(These messages were given during our Weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

Sananda and OWS channeled by James McConnell and Divine Mother channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


“Divine Mother”

Joyous greetings to all, my Children, my Lover Ones. To all of those who are here in the room and those who are sitting in seats and all of those who join you, smiling and brimming with love for you.

I wish to share with you today. And as always, we drop thoughts into your mind for the discussion that takes place prior to the messages we bring to prepare you for that which we have prepared to bring you. And yes, indeed, the times they “are a changing” and more and more people are becoming aware upon this planet.

More people are becoming aware of the conversations of multidimensionality. More people are reading and writing and sharing these ideas with one another. More people are sharing their experiences of your Galactic brothers and sisters who play in the night skies with their lights dancing for you. More and more people are becoming aware that it is but a game that has been played upon you. Perhaps not a very pleasant game but a game indeed of the wars and the conflicts that have not been truth in nature or in cause but are precipitated upon you. And more and more you see people not participating with these thoughts, not participating with the games any longer.

For it is time, it is time for these shifts to happen and for you to become more aware of the glorious beauty of the skies that greet you every morning. Have you noticed the glorious color of your sky and the clarity they shine with? Have you noticed how the trees and the sun and the moon and the stars shine with auras now? Have you noticed there are differences upon this planet because she has raised her vibration and while she has done this previously, now you too are raising in vibration to witness and be witnesses.

These are glorious times. The more that you can turn from those things that would distract you and focus on those things that bring you joy, love, cheerfulness, genuineness and sincerity, all of those qualities of the 5th dimensional, emotional responses. These are what continue to change your DNA, to activate you more deeply, for the sun and the rays that fall upon your planet are part of the activation, the activation also takes place from one to another with a touch. When you reach out and connect with another person, not only with the comfort of family and friends and partners and children but you can look deeply, longer than is necessary, with someone with whom you are having an exchange in the stores, in the public, these are activations. These are ways you are holding hands one with another, around the planet, across the planet, in One-ness, in Unity.

So, please, be aware of all the activities that are taking place, that have been taking place over the past few weeks and continue to take place. It is the time for the flood of activity, of action, that is on the planet now.

Ashira shared with you in the last meeting how your measure of health changes have been occurring in your body and these are going to continue. They are but an affirmation that movement forward has, indeed, been made and that each of you is moving more and more quickly on this path. And more people have decided it is time or it is part of their soul contract that it is time for them to leave the planet because they were not going to go through these changes. Those of you who have continued to be strong and courageous in your day to day activities, I applaud you! We respect you. We love you. And we are here for you upon your calling. We are here to share with you and to help you with the small things as well as the large.

This is a time of great excitement and celebration. And while you may still have a small part of your mind in which you have a doubt about whether it is really a time to start celebrating with so much that seems wrong upon the planet, we will tell you it is the Light that we are celebrating! The light in each heart. The light in each being. The light in all of your animals, in your trees, in your water, in your water animals, your birds, Mother Gaia, herself. We can tell you that we look down, we look within the planet too and we see the shift in energy, the shift in frequency. We see the light differently than we have ever seen it before. And if you have not noticed it when you have looked out at the skies, the stars, the sun, the moon, the plants, go forth with new eyes today! For all of these are for you to celebrate and be in gratitude for they are proof that the changes are not coming, they are here!

You might say in some ways that we are waiting for the time lag to catch up! For as the future continues to be in the now, the past continues to approach the now. And as things continue to open and unfold every day you become more and more excited, more and more ecstatic because the dominoes fall and as the dominoes fall you have the proof you ask for in your three dimensional understanding. And you see with your 5th dimensional eyes more and more every day. These are glorious times. These are times to sing and to dance and to celebrate.

And while the conversation took place about what types of percentages you have yet to unfold, what parts are still dark while the other parts are light? Let us say, dear ones, that you are all light beings, spiritual beings having this physical existence. That does not mean that there is dark or light any longer. We have told you that there is no more karma for that has been accomplished as the new moves forward. And so those which feel like dark moments are opportunities for self-forgiveness, self-forgiveness for the idea that there is any separation. You are not separated from us and we are not separated from you! You move and have your being in us at all times as we have our being in you.

You are separated only in your own individual opportunities for expression. As a cell in your body is part of another organ is part of a system is a whole being, you are a cell in our whole Oneness.  You are a cell in the Oneness of humanity, in the Oneness of Gaia, in the Oneness of the universe, in the Oneness of the multiverse and the multidimensions. You are a singularly important being exactly as you are and we love you endlessly. We love you with every beat of your heart. We love every thought that you have for how can it be separate from us?  

