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  • I mean some chick was literally SCARED OF MICHAEL JACKSON, woooooo lol A hee hee. Owwww lol I mean wtf, people have phobias of literally everything lol When Michael Jackson, probably the least scary person in the whole of history lol

    Imagine they see like some 7 foot tall Gray from Orion lol They'd probably pass out lol I mean this stuff can go ALOT QUICKER FOLKS, if people did something outlandish, that they never done before lol READ.

    I mean I been studying UFOs forever lol Since I could read lol And people still wondering whether there's aliens, still wonderinggg whether UFOs are real, I mean people just starting to figure out NOW, that the government lies lol Oh the government lies. Oh the news lies, I mean wtf, this is something you should know, just by being ALIVE lol
  • Yea I think if ETs came down here, people probably shit their pants lol I mean look at how they treat "illegal aliens' just coming from Mexico lol Like just south of the border lol Bringing tacos and shit lol Imagine from another PLANET, and they look nothing like humans lol

    People be like, oh NOOO, SHOOT THEM, right after they wet themselves lol I mean I seen videos, like on Sir Spooks lol Nukes Top 5, people walking in lthe forest, and see like some strange creature, they run for the HILLS lol

    I mean people are literally scared of everything, they're scared of like spiders lol Clowns, the dark lol Scared of balloons, cotton candy lol I seen one chick she had a phobia of Michael Jackson lol She'd see like Michael Jackson and she'd frickin be petrified lol A HEEE HEEE. Just ugh, imagine if people saw like some Gray from Orion lol
    • I have to agree with your statement John, they would just shoot & try to ask questions later,but its too late the being is dead, especially in the USA where people are gun happy,look at that incident recently where they claimed the Tall Greys landed their ship in their back yard and were hiding in a digger,why IDK surely they have abilities to protect themselves from human guns?..but they opened fire fast, but nothing was filmed properly nor seen of these Tall Greys.. even though the police were called..and it went viral all the same.

      There has also been reports of strange beings in Brazil also I read,yet mass hysteria I think,cos again nothing substantial found or filmed in evidence of them would think with all the high technology cell phone cameras we have these days there would be more quality footage being shown of the real McCoy and not AI generated images either,If I can take photos of ufo in the sky at night & in a field at night time using a simple hand held camera years ago,why arnt people able to capture better images..yes there is some clear un-explainable footage,but people in general freak out as you rightly say and so their filming of it is all over the place,and it cant be stabilized fully when loaded..
      • I’ve already had ETs come to me, so lol Long story. They’re definitely there, and again, they helped me out of a jam, when I was in real trouble lol

        Some of them are here to help. Some are here for their own evil purposes, and those are the ones our government chose to work with lol Go figure.
        • And do you actually know who these Ets your Govt are working with? just out of interest..
  • Oh John I think weve chased the ufo thing for so long now..and now that full disclosure is finally knocking on our back door.. its not that people are like bleeh,its more like 'well its about bloody time, but dont just say things,actually show us things as the real proof'!!!..
    See most people know about aliens these days, they just want to see the real thing other than that shaking crappy ufo footage that you cant figure out anything from or the made up crap using CGI & AI or fake video of aliens landing in back yards and tall Greys sitting in diggers, lol...but there is no real time clear footage of any of it,.... generally people do want the real thing to be shown & in saying that not necessarily the visitors themselves coming down here to talk to us either, you know,...but if its against their right of conduct to visit us, then so be it, but we should at least know they are a reality [not swamp gas or weather balloons] and see who they are and where they are from,plus shown more about their technology etc etc..and should we be worried about these beings too?..are the stories of abductions & human experiments real etc etc..
  • They'd be like Jewish folks, walking right ONTO the trains lol And INTO the camps lol I mean they'd do it willingly lol Wouldn't try to stop it, or they'd be like the Jewish police in the Warsaw ghetto lol Just join it lol At least we won't be suffering the same fate as them mfers lol

    I mean it's such a crock, I honestly thought better of people lol I thought that we all basically on the same page, we don't WANT an NWO lol If we knew about it, WE'D FIGHT AGAINST IT lol We fight FOR human rights and freedom and equality lol Fight FOR and all that's good and beautiful and pure.

    But nope, people ain't into that lol Sadly. People aren't into anything lol Don't know anything, can't DO anything lol Care about shit, that don't even matter TODAY, nevermind tomorrow lol Oh look at this picture of my frickin dog lol

    Just the HELL WITH YOUR STUPID DOG lol Focus on REAL THINGS. They sucked the LIFE right out of you lol You folks. No life force, no energy, no passion, just nothing lol To the point where they can roll out a TOTAL enslavement system on you. And you just look up with dim little eyes and go, ehh oh well, and back to your drunken stupors lol Just what a CROCK.
  • I mean it's a sad thing to report lol To you all. That even if people KNEW about the New World Order, they wouldn't even try to stop it lol In fact they'd probably JOIN it lol I mean that's something I've been like sort of realizing lately. That even if the truth ALL CAME OUT, people wouldn't even care lol I mean they don't care about anything, not even themselves lol

    Just people been made in apathetic DOORMATS lol For the system, just WALK ALL OVER ME lol And they'll defend it, give themselves over to it. Make excuses for it, fight to uphold it lol Don't want any change at all, to it, even like electric cars lol Even if they were TOLD the truth, they wouldn't even care lol In fact they'd join it lol They'd JOIN THE NWO, if it ever came about lol
  • I swear it's such a disappointment, like people like moi, have been waiting for frickin a long ass time lol For the disclosure and the ET presence to finally be announced, and now it seems to be coming lol And people like blehh who cares lol And go back to their drunken stupors lol Just wtf lol

    People so apathetic lol I mean all they care about, is having I would imagine, lackluster sex lol Getting drunk, and stuffing their face, and that's it lol Oh AND their dogs lol And perhaps, their children lol I mean that's it, THAT'S what people care about lol Anything else, is like blehh, who cares lol
  • Yea I'm kind of bummed, or disappointed lol With people, and how frickin blase they are about the ET thing lol

    I mean US intelligence agents testified to CONGRESS, that ETs are real and they have secret programs to recover crashed UFOs lol Like A HUGE THING, BLOCKBUSTER, BIGGER THAN 911 lol Just that should be something that stops the world lol

    And people just bleehhh, who cares lol What about Epsteins client list, just wtf lol What about Epsteins client list, as if that's somehow more important lol Then the fact ETs are real lol
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