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This is something that I discovered on my own. Having dyslexia I learn differenty from others. So let me give you some info. After years of reading Anything on meditation. From anyone that wrote a book. How thing kinda fits,but dont till you experience them. till finaly i read the book Everyday tao by Leonard willoughby. Which is now like my bible.In his book he states the we are this creative energy. So after reading it over and over till one day. I went to the mirror and looked in the my pupils, I stared at them till i saw the ghost like figure in them. At first you get all kinda of emotions, but after a few minutes it happens.Your true joy that you are comes out from hiding. Then you know what the creators Love for you realy is. Its Conscious looking back at Its Creator. What the elders meant about the Kingdom of heaven is inside is true. Sometime words like (lookin inside, actualy mean to look inside,not with the mind though. Which most people try with the mind. Words make play of things. Like the buddha said be light(which most people asume Laughter an joy.What he meant was to realy be light. There one more thing that happens if you keeps doing this. I'll let you find it out for your self. But you wont half to wait for the second coming.You'll be IT.

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Nice post Bryan....thanx...
i have stared at my eyes before..but i havent seen any figure yet in them...i probably need more practice...maybe i try sometime to do it again..the Love of the creator i have another situation though...
Be well... :)
Beautiful advice, thank you, bryan. Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and can make myself look old or reptilian... or just plain scary. It's kind of cool, but next time I think I will try to see that light!
I have done the staring in the miror and my face changes into different people...i read somewhere that this is memory of past lives.
I tried this "mirror technique" and My face kind of turned feline (the reflection within my pupils), not not like a cat moreso like a feline human hybrid. I think this is like "free association" and interpetation of this would be well what my creative mind created or maybe I caught a glimpse of something beyond my capacity (at this point)



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