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Examples of Sirian Technology - As Applied During The Rendlesham Event

Selamat balik dratzo....!!


I would like to clarify something mentioned by Peter Robbins in the vid below, which relays a description made by Larry Warren, of what he witnessed of the ETs on Capel Green, Suffolk, England, in December, 1980.


Noting that this East Anglia sector is now within my area of responsiblities, which usefully enables me to happily and fully investigate the events, with GFL backing and approval...And a reminder that time is relative, so that what happened back then, can be experienced in the now moment, of our willing focus.....And a veritable goldmine of revelations, it has proven to be, for all our sakes.


I have explained that these three ETs were Sirian humanoids and not Zeta greys, as has been speculated by some eye-witnesses....Note that Peter does suggest that there were differences in bodily build between these Rendlesham ETs and the typically slight builds of "Greys," and that was factual, as they were not in fact Zeta Greys.

However, Warren understandably assumed them to be, on three observational grounds...


1. Their small stature.

2. Their apparent almond-shaped eyes.

3. Their apparent large craniums.


As I explained in an earlier blog that I wrote on this particular case, the Sirians had scaled-down their physical body sizes, for ease of mobility, during the extraction operation, within Bentwaters base, as would be the usual method and something which all fully conscious beings are able to do...Namely, to change size.

Noting that the natural average height of a Sirian is 7 foot tall, which would make them less then stealthy, during a dangerous operation, such as Rendlesham....


Also, the scoutship itself had been scaled down for an easier T-Mat transfer, as the lesser the mass of an object being teleported and instantly retreaved, the less energy required to effect, thus the lesser the mass, the easier the instant transfer, in the event of hostile actions by the US military...


This operation was distinctly dangerous, nevertheless and for all beings in the vicinity, including plants, animals, humans and the physical bodies of the ETs themselves...Thus, to avoid the medical problems (suffered by all the military witnesses,) as described by Warren, it was necessary for the sized-down and scaled-down ETs, as they ventured beyond their landed craft, at Capel Green (to meet Wing Commander Williams) to WEAR PROTECTIVE EYE PROTECTION....


They were within protective exo-skeletal, personal hover-suits and wore a type of "wrap around" eye shade, of a style almost identical to the large eyes of the Zeta race, albeit, they wear black contact lenses over their naturally almond shaped eyes...The Sirians are humanoid and do not possess eyes as naturally large as the Zetas...Their "sun glasses" do cause earth witnesses to assume though, that they are of that well-known race, on occasion..


Such a personalized roving device (a "veleto") for dangerous diplomatic missions, is bullet proof and explosion proof and used by reduced-size ETs...It has a helmet, which allows cybernetic control by it's ET occupant and will glide gracefully beyond the ship, to meet the military liason reps. That veleto control helmet appeared to Warren, as if the ETs had "vast craniums." However, fellow USAF witness, Adrian Bustinza, did not assume this to be the case and recognised a little more of the actual detail, than Warren did.....

Note that "veletos" are deployed in threes, as the scoutships, likewise, deploy in defensive triad formations..


In summary, note that unlike Larry Warren, Adrian Bustinza had noticed that the ETs he witnessed were humanoid and did not confuse them for Zeta Greys...


Unlike an airborn teleport, T-Mat transfer allows a scout craft to land, without a delay in re-charging, for an instant jump out of the danger would have been the case if the US had recklessly attacked it..


The plasma mist marks the target point in which the craft materialises and dematerialises, if necessary..Eye witnesses did observe this technology in operation, at close range and many suffered opti-retinal burns, to the cornea, in consequence, which would have been avoided if per chance, any of them had been wearing arc welding goggles, which of course, was regrettably, unlikely...


The craft was at the ready for instant jaunt and so it's luminance, on the ground, was far greater than would normally be the case....


This technical supplementary data was relayed to me by Sirian Ascended Master, Jschwjsch Vashtar, to aid in clarifying some of the raised anomalies and inconsistencies manifested among witness testimonies.


Considering the scale of the electro-magnetic and electro-gravitic effects upon these military witnesses, it is amazing that so much was usefully observed, albeit, with great difficulties for them and especially caused by stress, high luminance (craft in readiness to jaunt) and the distracting static electricity upon their bodies...


Hopefully, this will offer helpful light, upon some of the more obscurred aspects of this unique "UFO" case... ;-)


Much love to all ACC members and all interested parties, worldwide. We, the Sirian starseeds, are always happy to offer helpful insights into alternative technologies, as will be utilised by earth people, following first contact and especially so, when we assist the Bellatrician (gamma Orionis) light body development programmes, in aid of the formerly dark reptoid peoples of the defunked Anchara worlds...thus turning them to the light of creation and away from dark diversions, as Federation members with fully active lightbodies.


Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)


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In contrast to Sirian scoutship landing procedures, these photos of an Altairian scoutship, taken in Siberia, show that they will retain a full plasma flow, even after touchdown, in preparation for a speedy exit, (like T-Mat) if needed......The Altair ship's charge is retained by the landing legs preventing earthing, and there are four spindly silver metallic legs, barely seen in the photo....invisible against the snow backdrop....


As the crew are standing close to the full ionisation field, they will be wearing protective goggles to prevent opti-retinal burns, as experienced by unprotected human eyes, in similar events, such as Rendlesham...


Note that the landed ship's crew are wearing the standard silvery-grey jumpsuits, which blend in with the snowscape backdrop, of the liason rendevouz field.....where they later met Russian GFL Ground Crew personnel of Irkutsk sector and Russian politicians.

And the same ship in flight

Another feature to note about Altairian scoutships, are the numerous (48) field sensors that regulate navigation and propulsion, arrayed around and along the ship's central plasma foil...

I found this fascinating....thanks for sharing the photos and analysis. In regards to landings, during the mass landings will certain star nations cover specific regions? Your region for example - the U.K. Will one star nation be landing in the U.K., or will there be representations of more than one star nation?

Also, I assume they will be shutting down plasma flows quickly, to reduce possible radiation, and allow people to view the touch-downs safely?

Hello dear friend......Some very good questions which I'm very honoured to reply to...... ;-)


Firstly, our GFL Ground Crew sectors are based upon the fairly strict requirements of GFL policy, with regards to surface Earth....Of course, within inner Earth we have full representation, as per our Command Base, located 400 miles below Tibet and next to the great and revered city of Shamballa......


On surface Earth, we have designated sector commands as appropriate and these are based upon starseeds with a clan resonance to particular star nations, working in unison, skillset and total co-operation, with flight components......So we have, through diligent surveys, noted the prime components within particular sectors, that may be representative of our sought after, though sometimes elusive, starseed factor......


That starseed factor determines the energy signatures of GFL fleet interventions into defined sectors of the surface.....Spirit guides this process and will determine the location for starseed incarnations and areas for their functional supervision, in co-operative symbiosis with their offworld kin.....


In that particular instance, the greater starseed represenation was offered for our dear Alterian collegues.....It matters not which GFL star nation possesses which sector, the importance laying with the overall representation through our ground crew, linked effectively with their resonant flight crew opposite numbers.....Which will be based upon the factors mentioned....


In theory, you could describe my sector of South Eastern England, which covers East Anglia and Kent, as being currently energised by the Sirian star nation.......Yet, in theory, this does not mean that if an activated Pleiadian, or Arcturian starseed, operating here, sought to serve within this sector, would be denied that role...far from it....We are a united GFL and though some star nations may seem more actively powerful than others, all are nevertheless involved, as possible, through the starseeds available at any given period....and within any given sector command....which retains it's fluid group dynamics principles.


As above, so below.....!!! An appropriate axiom for GFL ground crew, also...


Selamat ja.....!! Drekx

And Randy, my dear chap.....Of course, every effort will be made, especially during OFFICIAL FIRST CONTACT and the mass landings, to safeguard the public from any potential radiation hazzard presented by Federation technology....

Both Flight Crews and Ground Crews possesses the necessary garments that shield out plasmic discharges....... I will always recommend to anyone who deliberately, or inadvertently approches a landed starship, to wear protective eye shades.....short of welding goggles, some good sunglasses, should suffice.... ;-)

Note that our ships do not eminate gamma there will be no actual radiation sickness, in spite of such reports promulgated by dark propaganda.

Yet ultra-luminant ionisation fields can be abnormaly bright for unshielded eyes...offworld eyes, or onworld eyes......we wisely take precautions...

Okay thanks for the clarification and advise....

Randy :-)

Great, you picked up my telepathic impulse to comment your thought here...Yes indeed, a stargate is a portal that can be deployed in a snow covered mundane field, or some other backwater on surface earth, which may transport ET personnel instantly offworld, faster than a standard atmospheric flight.....

I've been monitoring how AO keeps judging your use of the English language......He obviously does not know of the potential in each cosmic being......for higher standards, than even an earth language....

Nice to see you here on my discussion, friend Charlotte......



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