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Many will be deceived when Aliens and spaceships appear in the skies. 

They will come across as friendly 'space brothers and sisters' from far-off galaxies, but they are demons disguised.

I know many are anticipating their arrival and are hoping to bring positive changes to our Earth and Governments.  I'm sorry but it is a Grand Deception. (I used to be one of these people too but now I see many people are having dreams that this is a lie and do NOT believe it).

Here's the link, make of it what you will.





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  • Its called project blue beam.
  • I'm worried too. I don't know. There's something that doesn't feel quite right with all this sudden "Alien Light"

    Would you like to follow me a little bit further?

    For example, perceive the sensations within your lower neck and belly, as you read my words of faith to you, and only you. Other people may not even start to understand what's going on here on earth. They've been fooled, far away from the all-mighty lord Jesus.

    "I trully believe there's a deceive going on with all this "Alien-spiritual wave. But within our religious love, I also believe you're an ignorant being, believing yourself all this lies. So, don't talk any further, please. Nobody will take your religious ignonarce here"

    Notice how, given the chance I attack you once you opened up, an engulfing pressure will start growing up on your belly, as it's the center of illusion, known as the "Self" There'll be struggle on your lower neck zone as well. This is the center of voice. Expression. I tried to impose "myself" over "you" I insulted your creativite voice.

    The ever growing Earth's frecuency of consciousness, is allowing Only positive frecuency of thought into our physicality.

    All that you can dream of, already exists within Creation. Within yourself.

    I won't say whether you're mistaken or not.

    Come closer, look at yourself in the mirror. Look at your eyes, your facial expression.

    Give yourself a moment to Feel, go outside, put your perception on the skies and then within... close your eyes, take a deep breathe. Feel the tension within your muscular structure. As you keep breathing at your own pace, don't force inner peace. You can't force the turbulent lake, and its missing reflection of reality, into calmness. Feel this chaos, as it disolves. This is your current experience as Source.

    Re-align your spine, elongate, and let go of any rigid-forced posture. Feel comfortable within yourself. Let yourself Be. Notice how your shallow breathe, goes deeper within yourself now. Surrender yourself to your own experience.

    Take a deep breath. If you feel any pressure on your organic system. It's your chakras, echoing into physicality, telling you something. Do it at your own pace. Time is an illusion.

    Once you achieve a peaceful reflection on reality, the mirror. There're no divitions anymore, like the one you just made yourself here.

    Take a deep breath in full pleasure. Open up your eyes. Look at your brifgt eyes. Let go of your breathe, without any obstruction now. Express yourself in freedom.

    You're Source on it's full beauty. You're pouring life into that you put your faith on. Being this the reason why the negative cosmic frecuency, known as cabal or whathever name you dis-like the most, is dying off. Along with everything you thought you knew.

    You're Beautiful to me.

  • No...

    I am an ET... all of these scenarios were and still are handed to people in visions for a reason, they are not prophetic visions, people all over the world are recieving unique and different visions about contact and a whole variety of future events, even in dreams, understand all the future scenes you are seeing are not set in stone, they are simply flashes of what could be, and we are engaging your reactions to see what the consequences to certain actions would be, think of them like tests. We've sent out all types of scenarios to engage reactions. 

    Your world was supposed to end many times already. It was mass intervention that stopped that. We have even manipulated time in order to assure the ride is less bumpy for you.

    The ET's I work with are responsible for testing out any future scenarios to make sure everyone involved chooses plans that create the lowest amount of consequence possible. They are against forceful intervention. Nothing can be done that will harm humanity or earth more so than what is necessary.

    There will be no mass contact. At least not until humans have ascended more. It's because the majority of people did not react well to the visions we sent them in regards to mass contact. The common theme in consequence was exactly this reaction you have had, the masses reacting in fear and ultimately ending in the destruction of us, and the murder of our warriors by human violence. 

    Our warriors are peace keepers, we are of very high frequency and are not used to the low frequency of Earth, this will end up getting them killed. When we come here in our actual bodies, which we do and already have, we have to wait in stasis for quite awhile until we adjust to the frequency, often times in our ships out in the ocean. We have advanced technology, our weaponry does no harm, it's just defence, for example orbs that just freeze people without harming them. The warriors are just peaceful mediators. They do not have the ability to win any war against low frequency beings like humans. Humans would destroy them.

    They are the ET's in charge of who comes here. There have been other ET groups that have tried to force their prescence on earth, the ET's I work with are the ones who prevent that. 

    You do not understand what is going on behind the scenes or beyond your current reality. You are too obsessed with your fear. 

    It is impossible for any other group of ET's to come here and force their presence on you, because there are very large groups behind the scenes that are preventing that from happening, even your own government. Maybe you have no idea what is going on right now. We are not planning contact for anytime soon, we are already here, working behind the scenes with those of you who are involved in the galactic federation, to help humanity, animals, and Earth during these changes.

    The last thing we want is to interact with low frequency humans that react in fear, we don't want any harm to come to anyone. That's why we even erase our loved ones memories when we come to see them. Even some of them react in fear. 

    One day, when humans raise their frequency and become more ascended and exist in the vibration of love, everyone will be able to exist in harmony. That day is obviously not today.

  • That's what happens when messages get into the hands of the wrong people....  

This reply was deleted.

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