Know that at this moment I am filling this room with my blue light of healing love. My arms embrace every single person in this room and those who visit electronically. Feel my love coming deep within your being. Feel my love as it sweeps over every aspect of you. Know that we are One. Know that you are blessed beyond measure. And know that we are grateful for the work that you are doing. For the consciousness that you are holding and every part of every day when you get up and you pursue your day to the best of your ability.

Touch those that you come in contact with every day. Even a transference of energy can take place with a small finger or hand upon one’s shoulder, back or hand, in the exchange of money should you be in a store or in other circumstances. This is the hands across the world project you hold. It is you touching people, speaking to them with love moves forward with a step and the next step and the next step. That is how these times are unfolding and this is exactly how they are phenomenally moving ahead.

So know that all of those stories you may read and images you may see, we imagine that they are like children merely acting out. Still they are loved. Still they are worth forgiveness. Still they are your brothers and your sisters in this. And all of you chose to come into these times together to walk this path together.

We ask you to keep the light you created for unity in consciousness to not let it die because September 11th has passed. Continue to hold the consciousness for unity, peace, forgiveness and love every day in the top of your minds as you start your day and complete your day with prayers of love and forgiveness for all of those upon this planet. For indeed, this is part of the healing as you move forward and continue to see the dominoes fall for your new path upon the planet.

So with that today we are going to leave you again with the greatest love and peace and understanding from our Source into you bringing you peace, joy, love and understanding. We look forward to our next visit with you. Farewell.


This is Sananda. We wanted you to know that we have not, in any way, forgotten about the “Twelve of Twelve” as we have spoken of previously for it is in the works this very moment. It is not something that is in your 3 dimensional consciousness as of yet but know that all that happens in this 3D world first happens at the higher vibrations. So, all that is to come forward in this world, in your 3 dimensional understanding, is first happening at the higher levels. And we, those of us who are working with you, are able to be a part of that happening as it is in process. So, in other words, those of you who will be sitting at that Table that has been spoken of are already taking your places at the higher levels as we speak. And the only thing now is to manifest into the lower vibrations when the time comes.

And the time that is coming will be coinciding with that which has been called the “Event”.  So you will see yourselves at this Table, if that is what you are desiring, when that “Event” occurs. All of this is in process. All of this is part of the bigger picture that you came here to be a part of. And you are each playing a part in the portion of this play, you might say, that you are acting as an actor or actress within it.

And as this play continues to unfold, what happens when you get to the end of the play? There is the applause that follows the ending of the play. That applause has been spoken of as the celebrations as the truth being brought out in many different ways you will experience this for you are nearing the end of this play. It is a play you have been working with and being an actor or actress within for a very, very long time, for lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. And you have played many different parts. Some play as the villain. Some play as the hero or the heroine. You have all played your parts to the utmost that you possibly can. But know that the play is near an end after thousands and thousands and thousands of years and thousands and thousands and thousands of lifetimes. The play is near an end.

All that is left is for those of you to take the center stage. Do your bows. Listen to the applause. And then move on and start another play, another undertaking, for as the James likes to say, “Another adventure.”

The Table will come. The Table is a part of you and you are a part of it. Your place at that Table has already been pre-determined by you at your higher levels. So when the time is right you will know whether you are to take the place at that Table. You will know what the corresponding mission will be for you. What continuing part you are to play in this continuing play.

We, all of us that mentor to you, have spoken through many sources in many different ways, all to bring about the information, the knowledge, the awareness that is needed to accomplish this final shift, this final shift to end the play, to end this 3 dimensional illusion that you have created. That you are in the process of moving out of and onto your next adventure which, as you know, will incorporate many different civilizations, systems, planets, new understandings, new levels of Oneness that, up to this point you haven’t been able to begin to fathom. We can tell you now that in many respects all seems to be at a standstill but the Tsunami of Love is spreading rapidly and it will only be a few more moments, not so much your moments, but in the idea of understanding a sense of time, it will be only a few more moments before you will understand all you are about, all you came here to do.

I will leave you with that for now. I will join you again shortly. For I, Sananda, have taken upon my shoulders this particular group, this particular understanding that is here within this group in terms of a resonance together. That is not to say, and we wish to make this perfectly clear, that is not to say that it is an ego boost. For it is not that at all. It is a matter of resonance. It is a matter of which ones of us can work more closely with you, where you feel more comfortable with us and we with you. And we match in many different ways just as some groups in parts of the planet would resonate more with Maitreya or resonate more with other various Masters and beings from other worlds.

