Energy Parasites - Continued 2.0

After I finished posting “Energy Parasites – Continued it was time for bed, however I needed help with my attackers again. All previous Prayers/Meditations were either in my chair or my bed, this time I decided to sit in the middle of my bedroom floor. So I started my normal Prayer/Meditation routine when asking for help. Their attacks on me while typing my previous post was particularly nasty and painful and it continued. Jesus and the Angels and others arrived and I could see some of them arriving with my Third Eye. I shut off my bedroom light because the darker the better it is to see with my Third Eye but it is starting to crack open and I can see a little more each time. Side note: after I posted I went outside again, it was a beautiful day, and sat in a chair to relax before I went to bed. I’m the last person to ever do anything bear foot especially outside. I always have socks, shoes, and slippers on me feet so I took the opportunity to go barefoot and ground myself to Gaia, I felt sooo much better. While I was sitting there they were still attacking me and I told them every time they did attack me I would send a Blessing to someone. I have a friend who is fighting cancer right now and I send them to her. Well you can actually see your Blessings leave you with your Third Eye! They looked just like when I see the Angels arrive. A diffuse white light in the shape of a straight line that bends on the right and left side like wings. Maybe I was not seeing Angels arrive but actually saw their Blessing fall on me. I saw about 5 of these Blessing rise up from the bottom of my vision rising up and disappearing.

Well I could feel and somewhat see the tussle taking place. They made new, different, and painful attacks against me. I will say this. Things happen either very slow or very very fast. I saw, felt one of them, my protectors, jet from my left going to my right at incredible speed and a thump at the wall to my right. I felt the whoosh and got the impression that they went after something. It felt aggressive but I know the Divine is all Love but sometimes when your protecting someone you simply need to open a can. My “Divine” sight is improving and I can see more, one was very close to me. First it was what appeared to be about just about a foot away from my face and then rising up slowly in front of me. They may actually have been separate, your Third Eye does have a tendency to blink when your trying to make things out better and you sometimes end up losing what you were focusing on. I saw A LOT of Violet color as well. Well after about 5 minutes things calmed down, the severity of the attacks on me lessened considerable but were still taking place and I got the impression that my attacker was there in front of me. I knew I was supposed to learn a lot of lessons in all of this. Lets face it, I’m new at all of this so I have some ground to make up for. It literally felt like a classroom session where me and my attacker were being set down to have a conversation. The struggle all but stopped yet my attacker was right in front of me and not attacking but I also knew, because I did not see Jesus, the Angels, or anyone else leave, that they were still there. So I began to talk to my attacker, in my thoughts, and I explored the situation. At this point I want to Sincerely thank Jason for this comment on my first thread: You must be the Christ incarnated or they will win. Now days they know they can not get into me so they jump into weak minded individuals and try to get me that way, some people get so angry and try to kill me if they could.  Jason this thought was paramount in my mind and heart and I can’t overstate how correct you were and how important this is. Thank You!!!

Back when talk fist started about the Illuminati and Cabal being arrested there was talk all over the internet about how, when, etc. One point that had to be addressed was Forgiveness. Some wanted them all hung or shot. Others wanted to forgive and let them go on with their lives. I was one of those who was having great difficulty with Forgiveness. I didn’t want them all killed but I wanted vengeance on a portion of them and Forgiveness was something I said I would have to see when the time arrived. As I explored this very situation between myself and my attacker in our conversation, my attacker never spoke to me of course. I came to the realization that I would have to forgive them, that indeed I do forgive them right now. I know that in the future we would ALL have to forgive everyone and Love them because we are all ONE and the Universe and our Creator is Love personified. We simply cannot exist and ascend and become ONE with each other and our Creator until we Forgive and Love ALL.

