cool.

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