I am wondering about all of the recent earthquakes and supposedly natural disasters that have been on the increase all over the world in 2011. I know there are hundreds of prophecies on the matter and I was expecting it all to start happening in 2011 (which it has!) but is it natural disasters occurring here or is it the NWO using HAARP? 


I do not know that much about HAARP but I know that it can cause earthquakes and manipulate weather patterns. I also know that when I even consider a power like that being used as a weapon and in the hands of anyone who is not pure of heart it makes my stomach turn and I get the worst feeling in the pit of my being! 


If anyone has any input it will be greatly received. I just think there's too much happening concerning the weather for it all to be natural. I do not let this get me down but just want to know what others are thinking.


Peace and Love to all x

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  • I must admit that i dont understand all this about portals, but its like a door. Sun is this door, and from Earth we see it. This fluxes comes from behind the door. From Alcyone. And pushed this energy out, and spread it to all the planets in our Solar system...Ascension for Mercury, Venus,Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter Saturn, Uranus, Neptun and Pluto.. And their Moons..

    The water on Earth been heaten up since the magma (In Earth) became warmer. Magma change direction since the magnetic field goes for a walk.. All this together activate the Earth.

    It is said that the Fotons are mutch moore high frekvenzy than anything ever seen on Earth!..Fotons be in force in higher dimensions too.

    • my son said that the sun is a portal to earth! He also said that there is volcanos on the sun which erupt with water?He lives in a higher dimension. I am sure of this. He often tells me stories about the cosmos. He loves the earth so much and everything in it. He radiates with love and light. Thank you for replying
  • Agree with you Kelly! I also believe that the weather Patterns is caused by the Foton-Band which we entered in 1994/95.

    Foton is very high fekvenzy beams whitch push up the temperature on Earth. This band are also an awakener for Gaia and all of her inhabitants. Fotons comes from the Central Sun, Alcyone in Plejade..The electical/magnetisme system in fotons are monopolar, so Earth gradually loose her electromagnetic shield..Foton band is a majore key in this galactic occurrence.

    Fotons been flashed out from the Sun. The Sun is a Portal.

    • Yeah I have read a few things on the solar flairs. You say the sun is a portal...to where??. If you could tell me as my little boy just said to me 2 days ago that the sun is a portal! I have no clue where he got this from and he explained things to me in detail. It would be great to see if it matches with you! x
      • Wow that is wonderful!  Your son is obviously very gifted!  The sun is a portal, and a being who is evolving and growing the same as we... The sun beams us energy from the central sun, which is the center of our universe... (energy is always beamed to us from SOURCE, like a laser light bouncing off of mirrors)... fed to us for us to grow and awaken our inner selves.  The Solar Logos as he is called, is helping us ascend as well as the earth and all the planets in the solar system.  It's not just us, you see, it's everything that is raising vibration to 5D and above. 

        And yes, the photon belt is a part of it, Rune.  I like to think of it as a birth, the tightening and contractions of the full moon, the "braxton hicks" lol.... and it pulls my sacral chakra like mad at times.  But we haven't had much "bearing down" pains, so we know it's happening right away ha ha. 

        Hope this helps, have a great weekend! 

  • The sun's magnetic fluxes are changing us and awakening our chakras... it is also causing earthquakes and volcanic activity, and some of the bird deaths as well.  You can feel it when there is a solar flare more now than ever before. 

    I prefer not to give HAARP or Bluebeam my time and energy, it gives away our power to say it's coming from evil humans... the earth is stronger than that, she is giving birth and that always involves some pain and releasing. 

    • Thank you kelly..I feel the same I shouldn't even think that there is another reason other than mother nature! I have had kids...I like the what you said and it makes sense. I am finding it a bit hard to stay positive today. Thankyou for replying
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