Now my attackers consist, to my best discernment, of my attacker(s)/controllers and several energy parasites. From what I currently understand the energy parasites are innocent victims in this. They do draw/feed on our energy but they need to in order to survive. And in all the research I have done on them and how to handle them one point has always been set in stone. They are not evil and be a gentle as possible with them. They are just trying to survive and have no choice in the matter. I believe it was my attackers/controllers who were making them so vicious. I tried to reach an agreement on how to handle them allowing them to siphon my energy as long as they did not hurt me or interfere with my sleep. When I attempted to sleep they did not abide by the terms I was willing to accept and they caused me pain and interfered with my sleep. I Prayed/Meditated to Jesus and asked for guidance. I told him I attempted to reach an agreement with them but it was not working and needed guidance on how to handle this. No reply that I noticed. But then Jason’s advice was continually making itself apparent. At the very least it definitely helped. Whether I had more Divine help, again, with them I don’t know but the attacks lightened enough for me to finally get to sleep after being up about 28 hrs. I slept through the night and did not wake up once, but I woke up with one Whopper of a headache. They are still bothering me but not too harshly. It actually feels like the attackers and doing more and not the energy parasites. I still have to figure out how best to deal with them. Completely opening my Third Eye was made of Paramount importance to me. One of the new attacks on me while I was holding that conversation with them was on my Third Eye. One second I could slightly see then I got a blast and a flash on my right temple and then I could not see anything. The effect was temporary though but they did it twice. So gang get that Third “Divine” Eye open, it is going to be very important to us! Thanks again Jason and everyone for your advice and support! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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  • You go! :D

  • I have been working hard on my third eye as I was guided to get it open ASAP. Well I can see them now. Ordinarlly my reaction would have been EEEEEEEK, LOL, but I played WOW for years so I'm use to seeing creepy things. They look like a combination of a tic and a spider about the size of a medium dog. Incredible fire engine red with absolute black designs on them, really sharp looking. The body was a big tic, the head was human looking except the face and they had 6 legs I think. Turns out my attacker placed devices not only in my head but on objects in my house. They even put one on my glasses...thats just not fair cause I have no backups and my only pair is no where near me, not even in the house and wrapped in black. There was another one I was guided to and its also out of the house. I think I know where one more is, will test to see tomorrow but that won't get rid on the ones in my head, I'm working on them, got a game plan going.

    I also have to deal with them very carefully and not harm them.I have been guided/instructed that that is FAIL. You must be compassionate and not desire to harm things for the sake of ego or revenge. Especially if they are not negative like the energy parasites who simply need to feed to survive. My Angels/Star Family have repeatedly guided me away from actions that would have been hostile towards them.

    • EDIT to above: don't harm the energy parasites or other living things, the devices you can blast and disintigrate into a billion bits if you want. I'm gona consult a shaman to see if the devices, on objects, can be used for training, mine or others, or some other useful purpose. One lives near me.

  • I was searching for images yesterday,and copied this one,to discover today that there was a post about energy parasites,and so realised image was meant to be put on this post,please feel free to share,blessings eve.8114247092?profile=original

    • Thanks EVE, absolutly correct pic. Life may be a dream but dreams hurt sometimes. If there was no point in struggling and learning and protecting and providing for ourselves then we should all just sit down and stop eating and breathing. I worry too many people look at it the way the pic says, and other examples as well, and tell people not to worry or protect themsleves while they are being hurt because life is just a hologram and does not really matter. Easier said when someone is not trying harm you or take things you need. The point of us all being ONE resonates big time and have had multiple opportunities to act on it lately, see my update post below.

  • Thanks, I really do appreciate that. Now about the **it hitting the fan, can you elaborate a little bit?

    P.S. Eggs are now off the menu. I just made myself another salad and when I took a bite of one it made my stomach upset. When I said to myself "Well eggs are now off the menu" I immediately started to vibrate. I'm not even gona bother with the fish, if eggs are low vibes then fish will be too.

  • Also, I forgot to mention that I also am a vegetarian now with perhaps the exception of eggs and fish. I will be working on determining that. Ham was already off my list as was beef so I figured that I would switch to chicken. I thought perhaps since it was just a stupid bird, LOL. Well I made a chicken Caesar salad yesterday for dinner and as soon I took my first bite of chicken my stomach became upset. Well that ends that. If your enlightenment, vibration, ascension, has reached a certain point certain foods will no longer agree with you. And if you continue to eat them you will decrease your vibrational level. So I will continue to experiment with what foods agree with me and keep you all posted.

