Dr. Angela Barnett

Miyuki Hatoyama Is Japan's First Lady- or the Prime Minister's Wife- according to Japanese culture.
I would like to share something that might help explain the pictures of ME- Dr. Angela Barnett- holding-- enhaling and exhaling the sphere of Violet Plasma-- which is the Frequencies of Gaia and the Seventh Sun, La.
When Hatoyama says she was a couple with Tom Cruise in a previous life, and they ATE THE SUN Together.
This is EXACTLY the same topic that is in my New Book 12DNA-Music of the Spheres Diary of the Cosmic Twins and the Keys to the Universe.

The meaning of this strange phenomena is when a Couple- who are a Cosmic Twin decide to come to the Outer Domains of Earth from the Inner Domains (the Spiritual Parallel Cosmic and Universal Domains), the Twins are coming from their Star. In fact, the Twins were a STAR before they come to Earth.
The vision of The First Lady of Japan Eating the Sun with Tom Cruise is the same Reality that can be Seen in the Picture where I am holding the Violet Sphere of the Sun, Exhaling the Violet Sphere of the Sun and Inhaling- or Eating the Violet Sphere of the Sun.
This EATING the Sun actually means using the Breath to Inhale the Frequencies of that Pre light and Sound Essence of the Stardust that the Sun is made of and BECOMING that Pre Light and Sound Essence.
The reason we all need to do this is because we are IN FACT the Same Essence of the Sun.
We did in fact come to Earth as Cosmic Twins. We needed to Break our Frequencies in half to be able to enter the Density of Earth's Portal. After we arrived on Earth, we needed to Find our other half again.
The Vision of Eating the Sun as a Couple means a Cosmic Twin was created by becoming At One with or Attuned to the Frequencies of the Suns. The Transformation requires transformation back through all Seven Suns to restore the Attunement with the Complete Cosmic Time Matrix.
This is the Vision that I was allowed to have this picture taken of.
The picture was allowed of this invisible Mystery so that this REALITY could be shown and explained on Earth at this time.
I am hoping to find a way to get these pictures to  Miyuki Hatoyama, who revealed that she Ate the Sun with Tom Cruise.
This doesn't surprise me at all, because I have had many similar dreams of cosmic events with entities in the Japanese, Korean and Chinese Worlds. I have always been attracted to these countries because I know that I have been coupled with Entities such as Zaurak, who is my Starry Brother from Sirius B. I met Zaurak in Korea, without even knowing it. I met Zaurak again in Monterey, California. It was then that he told me that we were together on the Creation Team of Mt. Sorak. The name Zaurak is the true pronunciation of the Korean Mountain, Mt. Sorak.
We each have more than one Cosmic Twin. We may have been on teams before with the same Cosmic Twins, or different Cosmic Twins. What remains the same is the Cosmic Team that we each come from. It is our team that decides together on the projects that we will be involved in before we begin our journies out into the outer domains to Solve Problems.
aDolphino's Cosmic Rishi Self is Markus. Markus is the head Cosmic Team Leader of the Jesus and Mary Project. This project includes everything that has been revealed and transmitted into the Outer Domains of Earth that has helped us align into the original Frequencies of the Universal Template of the 12 Stargates. The true purpose of the Jesus and Mary School was to teach the Star Language, the Pre Light and Sound Technology that actually teaches us how to EAT THE SUN. So, you see, we are not actually Christians, Buddhists, Shamans and Hindus. We are actually working on the same mission of learning how to Eat, or inhale the Frequencies of our Original Star Dust Consciousness from the Cosmic Inner Domains.
The following came from a book written by Hatoyama.
Miyuki Hatoyama has claimed that she knew Tom Cruise in a previous life in which the Hollywood star was Japanese and revealed that the couple "eat the sun."

"I guess you’re wondering how I’m eating it. But I just take it and eat it like that," she said in a television interview, grabbing a fist of air and putting her hand to her mouth. "I just grab it and eat it. It makes me feel good."

Previously, Hatoyama has also claimed that her soul traveled to Venus with aliens on a triangular-shaped UFO.