Now is the time, my brothers and sisters, now is the time to complete your awakening and assist your brothers and sisters in their awakening. For that is a part of the mission at the table. You will be called upon to fulfill that mission as you are prepared and ready to do so.

All of my peace and love go with you now as you continue on in these endeavors to, pardon the expression, to become all that you can be. Peace and love. I am Sananda.

“One Who Serves”

Yes, we are the “One Who Serves” here. We are here to answer any questions that you might have. No particular message at this moment. Any questions here?

Question: I had a vision of a round table and the “Twelve”. I asked, “Who will be King Arthur”? Then I knew it was Sananda. It felt like the King Arthur story and I want to know if there is a relationship to that?

It is a representation of those you are working with and yes, Sananda, would be the one considered to be at the front of the table but that is difficult because it is a round table. So, in that respect, your sense of it being a round table makes a lot of sense, does it not? For where do you think the idea of King Arthur and the Round Table came from? This idea of the Twelve at the Table is an ancient idea, an ancient understanding. This is not the first time this is occurring. So, understand that as you sit at the Table, you are a continuing expression of those who work with you and through you until they are able to sit there with you at the Table in a physical form as you see it now. You see?

Does this answer your question? It will manifest in a physical level, not so much the 3 dimensional understanding but still physical form as you will know it at that time.

Question: I was reading a channeling from Archangel Metatron, that mentioned the Earth will enter the Photonic Belt. Is this true?

It is already doing so, already affecting you in a great way here. Yes, it is a part of this, certainly. It is entering an entirely new area of the galaxy in your understanding of things. What has been considered the energy part of the galaxy as opposed to the rest part of the galaxy that you have come out of now. In other words, it is time to get moving!

Question: During the meditation I saw people throwing their guns down and hugging other people. Will the Tsunami of Love make people throw down their guns and just want to love people?

It is very difficult for those at a 3 dimensional understanding to grasp what I am about to say here but when that Tsunami of Love, that “Event”, occurs and these energies are flowing to each, the tendency will be to throw down their weapons, to throw down all the fear, all the hatred and in many respects they will not understand why they are doing it. But it will be something they are compelled to do. Will all do this? No. But the power behind this will be so complete and so in control that it will be very difficult to hold onto the darkness and not stand in the light.

You see? For how can someone be within a room of darkness and a light begins to form in that room and the light begins to illuminate all the darkness and as the light continues to spread and spread and spread, how can one remain in the darkness within that light?

Question: How can we raise our vibrations?

Just as you have had in early discussions when the topic was discussed about raising your vibration and now to do so, you have heard in terms of your thinking processes, have you not heard to be more and more in control of your thoughts? Be aware of your thoughts and change or shift your thoughts as much as you possibly can into higher level thoughts and along with this, the higher level thoughts, your feelings too. As your thoughts increase, so too your feelings will increase and be a part of this.

Another that has been given by the Divine Mother and many different sources is to be out in nature. And to not only be in nature but “Be” nature, be one with nature! There is one thing to walking outside and seeing things as everyone else on the street corner would see them from the walking outside and seeing them for what they really are in the higher vibrations. There is a big difference! And as you begin to do this more and more and practice this, it will become more of a regular practice for you and as your saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”. As you continue to work with it you will continue to thin the veil for yourself and as you continue to thin the veil your Third Eye center will open more and more and that will continue to thin the veil more and on and on and on. It works together hand in hand here. Does that answer your question?

Question: I have a friend I want to know if she will get a job she wants to move into. Can you give any insight here?

I think you know what our answer is going to be here, for we are not going to take out our crystal ball to say, “Yes, this one will get the job.”  Or, “No, this one will not get this job.” That is not our job to do this. But you can take out the crystal ball and do this for her and we are speaking quite directly here because you have the knowledge deep within you to do this for her. There are others in the room that also have this ability but may not be aware of it. You can use a crystal ball but it does not have to be so much of a crystal ball but something that represents that. You can do this with the cards, the various cards; there are many different ways of looking at the Akashic Records. There are many different ways of seeing into the understanding which is the past, present and future in all of One. You see?

Question: I have been staring at the candle and it works like a crystal ball and that was cool.

