I keep dreaming I'm a freedom fighter undercover in a totalitarian dystopian alternative reality. It often begins at an old boarding school, where everything is fine, the school is often cathedral and castle like, lots of stained glass, lots of stone, I consider this to be the spiritual academy part of me is attending. There comes to a point in every dream here on earth where I realise everyone around me is under some form of mind control and I must break free. My dreams are very vivid and very provoking. I often wake up crying or in anger. Last night I set a man who was related to the dream me, free. He was in a glass cylinder filled with water as was his female co-worker, he tried to attack me once I figured out the key pad on the door to the glass chamber and he was freed, like a mindless zombie. There's a lot to this place, its like another reality altogether. I have been attempting to astral project and other such things of late which is why it disturbs me that its so vivid and detailed and a whole other world. (I'm a man in my dreams often, by the way)

A few weeks ago I had several dreams of being chased by a spotlight, from an unknown flying vehicle, and then those dreams were followed by dreams of being aboard a space craft. I know they're just symbolism so my primitive mind can interpret them, but I'd like to know how much credence they have or if anyone else has dreamed of such a place. Like the spiritual academy has any one dreamt of it? Or being aboard somewhere that is bright silver everywhere, with black windows, blue beams of light shooting around the room?  Sometimes all of this disappears and its as though I'm walking on very solid, very invisible air. Like Indiana Jones, but I'm encapsulated by these invisible walls, and can see stars and planets shooting right past. These dreams are semi lucid.

 I also whilst meditating got to this place with invisible walls and floor and a stone basin with light illuminating the space, being shown a paper thin glass slide, pulled from the black invisible walls like a drawer, by thin tall lanky creatures, greenish-blue (sometimes grey) skin, in white robes, with big almond shaped black-green eyes... I was shown things I cant quite comprehend, by at first seven of these guys, then all of a sudden there's twelve of them, showing me earths entire history and then technologies and languages I couldn't comprehend. Anyone experience anything similar? or have any advice?

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  • Mmm lots of times ever since I was a kid then later on in life the talk inside of the Ship turned to long discussions about physics and mathematics, generally about the structure of the universe and I also realized the humans and aliens on the table were in fact just alternative, past and future incarnations of mine (now that's actually wrong this way, maybe it's better said that we share a common over soul, since nothing is ever actually yours) They even came round physically one night with 5 ships when I was at a sacred location now all I know is that obviously this place is special to me and I have to return there when I feel it's right to do so again. All I remember for now is coming from Andromeda and that I used to build space ships there in a dimension where you sort of just imagine the whole ship with all your love for engineering, ships and the purpose of the ship and then voila it's done :) I learned not to stress out about this. If I have remembered something then it's exactly what I needed to remember often quite some time passes before you get to see where a piece of information fits into the grand synchronicity. So I just learned to have fun on those experiences that way I don't stress out about remembering them since it's easy to remember stuff you enjoy and I know sooner or later everything will come into place and the picture will arrange for itself in due frequency so to say :)

    • Thank you for responding. You're exactly the type of person I needed to speak to. No one in dream interpretations on the internet can help me. I just worry that I may not remember everything in the lifetime, and its going to by pass me, and I'll have to start life here on earth all over again, with my memory wiped clean. Its so pieced and so fragmented I have severe trouble trusting the images I'm being shown. And i'm impatient as hell, want to know it all right now, but I know thats not something my fragile human brain can deal with all in one hit. I guess I should just keep meditating and hope that it will take me away to where i need to be. But that does sound very fascinating and very cool, you lucky thing. I wish I had such clarity

      •  I cannot ever imagine agreeing to being born with amnesia with my own free will. I think most souls slip into unconsciousness when they die and automatically reincarnate with amnesia. For those who can remain conscious outside the body they make the mistake of entering these 4th dimensional light traps thinking they are benevolent. Once there they are tweaked with some fairy tale and sent back down to Earth with amnesia. I personally believe that the idea of voluntarily agreeing to long term memory loss and being born with amnesia as a learning process is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I ascribe to the notion that "what you forget you are doomed to repeat". Going in and out of a body should not give anyone amnesia unless it is part of a trap system.

        • I don't believe this thread was about "amnesia", as that's a neurological disorder that results from damage or shock. Not reincarnation. You don't recall everything immediately as you are a new physical form, a new consciousness. Didn't your mother ever tell you if you've got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all? The Ashtar Command is a site for those who want to spread love and light, not be skeptical and inject opinions with very little relevance and in this case, validity. When you want to contribute peacefully, get back to me.

          • Amnesia is the loss of memory including psychological means. I was not implying that you are dumb but the concept of learning by forgetting in the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I shouldn't have used the word dumb as you took it in the wrong way and it has offended you and I apologize for that. You have a feeling in your dream that everyone is under some sort of mind control and you must break free. In between life amnesia and long term memory loss has everything to do with that. "What you forget you are doomed to repeat." It is part of the trap system.