  • I got some important things to cover in this post. The big one for me personally is that I was guided/discovered my Soul Mission, my Divine Purpose but I will get to that in a bit. First I want to say that everyone’s advice has been invaluable to me and I will always be incredibly grateful. The latest SanJAska channeling, as I commented on above worried me. I also just could not ignore/forget Xidorn point about “quick fixes”. I don’t believe I was seeking a quick fix, just information I needed, its part of the path we are all on and I fully agree with Feather Winger and CentralSun opinion on it. Later when I was thinking about my post above on that channeling and Xidorn’s point connected and I was hit with a realization of his/her point. The part of the SanJAska about dealing with lower energies does indeed offer a Quick Fix, and a potentially dangerous one at that. I have learned soooo much more by not going for the Quick Fix but instead to trust in GOD, Jesus, the Angels, and all of the Divine and beings of Light (seeing my first UFO ROCKED!!!) who will guide you, help you, support you, protect you, and nurture you in solving whatever problem you were seeking the quick fix for in the first place and you will be so much more thankful and better off that you took to long way around.

    Now while my education and journey in dealing with these Energy Parasites and other lower energies was very important in protecting me and educating me in my journey I realized it is only part of the equation. My ultimate destination in the resolution of my situation was pointed out by Jason among others. The best defense against Energy Parasites, Energy Vampires, Psychic attacks, lower energies, etc is…Enlightenment, it is Vibration, it is Ascension. The more I increase my Light the less and less they are able to attack me in the first place. This is your ultimate goal, your ultimate destination. It is not about defeating them, showing them who is boss, hurting them, destroying them just to protect myself. It is about living in Christ Consciousness and that includes all lower/negative entities. It is not only where we all want to end up but it will also solve many other problems, like being attacked. One thing, among others, I am absolutely awe stuck by is the amount of synchronicity I am experiencing. Everything has a purpose. Every time I need information or I am missing a critical part and am being guided to a purpose someone somewhere always seems to be there. Xidorn’s point about Quick Fixes was one of those points that took an extra day for me to determine where it fits into my path, where I am being guided to. As was Jason’s point about being Christ Consciousness, and also Feather Winger and CentralSun point about fair energy exchange and being able to make a living and get by, but their points affect a different point. That situation has not fully manifested yet but has to do with my Soul Mission and a general understanding of things.

    During my journey I would constantly, but randomly when apt, be instructed to mind my thoughts because what I truly desired was being manifested. Again I would cover the basics but one thing kept popping in there no matter how hard I tried to exclude it because I wanted to focus on, what I deemed, more important things. I have lived a moral life. I am always at the ready to help others. I would regularly get attacked for my good deeds and yet I could not stop myself no matter how hard I tried. No matter how “Undeserving” I thought someone was to be receiving my help I just could not stop desiring to help them, or others in general. I have a broad range of skills and some very specific and technical skills as well. But the under riding theme of all those skills and in general my desire to help was to solve problems. Whether it be in the lab, the kitchen I was remodeling, the car I am fixing, the advice I am giving, I have a real knack to solving problems and that is my Soul Mission that I found out yesterday. I am to use my intellect, skills, experience, compassion, understanding, and desire to help others to help others solve their problems. I have also been guided to situations where I could work on Truly Listening to Others. You can’t help people solve their problems if you don’t know how to truly listen to them. One thing I have received strong encouragement from my Angels on is to talk about, posting my experiences. After some reflection I realized my posts and those who are responding to them actually helped create a kind of beginners guide, an Ascension for Dummies to help them when they start their journey.  But first physician had to heal thyself and for that the help and advice I received from Ashtar’s Forum members I am and will always be forever grateful, Thank You, I Love You All!!!

  • I just finsihed reading most of it and all the parts about the energy parasites. I'm still waiting for my comment to be approved on that thread. I had two big concerns.

    1) This quote "only beings of the absolute highest and purest Christed consciousness be with you and around you." Not really knowing which beings will be prevented from being around you, you could actually be preventing benevolent beings from helping you.

    2) I have asked for Divine assistance many times and they always came. I had Jesus himself in my room opening a can of whoop*** on my behalf and God, Jesus, and the Angels are directly guiding me in my dealings with my attackers. Why would anyone trust a Channeling of all things instead of going directly to the source?

    I would strongly advise anyone to go to the source (GOD, Jesus and the other Ascended Master, and your Angels) before you trust some annonymous Channeling. If the Channeling is legit then you will get the same info. If the Channeling is not then you avoided doing some potentially serious damage.

    Thanks for the info Feather, what ever the truth is, reposting that channeling and shedding more Light on this subject is definatley in service of the Light. Plz keep it up, newbies like me really need guidence from our experienced members.

  • I'm heading there now, TY again!

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