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  • Namaste



    I am but one person
    I can not travel two trails at once
    I can no more do all I desire
    than split myself in two
    and hurl myself down both paths
    I can not sleep in a bed
    and hope to keep it made
    I can not read a book
    while keeping total darkness
    Nor can I hold the candle of love
    while facing the winds of destiny
    For what fills the heart
    must also numb the mind
    and what binds us together
    will forever hold me back
    But these are just choices
    Choices that are made everyday
    To play or to work
    To dream or to wake
    To love or to hate
    To breathe or to die
    We will make our choices
    We will cast or die
    But know now, no matter what
    that you and you alone
    were the one to steal my
    heart my Raven Master
    And should destiny call me away
    you will be my greatest sacrifice...

    ©~Lefevre Lycias~

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  • the force is with you
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Ellicott City, MD


April 19

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IN THIS LIFE: I am a 22 year old Niburuan starseed, an Indigo/crystal child, Senior art student studying Animation, I have "ADHD", I like being a mentor, ____ RACE: Paschat (feline-humanoid); Merman Elf Hobbit SOUL AGE: at least 3.5 Trillion BEFORE THIS: Spent time on The Nibiru, Egyptian Scribe under the Pharaoh Akhnaten, Atlantian Scribe, merman, Alfthean, Pleiadian Scribe, stayed neutral during the Orion War, Originally from Nibiru, also spent a large amount of time traveling around the other antimatter universes, and was also at some point a solar being/star. Source: Mother Sekhmet channeled through Rama Berkowitz

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Eish Core posted a video
BE THE CHANGE - Join the Choice Point facebook community WORLD MEDITATION DAY : GET INVOLVED :-) DATE: First ...
Nov 2, 2020
Eish Core replied to Merryn's discussion Happy 11.11.11!
today we meditate, tomorrow.... WE PARTY!
Nov 11, 2011
Eish Core replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion The A-Z Of Alien Species...S P E C I E S These are the most common species normally encountered
"your missing so many
think of it like this there is for every animal on earth an entire higher evolved Race that they represent,
two examples being Paschats (Feline People), and the Cima (Fox People)"
Nov 8, 2011
Eish Core posted a blog post
Channeling made easy...(Results may vary)to make a simple but perfectly usable pendulum, get some floss/string, tie it to a paperclip/anything smallish, Pendulums can answer yes/no questions from spirit, but i found a way to get more specific…
Nov 3, 2011

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"Dear Friends,
Time is the Great factor..
Wisdom of a person has no value at certain time, when can't think when some serious problem comes !
Many opinions and it disturbs the situation more !
With Calm Mind and Peaceful Heart we can find the…"
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"Dear Friends,
People are still afraid of Corona Virus...
Now there are so many remedies and the person can survive and comes out from the illness very easily...Nothing to worry about !
Dr Sohini Shukla"
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"Dear Ben Arion,
This website is for New Age People to learn the New Things from Scientists and Alchemists or the people who have develpoed Spiritual Sciences !
48 minutes ago
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"Roaring, I agree that one must alter plans in geopolitics, rather than stick to a particular "enemy." Today's enemy can be tomorrow's friend...Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of the late 1930s, which in 1941, got totally overturned by operation…"
1 hour ago
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"The coronavirus itself can kill people and has, BUT, mainly vulnerable people, with compromised immunity to anything and everything...Those who cannot manufacture T-cells, such as the very elderly...
Indeed, some patients on prescription drugs, have…"
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"That assertion that 'viruses donnot kill' does not come from any observation but is reasoned from Neo-Darwinism! That small pox virus killed over 300 million pple and HIV does the same shows how just blind to facts Darwinists are when they conflict…"
2 hours ago
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"I did not get Coronavirus infection or something with any Monkey. Maybe it's because I'm allergic. My imun system reaction is maybe different. This should be investigated, why there are people who are not ill with it or at least did not have a…"
2 hours ago
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"BTW notice that Putin is way smarter than Bush. He sets his mission in Ukraine as 'denazify and demilitarize Ukraine' and keeps the rest of the cards close to his chest! Compare it with the potentially daunting 'eliminate Azov battalion' goal, or…"
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