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Doublespeak 2019-Angela Merkel Says Freedom of Speech Must be Curtailed to Keep Society Free

Time to get rid of these nazi/commie scumbags;

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that freedom of expression must be curtailed in order to keep society free.

Yes, really.

“For all those who claim that they can no longer express their opinion, I say this to them; If you express a pronounced opinion, you must live with the fact that you will be contradicted,” said Merkel during a speech to the German Parliament.

“Expressing an opinion does not come at zero cost, but freedom of expression has limits,” she added, as some in the Bundestag could be heard voicing their disagreement.

“Those limits begin where hatred is spread, they begin where the dignity of other people is violated. This house will and must oppose extreme speech otherwise our society will no longer be the free society that it was,” said Merkel.

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And you are right, one can have political ambitions and sincerely want to make a positive change, but the (political) establishment is still a problem. 

yes, that's why I think it is something magical like the shift/ascension necessary to change the game on earth :)

the Light and the dark have and will always battle for dominance of the lower zone astral planes-true Free Spirit is my goal -through devotion to God/Light and service we can end re-incarnation into the lower zones-that I believe is ascension-takes forever


ok, but we don't have that much time

There is an Earth Alliance that apparently makes changes from within the current system, but I don't how that works. 

The Earth Alliance also works with people who were once part of the establishment, but are now willing to serve this planet and change the system. 

EU= EUROPEISCHEWIRTSCHAFTSGEMEINCHAFT= a German project, created by the Nazis in 1942, for post-war continuance of "UBER ALLES" even if Germany lost militarily, which, of course, the scallywags did, yet continue this policy current times: Covert subversion, treason, sedition among nations that threaten German/EU dominance in Europe....These villains are currently trying to interfere with the UK General Election, to STOP BREXIT AT ANY COST, even if UK suffers a Communist government....

Under the continuing German/EU policy of control over rivals, or perceived potential rivals, note that EU assets in all political parties, in the UK, have failed to overthrough PM Johnson, as yet, but have forced a GE upon him, by their manic blocking of any Brexit-supporting legislation, in Parliament...The EU had hoped for a Jo Swinson Liberal "Democrat" government, but the dwindling poll numbers for both this Europhile party and it's Eurofanatic leader, compelling policy revision and are now ordering these Lib-Dem stooges to vote BLOOD RED LABOUR and it's Marxist Leninism...To punish Brexit voters and keep us in the EU with a 2nd rigged 'referendum.' ALL BRITONS MUST VOTE TORY TO STOP THIS GERMAN~EU PLOT TO DESTROY GREAT BRITAIN....and our own Union...

UK Conservatives Set To Win A Large Majority

Represents a decisive victory for tories and stunning defeat for Labour

Crossing fingers for a working majority for BoJo, in our FPTP system...people must not get complacement about casting their votes, though..

"Remember, remember, the 12th of December; liberty, Brexit & God....!!"

Historically, German leaders will make any Faustian pact, with any Mephistopheles, in order to keep Germany uber alles, ad nuseaum...Good example would be the secret agreement between the Kaiser's wartime goverment and radical financiers, to enable safe passage for Lenin and his fellow Bolsheviks, who had been exiles in Switzerland, by sealed train, with German military escort, from the Swiss border, through the Reich, up to Finland, through to Russia. All with the military aim of overthrowing the Kerensky government of the Republic, by enabling a Bolshevik revolution, to establish Lenin's peace with the Germans, closing down the eastern front, redeploying armies to the western front.

Hindenberg/Ludendorff plans of WW1, which led to Russian civil war and the rise of the USSR, for which we can thank German selfishness uber alles humanitarian concerns...

-what a constant mess we live in



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