Yes, there are many tools that can be used in this fashion. There within the light. Be one with the light. Shirley McLane did this. “I am one with the Light.” You see?

You brought up the conversation earlier that you came to a major understanding of the dark and the light, this was wonderful! And it is commended that you allowed it to come forward and shared it with the group as well! This is a major happening for what is it that those you look at now that are considered enemies, not necessarily in this group but those who are listening or reading these words, as they look at this and they think in terms of the Cabal and those of the “Dark Forces” you look at them now but someday soon you will look at them as friends, as brothers and sisters. And be one with them and they will turn around and look at you the same way because we are ALL from the same Source.

So at one time we were all one and we are still one in this moment now, but many have forgotten this Oneness! You see? We commend you for bringing this out to all.

Nothing further?

We will release channel. You, as a group here, you have much ahead of you in many respects as a continuing group, as a continuing Force of Light to spread throughout the planet. And don’t think that you are just one individual and what can you do? Because even just one individual focused and especially when many individuals are focused the same way, you can create a great deal of light and energy and love and spread this. It is just as has been given, that your movie of the “X-Men”, when the professor is sitting in the chair and is communicating through his mind and communicating with all of those who are, in that respect are considered mutants with him, he sees the Light popping up everywhere around the planet. This is what we are seeing. As the lights continue to pop up, you are the new mutants, we might say. And we love you and we jump for joy when a new light pops up, a new one begins to fan the flame.

For they are all embers at first and then the ember becomes the flame and as the flame continues to be fanned, it begins to grow and grow and grow until it expands outside of the individual and now the individual is within the flame. And we are speaking of the Violet Flame. That is what you are after as world, as a race.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
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  • This is exactly how the Ascended Masters and the Star Races speak that I've studied decades ago!!  I can personally vouch for this information and it verifies and confirms other information I've read and heard.  Exactly to the "T" with more explained info:

    The veil will begin to lift on the memories of our lives as star beings and people the world over will start to come out, openly, and talk about it.  They're be coming out "en mass" and will be very confused.  That's your cue!  When you hear messages say "it will be a time when you will have to come out and calm the masses"  that means then!!!  It'll be our job to explain to them what's it all mean.  

    The 5D energies are increasing and will continue to increase to the point where the "Christ Consciousness" will enter the hearts of mankind!  As the message said, not all will accept it (cabal and people like them), but the energy will be so over-whelming love for one another, it will be very painful to act against another person.  Yes, the energies are THAT STRONG!  I personally felt it!  Example:  I was merging into a lane going into a tunnel and a person drove up fast and cut me off.  I got mad and wanted to get back at him.  Before I began to act, I felt what was like a white-hot, burning charcoal right in my heart charka!  Believe me when I tell you, it felt like I had a hole in my chest and that thing hurt!!  That happened 4-5 years ago!  I can only guess how strong it's going to be for the whole world to feel it.  Crime rate will drop virtually overnight, if not gradually. 

    Plenty of more things to come, so stay tuned and be aware "This is the time we have be longing and asking for!!"

  • Finally, this information pretty much nails it.This message sounds like it's from M'ka-el. He is giving for granted the source willingness to keep going on, always speaking so lightly.

    The dot turns into the circle, but everything that happens around the circle, already happened inside the dot first. Echoing the signal of light... an electric impulse known as light, a thought, a dream. It's but a behaviour pattern, an interactión of paths, which we believe to be fate.

    On the core everything is past, present and future at the same time, there is one truth known as free-will... Here it isn't the same, since our deeds have already happened before, so there isn't freedom, but destiny instead, which might be more like a contract. Dictating every step I take, along the trial I've signed up to accomplish... but why?

    They won't let me go, nor destiny will let me break through, unless she finds me before the credits. I AM inside, while all around, the Watcher I become and so on.

    Everything develops as it was first imagined, as I've been told. Ironic, is it not? I would gladly exchange everything for a life a happiness and simplicity... or maybe not. It doesn't matter now, so many times I've tried to run away from it... it's always there at the end, waiting for me first, deeper than any other truth. The mirror...

    I tried to put all the pieces together so many times already... So many paths to travel across, but only ONE remains. My contract, my trial, why did I take it?
    Every step I make, always over a footprint already traced along the path, my destiny, my contract. Those footprints ahead are my own, or...

    It seems like we're twelve now. It might look like there's millions of patterns, but just twelve signals. I had nearly forgotten all about it. My memories about Source... Legion... Prime's dream... the Core.

This reply was deleted.

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