I was browsing the forum last night and one of the commentors  mentioned that he was turned off because

a contributor used the word bullshit. Not very Spiritual, he said.


I thought about that and it made me hungry


So I opened the fridge and a bottle of dill pickles fell out and crashed to the floor and shattered covering the floor with pickles, juice and shards of broken glass.


"Oh Shit" I loudly exclaimed.


 My wife rushed in from the other room and said "What are you ohshitting about now"?


I then realized that I use that expression quite a bit and it was purely reactionary. No deliberate beta level  thought involved.


Last week I was listening to Gershwin's Concierto in F and when it got to the slow movement where the solo piano states the haunting theme I felt s/g in my chest, my face twitched and a tear rolled down my cheek and from somewhere in the solar plexus came an "Oh Shit, (that's beautiful)"


So why did I respond to an annoying sudden accident and a great work of art with the same words?

A totally different feeling was evoked.

So what are words anyway? It's the way in which they are used and the feeling that is important.


So what expression do you use when the shit hits the fan or when you experience extreme appreciation of beauty?


Since this is an international forum, there ought to be some interesting interjections.


And why do you suppose these words spontaneously spew out?


Can someone be "Spiritual" and use the 4 letter words?  Oh shit, I dunno.


Love, B



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  • I can't recall my parents ever using 4 letter words although my Dad had a few choice expressions. He referred to the neighbor's teen ager as "Jingle Balls". They were second generation of German ancestry.


    My wife is Brooklyn Italian and she swears like a trooper and tells me her parents swore loudly and muchly.


    I think that the Anglo Saxon 4 letter words are like cayenne pepper--just a little shake will liven up a dish or a discussion, and I try to avoid them unless I want to make a real point.


    Here is a discourse by my favorite Guru that is right out of a George Carlin stand up routine but the costume  and the accent make it even funnier.




    Enjoy but don't try drinking anything while watching this or you'll choke.


    Love, B





  • "Can someone be spiritual and use four letter words?"    .....fuck yes!
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