Hi folks, was laying in bed today and a moment of simple clarity was being played in my mind, almost as if someone or something was sharing this simple way to explain to people about how our current financial system works and what can replace it, to create abundance for all, forever.

First, I will start by using the simple explanation that was shared, though this is just the basics, which is sufficient for one to realize the faulty nature of the way monetary systems are functioning at this time.

The main idea or thought form, that is behind the current monetary system, is based upon the idea of debt or that something must be 'PAID BACK'.

I will now give an example that will help to explain why this idea of pay back, within the context of any paper, metal or any other monetary system, will always result in either some having none, very little or almost all the money that is circulating in supply among human populations.

First off, we should comprehend that all money in circulation, is from the creation of loans from banks.

For now, we will ignore the fact that banks just print the money out of thin air and interest charged upon these loans and all other games played to lower the value of said money, just so that we can see clearly, how the idea of pay back alone, will still in itself, lead to a lack of abundance for most all and the cause the effect of the haves and the have nots.

So, lets say we have 10 people in a town and each one created 10 dollar loans from the bank.

For simplicity, lets just say the bank wants the 10 dollars paid back in 1 year, from each loan.

And to further simplify, we shall say that after all the buying and selling of goods and services between the 10 people in town, each one ends up with their original 10 dollars.

So, the 1 year mark has come and all 10 people have to pay back the bank loans, in this particular example, all people can pay back the loans, though all will be left with no monetary tools to buy and sell goods and services from one another, which essentially creates a dire depression.

If the 10 people do not adopt some other monetary tool or other system to meet their needs, they will flounder, unless they adopt a replacement system or a new one or each one becomes self sufficient.

As far as paying back the loans, usually what happens, is a few in the town end up with most of the money and therefore, a few are financially stable, while many others are without money to buy basic needs.

This will conclude the basic explanation to convey why the thought form of PAYING IT BACK, will always result in a lack of abundance for most all, within the context of a monetary system, operating in this fashion.

Now for the possible soultions that can create abundance for all, forever.

Now I will give an explanation of what needs to change about the pay it back system to enable it to create abundance for all, forever.

Whatever system is used, whether it is a monetary, barter or sharing freely with or without conditions, what will always be needed, is an abundant source of something, which can always be relied upon to generate an abundant supply of whatever is needed.

For example, if we are to use a monetary system, whether it is ink paper, precious metals, rocks, tally stick, etc., we must have an abundant source to create an abundant supply of such materials.

Paper can be generated in abundant supply by using hemp plants or other fast growing trees.

As long as the needed supply of this monetary paper is abundant and is shared freely for people to use as a tool to buy and sell their goods and services, there would be very little lack of abundance, though it is still not an ideal system and therefore we must look to another system, that would be an improvement.

We now go to the barter system, which is an improvement, because there is very little wiggle room for centralized corruption and greed to occur, which in and of itself is a great advanatge, because oppression is highly less likely to occur and people can go about their lives free to use a piece of land to build shelter and grow food, without the interference of centralized structures of power that seek to remove this sovereignty by charging for the use of land, as we see in the pay it back systems of today.

Now to the most ideal systems to meet the needs of humanity and create abundance for all, forever.

And these are the sharing freely systems.

The first system would be based with very few conditions, until such time as the people are advanced enough to not need these conditions placed upon such system.

All people would essentially pay it forward, instead of paying it backward.

This means that all time, energy, goods, services by each man and woman will be shared freely with all other man and woman, no matter the age.

The only conditions that will be applied are these.

Each man or woman, no matter the age, will take only what is needed and will in addition take only what can be used by each man or woman.

So for example, one man or woman may need a car to travel to point A, though only one car can be used by one man or woman, therefore, only one car can be taken.

Though if one wishes to have a different car, then the existing car will be shared freely with another, then the man or woman can take another car for their use.

This logic can apply for most other goods and services.