This vision of traveling on a space ship is true. The association with Venus comes from a history of mis information about where Jesus Christ actually came from. The 12 stargates have always been the link in consciousness from the Earth into the original 12 coded template or 12 DNA of the Divine Human Angelic Raceline.
Jesus Avatar 12 was actually from Tara. However, he was an entity who did not have his 12 DNA disconnected. He lived in Tara before the Frequency Fence was placed around the template of Tara that broke our DNA apart. He was on the Jesus and Mary Team that was created by a Cosmic Council who has been working on this project of the rebirth of Tara for millions of years. This team has been working on this project many millions of years before Jesus and Mary entered the story.
The hybrids who created Jesus and Mary were Elohims and Nephiliums. The Elohim-Annu Race, the Elohim Sirian Race, the Nephiliums and hundreds of others have been involved in Restoring the Human to become the One's who Eat the Sun.
The Space ships that have been called Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation and other names by the New Age Movement are NOT the Space Ships that have been carrying us back through the Star Gates for Eons for the purpose of hybridization and transformation.
Our real Star Ships are the ones from Tara and Gaia and Sirius B. They have become known as the Ashtar Command through a series of stories used to create the Sleeper Races on Earth that would become the new soldiers of the One World Order between 2012-2017.
Now, we are in a time when the DISCLOSURE of the Reality that our governments have desperately sought access to for many years. Since 1930's our Inner Government-- not our outer governments- has been planning a One World Take Over with the Draconians and Zeta Rigelians. The only members who have had complete access to the complete reality of this OWO plan has been the MJ12. The ones who called themselves the Majestic 12. Those twelve were the leaders of the 12 sections of this group that is spread around the globe.
They are the genetic prototypes of the Annunaki Creation 25,000 years ago. They were originally the Levithians who regained their 5DNA with 12 subharmonics. The Annunaki did to the Levithians what Gargymel did to the Smurfs. They scraped all of the Blue Star Dust Essence out of them and made them into their puppets so that they could continuously have a Source of Supply of the StarDust.
The Smurfs 2 Movie is such a great rendition of this absolute true phenomenon. Now that I'm side tracked on movies, I would like to mention how the Guardians of the Galaxy are exposed as MORTALS by the Immortal God who was planning on taking over the Galaxy.
This movie exposes the truth that the Taran Star Lord actually did have some Special DNA passed into him from his Father, who was from a Race that was not understood by the Mother Ship. The Star Lord from Tara had the DNA- the GENES- that we each inherit from our Eieyani Creation Family.
The Eieyani are the original Star Creators that were the Yanis of pure Pre Light and Sound. They combined their Star Dust Essence with the Oraphims, who were the creators of the Seven Suns. And then they got together with the Elohim Angels from Gaia to create the Hybrid racelines who have prepared the Re Birth of the new Taran Star Lords who have been born on Earth over the past 100 years.
Now, is the time for the Star Seeds, the Indigos, the carriers of the Light that can win the war with the Fallen Angels who think they are the Immortals and we are the Mortals.
Now, is the time that the Star Seeds came to Earth from the Inner Domains to Heal the Earth, which was once the wonderful Emerald Star Planete called Tara. It is Tara-- not Venus-- that our Space Ships take us at night. Tara is being reborn through Sun Alcyone's Photon Belt weaving into Earth's Photon Belt at this time.
Now, about DISCLOSURE. Bashar directed his students to ready the book A.D. After Disclosure by Richard Dolan. Bashar also told us that this Disclosure will occur before or BY the 2016 Elections.
The topic of Disclosure is about this INFORMATION that many believe our government has about Alients or Extra terrestrials, and they are hiding it from the citizens. There have been many committies formed over the past twenty years who have been investigating, searching, digging, discovering more and more of the truth about the information that NASA, the U.S. Air Force and other Government agencies are hiding from us about the Grey entities that were taken from the Roswell Site and transfered to a secret location in Dayton, Ohio where only the Majestic 12 could gain access to the Information the Grey Entities could share.
That story in itself, shows to me that the author isn't even looking in the right place for the information. The Zetas and Draconians have been talking to our governments since 1930. They were the creators of each and every war that has been fought on Earth. They have been controlling our governments and the military through Sound Wave Brain Manipulation. They created the Sleeper Race that could be completely manipulated through Education, Religion, Culture and Society Media.
We have been living in a Sea of Mis Information about everything. However, I don't think that it will be our government that will be able to uncover all of these pieces of missing information.
According to Dolan, in A.D., that even that level of information being revealed to the Masses would create Mass Hysteria, Mass Revolutions and Depressions and Economic Crisis beyond anything the world has ever experienced before.
I personally, always thought that the day the TRUTH WAS REVEALED that would be the DAY the Truth would set us FREE.
I don't think Dolan has added two very important pieces into this formula of the NEGATIVE REACTION.
First of all. Ahsayana Deane already DISCLOSED everything that could possibly be disclosed in her book, VOYAGERS 2 over a decade ago.
Second, the Guardians already revealed to us that there is the NET EARTH and the Ascension Earth. Those who raise their frequencies into the Ascension Earth will see an entirely new reality as our Frequencies are aligned more and more into Inner Earth, the Cloud Cities, Aquafaria and into Andromeda.
Those who do not raise their frequencies might very well remain in the NET EARTH of chaos, economic depression and revolution when the Disclosure occurs.
However, I have lived in many cultures on this planet, and I don't think Asian cultures will react at all to Disclosure because they have already been given these truths. I don't think most of the Eastern World will react. I don't think South America and Africa will react the way Dolan describes. I definitely believe Americans will react exactly like Dolan describes.
So, now, that we all thought it would be the year 2000 when we would have economic chaos, it appears that it might be 2016 that rocks the boat so much that the government actually closes the banks and wall street for a few days to prepare for DISCLOSURE.
To learn more, come to

