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Letting go of addiction is the same as letting go of fear. Addiction and anxiety are each other’s evil twins. Casting your fearful addictions into the pit of hell from whence they came is definitely the way to go.

Addiction comes in many and varied forms. It’s certainly a vastly larger phenomenon than obviously mind altering poisons such as legal and illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Addictions can attach themselves to all manner things, even ostensibly positive products and behaviours. For instance it’s well known that people can be addicted to work or to exercise. Some people are even addicted to drinking water!

I say addiction is an action that’s defined by fear. Addiction’s an endeavour to avoid or deny fears existence. Moreover I suggest that all addictive actions actually bear zero causal relationship with fear and as such have zero power to actually affect it: beyond fears avoidance and thus it’s deepening.

Fear is a feeling that we try to pin on a particular issue but in fact it’s fundamentally the turning away from the bright light of love so to live in a cold inglorious shadow.

Fear accumulates intolerably. It’s the claustrophobic ever contracting walls of the world you manifest around you.  

It’s awfully common for people to recognise an action as dysfunctional addiction only to replace it with another addiction. Picture the alcoholic letting go of booze only to punish their body in a different way by obsessively running marathons.

Truly the singular solution is to stop all avoidant addictive activities and to face the fact of fear front on. You need to feel the horror you’ve so long denied like a southerly buster bursting upon you.

I guarantee,  assuming you stand firm without squibbing, that after the initial short violence, you’ll feel a bit of cold wind and rain for a time, then soon enough the sun will return to warm and dry your soaked to the bone body.

Love is the whelming unity whose faith experiences life as indomitable. Fear is loves omnipresence and power refused.

It is from love your addictions do run. Stop running so to feel loves divine caress. Love is the only solution.





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Addictions come from fearfully grasping for things outside of ourselves like substances, alcohol, smoking, material gains, whatever it is people are addicted to so that the pleasures centers in the brain activate releasing the chemicals that people are addicted to. I think that the addictions come when we are unaware and grasping for things outside of ourselves. we become like hungry ghosts going through the different realms animal/hell realm is the worst.

I would say that most people are hungry for love and god.

love is connection with god is the restoration of the Self ideal

i agree ttt




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