The beauty of this system, is that eventually, with the lack of interference from centralized vested interests, all free energy technologies, health technologies, etc., will eventually allow each man and woman, no matter the age, to become self sufficient, which is the intended goal to begin with, in using this type of system.

Therefore, from such a self sufficient platform, each man or woman, no matter the age, will be able to truly choose their own destiny.

These are not in depth explanations, but enough to get the basics of things, which like a seed, can sprout to wonderous heights.

All comments welcome, no matter what your opinion may be.

peace love light

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  • quantum tunneling, sounds like fun. :)


  • It is we that know better who will drive change.

    And it is a methodical process. 

    Look inside,

    Address our fears,

    Plant our consciousness in our hearts.

    Reconnect with our I AM presence.

    And Unite.

    And demonstrate the advantages of unity consciousness to the world.

    Show them why our way is better.

    And one by one, people will get it.

    and every person that gets it brings us two people closer to our goal.

    It is only a matter of time before there is a critical unified mass.

    And the system of duality and fear will simply unravel.

    The good news is. we are already doing it.

    It is just a matter of ever accelerating time. 

    And then one day, when our energies are just so, 

    Our galactic family will come along.

    And they will help us sow the seeds of peace on Earth that we are planting right now.

    But we must plant the seeds first.

    And we plant those seeds one heart at a time.

  • The world of oxygenarianism is available to anyone with such resolve.

    Do we need food?

    Or do we need to convert energy into a form that the body can use?

    People in love eat little.

    The energy of  love is all the food they need.

  • Spiritual? Physical? Emotional? Need? Want? Desire? All of the above?


  • Are you sure about that Roaring?

    Mans changing consciousness changes the consciousness level of Gaia,

    Gaia is in magnetic communication with the Sun.

    anything is possible.

    • Gaia is, after all, turning into the shining jewel of a star she was intended to be.

  • Yes! Feather, You grok in fullness. Drink Deep Water Brother. ; ) (Hat tip to Michael Valentine Smith / Robert Heinlein.)
  • Thanks Sistar I resonated with your responses, as well. ; )
  • I agree with you Feather. Seems like the distinction that is getting over looked is ABSOLUTE vs. RELATIVE / REALITY.
    In the Divine absolute realm where there exists all possibility/ abundance, there of course, is no lack. As we, as the collective of Creator -in - form, exercise our birth right to call forth our prosperity, ACCORDING TO OUR BELIEF, it shall manifest in the realm of the relative or finite. The key to calling forth from the unseen or absolute . . .is in knowing that the desired effect is true now. Not waiting until it is apparent . . .the conditioning of the culture is, "I'll believe it when I see it". Rather than, "You will see it when you believe it", which is the creative mechanism of faith, which Creator has bestowed upon us to call forth from the infinite abundance of creation.
    RH is arguing that the relative reality of form, is the same as the absolute reality of "all possibility" of Creator. Or the unseen realm where everything exists as pure potential!
    Absolute reality and relative reality are not interchangeable.
    It is like arguing apples and oranges . . .and never the twain shall meet.
    "You will see it when you believe it" is the formula of faith that Creator has given us to call forth all things from the unseen realm of ALL POSSIBILITY OF CREATOR . . .PERIOD.
  • Blessings to you VioletRay for your beautiful & thoughtful solution.
    I Love it!
    In fact "as fate would have it", only yesterday I learned of a real life scenario exactly as you have described it. My sister got a stellar deal on a nearly new car because of a technicality to do with the airbags, on a car where her daughter works. My sister was getting rid of her beloved Volvo, which she had poured lots of money into for sentimental reasons . . .
    A young man who worked at this dealership and was struggling to support his family and was also afoot, was interested in buying the Volvo. My sister's daughter said to her mom, "mom, since you got such a great deal, why don't you pay it forward and just give this young man your car". And that is what they did!
    The young man's life was instantly improved and also his family.
    And my sister felt so much better about seeing her old friend put to such good use! My sister was not wealthy, which is what makes this story so heartwarming . . . Just like your revelation, dear VioletRay, thank you for sharing it with us! It works!
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