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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS FROM RENSE.COM Las Vegas Concert-Attendee On 10/01/17 Catches Photos Of Possible Special Ops Sniper/Assassin On Ground Level Near The Concert Audience. THIS IS A MUST SEE.

This proves that there was more than one shooter at the Las Vegas massacre on 10/01/17, and on ground level.

This Clearly Shows What Appears To Be The Roof Of An RV With A Man In Black On Top
The RV Might Have Been A Support Vehicle From The Many Bands That Were Playing


Here Is An Example Of A Special Ops Shooter In Blackout Gear

OK, Let's Walk Through Our Series Of Freeze Frames From The Video Taken By One Of The Survivors

This Is The First Usable Freeze Frame From The Video Showing The Black-Clad Shooter
(Or Possibly Two Or Three Shooters In A Team)
On Top Of What Appears To Be The RV And Moving To The Right Of Frame 
...Where The Crowd Of Concert Guests Were Beginning To Run




Example Of A Prone Firing Position

One More Look..What Do You Think?

Las Vegas Kill Team Of Three Shooters With Full-Auto Machine Guns And VISIBLE Bipod - LOOK

These next two images are from Don Graham, Exclusive to Rense

Jeff … Here are several images I created from a snapshot of your latest video of the possible shooters on the RV roof.
I see something in one of the images and have drawn a rough depiction of what I see….which is a shooter walking, crouched over across 
the top of the RV carrying a sub-machine gun with a bipod mounted. The bipod is the key of course.





Reported General Directions Of Ground Level Gunfire Which Was Poured Into 
The Fleeing Guests At The Route 91 Festival Concert - These Are Approximations 
And Don't Include Probable Fire Coming Down From The Helicopter Seen In Video

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you got to be a real sick person to shoot civilians -or your're being blackmailed to do it-could also be a foreign mercenary-sick all the way around

Shooters involved in this were probably paid several million dollars for this type of job. These individuals are screened via military questionnaires (while in the military) and possible criminal histories while in the military. JFK assassin James E. Files was reportedly recruited by David Atlee Phillips of the C.I.A. after Files was court-martialed for crimes he committed in Laos and then kicked out of the Army.  

the questionnaire that asks 'would you  fire on Americans' -sadists  

Lots of people killed (6?) who said there was more than one shooter (sorry, can't remember the details).

Very interesting. I do not support rense at ALL but this does raise some questions



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