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I was walking down the street with pushing a cart, and the cart for some reason slipped out of my hands, rolled down a hill with me running after it, and ran into a woman down by a restaurant outside.  She was an older woman, who a bunch of people started screaming soon after to me, “SUE HER!  SUE HER!” I went into the restaurant with my mom and someone else I cannot remember, and she was trying to talk to the restaurant manager to get people not to sue me for my runaway cart.  Next thing I know, my mom is gone, and I am on this bus with all these people, on my way to a wedding that I was in.  It was a big hotel with trees and very tropical almost, but it looked like it was getting dark or that a storm was brewing in.

The dress I was going to wear was a bronze color, and I was in this bedroom suite when I heard these two people in a bath laughing.  It sounded like someone I knew, so I got up and left and ran into another suite.  I don’t remember much that happened after that. All I know is that I noticed someone at the wedding who looked like someone I knew.  My heart started hurting to go somewhere, but I didn’t know what it was.  Next thing I knew, I saw someone fall through the carpet back in the hotel suite, I felt like something was telling me to let it all go, and next thing I know, I felt I was falling down this black whole, and I felt my physical body become electrified, like I was lucid dreaming, I felt my physical body go through this.  All I remember was hearing myself say “I want to go home. I want to go home.”  Next thing I know, I am on the ground in this room, and there is a humanoid man that I recognize.  He has very little to no hair, but young, and these blue markings on his head.  They look like symbols but I cannot recall what they look like.  I look over to him and he opens his eyes and crawls quickly closer to me and I realize it is my "mate", Sirian.  He asks me if I am okay, then gets me up and we embrace. I recognized him IMMEDIATELY, even as I type this, I can't shake this feeling that I was in a very familiar place with someone I loved very much who was NOT of this planet.  And we were reunited for the first time in really, I cannot remember. 

Next thing I know, I realize I AM home.  But it is NOT Earth.  It is another planet, and all I can recall is saying “Nibeen” or “Nabeen” or “Nadeen”.  The trees have pink flowers, and the skies are crystal clear blue.  The town I was in was definitely familiar to me, as if it was my hometown on this planet, and all of these people came here to see me and a bunch of other people that “came home” from Earth.  It was like all these "skin cloaks" were removed, and although we resembled what our human form looked like, we looked different.  The town itself was very futuristic (no cars, just people and animals).  Everything was so green with these beautiful steel gray buildings, but not skyscrapers.  Birds were flying through the trees, and very little clouds.  Just a small town.  It was very green, very sunny.  I walked up to those people I knew on Earth who were there to see us.  Some were happy, others turned and walked away to go back to Earth. I looked up from the balcony I was standing under, and I saw Sirian, who was looking out at something. 

Then I woke up.

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Sounds like your spiritual home-we all come here for service and or lessons-there are earthlings who reside in spirit before and after death inside the inner realms -depending on what your contract says you may have multiple lifetimes here, going to various spirit worlds in or above the earth in between life times and when your done you can go back to your world-that's what I learned in the 80's in the heyday of the New Age-from people who didn't 'channel' but prayed and meditated and spoke to people who had had real nirvana/kundalini experiences-we all have to go over this kind of info ourselves and see if it rings true in our heart-then again there is Spiritism that sprung up in France out of the seance craze in the late 1800's that uses devoted Christian prayer to protect a medium who then received thoughts and even voices from our families from the heavens to disseminate info-very big in Brazil-you may like this full length film about the afterlife-this is about one gated heaven above Brazil-there are 1000's of them all over the earth-Mathew Ward says he is in Nirvana which is above central america

This is the first time I've ever seen this trailer and I plan on watching this movie.  But what I saw this morning was EXACTLY what was in this trailer.  This beautiful fountain in the middle of this futuristic city.  It was so beautiful.  So majestic.  But people were in different color outfits, and many of us has blue symbols on the sides of our foreheads.  But what I saw in those two minutes was spot on.  I have chills.  

maybe it was your heaven -I'm going to watch it again -it's inspiring

Thank you for this.  I just watched it.  I finished it in tears.  I am moved more than I can say.  My dream looked just LIKE this. 

happy you liked the film LadyAine-it is moving and inspiring-gives me hope whenever I'm down and out that there will be time in the afterlife to rest and go back to school to re- learn the truth about our existence as spirits (just hope I don't go to Purgatory!)-the book is called Nosso Lar by F. C. Xavier and is more detailed and he has many similar books translated to English

Waking up inside myself, instead. Projecting my mind from such place, tuning into this physical vessel on earth. But even then...

I have some memories about a similar place. It's pretty beautiful. Peaceful.

Calmly enjoying the melodies of the wind, along my sister, as it caressed the entire plains of green grass, contained within organized plots. It was raining along the cloudy skies. On the distant horizon, there was a trail of ships, like multicolored stars, slowly traveling from east to north.

Our home, a similar structure to what you just described, and just next to it there's a plant nursery. With many flowers I couldn't recognize.

At the front, we were both together, the wind was playing through the window, intertwining our long hair together.
There was, or there will be, two chairs. She was on my lap, we were hugging each other in a sweet manner, as she held my face close to her chest, I took an incredible joy on hearing her heartbeats, as she slowly caressed me with her cheeks, holding me close to her.

Both of us, enjoying the silence...  enjoying our frequency together.

Suiris, your words take my breath away.  These are the very same visions I tend to have about my home.  Flowers.  green, colors so vivid I cannot describe.  Like an eternal Springtime.

What you are witnessing is an alternative frequency. It's a not a true home, no spirit really has a TRUE home. But it's a place that you're familiar with and have taken great solace in. I have created my own place like this, it is real and very bright and vivid but it is just for me and those very, very much like me. 



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