      • Mmm no one can help you but you :) I've went to extremes trying to help people and it seemed to have the opposite effect. The more you help it seems the more you support one's vision that they are lost and in need of help the more they actually are. It's like you amplify the feeling of helplessness in them. In the end no matter what you do for them it's like giving them fish instead of teaching them how to catch some. Once you show them how it's done and let them cope on their own and voila, the experience of survival is the ultimate teacher.

        Life, the universe everything is symbolic. Just because there's symbolism in our dreams doesn't mean they aren't real. Who's to say which reality is more real the waking one or dream time. Of course the answer is they are both equally real they need one another they are inseparable as an infinite being one needs a reality where things are finite so as to experience contrast to the fullest and gain deeper self-awareness. I found out that interpreting dreams/symbols helped me recognize synchronistic events in what we still call waking life. It's funny if you start interpreting your life as a dream in time it feels more like one. There are days I look at people being angry because of false concepts in their life like money, or nationality or race and I think no no no this must be some awful nightmare this is nowhere near the consciousness of the great creator this cannot be real. And indeed it isn't it's more like a game then dream time because unlike in dream time where your soul is never gonna end /and one day is going to witness the end of the universe the time where all souls achieve divine consciousness and then of course a new universe is created :)/ in waking life there is an end called death and that's the end of the game but you can always start another. Dream time on the other hand is eternal so it doesn't fit the definition of a game, it's more like the game room where you sit and watch others play or review your latest session. It's actually the first thing you do when you get back there, going back through the movie you shot and evaluating it like a producer with help by more experienced producers whenever you call for it we call them angels. God isn't judging you nobody is judging you but you yourself. You go back and say hey I shot this scene really bad I'll go trough a similar situation next time to make it better. After all God created all, good and evil are just human concepts to God everything is diversity, expanding knowledge of Gods own self. 

        Everyone's path is different. You just have to listen to your heart there isn't a recipe. If you feel like meditating meditate, if you feel like watching a flower watch a flower, if you feel like having a laugh with your friends, laugh with your friends. At least this is what uplifts me find the things that uplift you most. As different paths that we all have there's really one thing that unites us and that is that our heart is our guiding light on this path. You worry when indeed you already know your weaknesses they bleed through your words. And knowing your weaknesses is more than half the job. Acknowledge impatience and trace back where it comes from and at the beginning of the string you'll find a fear. Then take your time and unknot this laughing as the infinite being you are at how come this ever worried you when you are infinite in time, infinite in worth, infinite in love and infinitely loved. Acknowledge the needs of your human body and brain, respect them, give them time they tend to get overloaded just don't stress them out. The brain is fighting back because it is convinced it's for your own good it's just that it has been programmed for a different reality all your life. Your brain isn't your enemy though it often seems so. From its viewpoint, the brain does everything in your best interest since you support it in anyway, both with body and soul. It's just that its understanding is lagging behind a bit, threat it as if you were raising a little child because this is exactly what we are doing with our brains right now. Our souls are swifter then our brains and they have to be otherwise they cannot be the leaders.

        Break down concepts until you find their root for what is not rooted in love is not part of the higher reality of your soul. You don't have to do anything you don't have to turn karmic cycles, you don't have to be anywhere else but right here right now. Having to do something is restraint is a limit, God doesn't impose any limits as said good and evil everything is God. But from your higher perspective when back in full consciousness you might want to reincarnate back here on Mother Earth if you feel you still have unfinished scenes to shoot :) Now standing in a limited 3D awareness you feel like you want to go somewhere else, the truth is you don't know what it will be when you view it all from a higher perspective. Your brain cannot even imagine it, so the only thing we can do is listen to the whispers of our heart until we became so attuned to it's voice so happy to hear it that we know it instantly and don't doubt it anymore and by that time the voice of your heart would have become your own soothing voice.

        Likewise on the question of how did it all come to be in the first place, as Einstein said the question of how come something comes out of nothing stems out of poor understanding of causality. God doesn't wonder how God came into being. God is just infinitely happy that God exists.(weird sentence ey :) just substitute God with it/he/she anyway it's the union of all three so each one would be improper). Well in a sense God does wonder with OM like in "Uhm what should I create" and the end sound of the universe will be AW as in "Aww what beauty I have created"

        So be like God since you are God and just be infinitely happy that you exist and you have this wonderful life for it's a wonder how it ever came to be.


        Oh yeah and create everything your heart desires you'll never be closer to feeling like God than in those moments :)

        Also God is elegant and simple all of the above he would just condense to "Just follow the vibes that feel good to your heart"

        • Thank you Ani, sorry I hadn't been notified of this. But thank you, so much.

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