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  • This sounds so ridiculous, it's hilarious... and yet, you're right.

    Chaos might be ahead soon, when my sister entered this reality, eight years ago, She gave me a message, I couldn't fully understand.

    She told me my name was Liil, the one from the Air, and hers was LZI, Lithil, Lilit. My beloved Sister from old... We were somehow involved with humankind's origins.

    She hasn't changed in almost have million years... walking on the middle of the street, among earthlings, without a single whisper in between her lips. Her eyes, bigger and most beautiful than any other human being's, as her everything. Surprised, yet so sad to see me inside this fragile human body.

    There's gonna be a failure with our projective realities, between this frequencies mentioned here. As PC told me already. Things from dreams and nightmares might start shaping into form. Beings from beyond the Sun Gates.

    Eight years ago, like a lighting sparkling on people's consciousness, one dream was foretold, by those I barely knew anything about.

    Everything was destroyed at said time, a world war took place. Those from ancient times arrived on earth, with an instituted hunt after all those who opposed their "divine right" Announcing themselves as saviours from old, in name of yahweh-Annu, again. Those bastards again. There was a lonely road, I was walking along with an old trenchcoat, as scared as my soul and body. My blood got transfused because the genetic code was still broken, the was no dna enhancement, it was a lie.

    There are artifacts on each mayor pillar, disrupting source's connectivity.

    I got transfused with a new code of blood, compatible with my highest template, allowing to manifest my divinity on earth.

    She was after me, carried by an ominous charriot, which was being pulled by what might seem to be "human beings" all torned apart. Remember having a dream myself, I was married with a female earthling, in my near future. We both had a happy life together.

    It looked like freedom was achieved finally...

    But time skipped on, as the very sound went silent. And then, my wife started to burst into flames, along with my everything. I suddenly walked towards her, when noticed there was a silhouette on the sunlight, across the window. It was her, my sister. She slowly turned her face up, smiling between her long black hair... Lost into her lilac eyes. As my whole world was being teared apart.

    This just got worse from that time on. It was apocalypse on earth... as she said to me...

    "The androgyne dragons are coming back" "Their ancient golden home was destroyed, they've lost their sexuality" "They need your sexuality, since their link with source was severed, along with their golden planet" This might relate with the stardust.

    "They're those false archangels proclaimed by religious indoctrination" "You'll arise with the seven suns on earth, and no dragon will remain alive, once you open up your upper eye" "You're the seventh, the one who's still perfect"

    Eating the Sun, each Sun is a portal to Source. Like channels for living thoughts, each Light particle holds into life. The more you breath, the faster you spin, absorbing the Sun, into you. Channeling Source into personality(Information carried by each photon) as you carry on its fire into other star systems, new creations, such as this solar system.

    I don't really know who I am... I feel like I died long ago, but now I've been reborn. It's the very same sensation I've had since my childhood.

    From that day on, M'kaea entered my frame of perception. Introducing himself as my brother... with a promise of peace and well-being, which didn't relate with anything my sister told me about.

    Always looking so self-righteous, in his eagle-shaped cloak and helmet... I'm starting to think he's one of them. Archangel Michael.

    I'm still in love with her, I feel like we've been dancing together, since the dawn of Creation, from the very beginning. I couldn't even forget her after acquiring a new body, here on earth.

    "When the hybrids lose grip on mankind, their ancient masters will arrive"

    But I don't really know what might be about to happen.

This reply was deleted.

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