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Doublespeak 2019-Angela Merkel Says Freedom of Speech Must be Curtailed to Keep Society Free

Time to get rid of these nazi/commie scumbags;

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that freedom of expression must be curtailed in order to keep society free.

Yes, really.

“For all those who claim that they can no longer express their opinion, I say this to them; If you express a pronounced opinion, you must live with the fact that you will be contradicted,” said Merkel during a speech to the German Parliament.

“Expressing an opinion does not come at zero cost, but freedom of expression has limits,” she added, as some in the Bundestag could be heard voicing their disagreement.

“Those limits begin where hatred is spread, they begin where the dignity of other people is violated. This house will and must oppose extreme speech otherwise our society will no longer be the free society that it was,” said Merkel.

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Merkel--Honecker--Hitler--Wilhelm II--Bismarck

Only the latest, in a dire tradition of German "leadership skills" exponents....Will they ever learn..............??

the people in germany will never learn, there are the french much more advanced (yellow wests)

German people are always sidelined in important decisions by their elites....Traditionally, the German elites have feared giving a free voice to their 'voters'...Otto Von Bismarck thought that democracy was one step before anarchy.....No matter left-wing or right-wing, they [leaders] all distrust the rights of freedom for people, their own and/or other nations....

It's been reported that merkel worked for the stasi;

'This centered on how she was a member of the FDJ, the communist youth organization, when she was at school, and how she later served as cultural secretary for the FDJ while working as a physicist at the Academy of Sciences, leading to Merkel denying this role included propaganda.'

Still Raising Questions: How Angela Merkel Started Her Career In German Politics

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Submitted by Socrates F. Bach,

Angela Merkel is considered to be the world’s most powerful woman and perhaps Europe’s most powerful person. She’s about to be re-elected as Germany’s Chancellor for the fourth consecutive time. Her policies have provoked a lot of debate, from Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear energy over the Eurozone bailouts onto her refugee policies.

What has received much less attention is how she entered politics. A number of biographies have been written about her, with the most critical one perhaps being “the first life of Angela M”, written in 2013 by a journalist for Die Welt who later joined the rightwing populist AfD party. This centered on how she was a member of the FDJ, the communist youth organization, when she was at school, and how she later served as cultural secretary for the FDJ while working as a physicist at the Academy of Sciences, leading to Merkel denying this role included propaganda.

To be fair to her: in any case, she wasn’t a politically active avid Communist trying to make a career in the German Democratic Republic. That however changed with the “Wende”, the period during which the Berlin wall fell and Eastern Germany was absorbed into the West.

Merkel is certainly viewed with distrust by those who have had the misfortune to deal, or negotiate with her..and I speak of ex-PM Cameron's accounts of her style of untrustworthiness. Again, we don't even need to mention Munich 1938...King Edward VII had grave concerns about his insane, arrogant and pompous nephew, Wilhi...German leaders ALWAYS GO POWER MAD, if you let them....

Kaiser Wilhelm II, years before WW1, had a great fear of the vast global network of British trade and lucrative commerce...He was insanely jealous of the Royal Navy and Indian Empire, during the reigns of both Queen Victoria and her successor; King Edward VII, in spite of being a blood relative....Recently, Chancellor Merkel voiced her fear that a post-Brexit UK could out-compete and undercut Germany, by free global trade; to become..SINGAPOUR ON THAMES and on Europe's doorstep....Merkel has similar fears, albeit not identical, to Kaiser Wilhi....Same German Anglophobia.....not good.

this may or may not be related-always big money behind political intrigue -Archduke Ferdinand , while waiting for the lover of the Huns, Franz Joseph , to croak had set up his own nationalist deep state from his castle where he planned to take back all the concessions Franz had handed the Hungarians and other states and unify the Austrian Empire again beginning with making German the state language -the Huns and other states managed to foul up the empire with the usual modus operandi of the  Left Eye -meanwhile the archduke wanted to offer the Greeks a sweet deal and open a huge port for trade with rail lines and all the rest-so he was killed with his wife and then the entire empire collapsed -the big winners of ww1 mess?  Bankers?

I thought that Merkel would resign this year, but... 

Resignation Plans (Wikipedia)

On 29 October 2018, Merkel announced that she would not seek reelection as leader of CDU at their party conference in December 2018, but intends to remain as chancellor until 2021, when the next German federal election, at the latest, is to be held. She stated that she does not plan to seek any political office after this. 

apparently the German ruling 'elite' and or the EU wants to keep the former Stasi agent in place

Now I think of it, I thought she would resign last year. She mentioned it, but it seems she is planning to stay until 2021. She has been in office since 2005, that's a long time. 

It doesn't really matter if a politician was originally left wing, right wing or believed in questionable ideologies when younger, but it does matter how they are functioning now. Do they care about their country and their people? That is what matters. There is a still a bunch of European politicians that serve a questionable agenda and they have to go. 

she only stepped down as the CDU (conservative party in germany) leader, but she is still chancellor of germany, till 2021.

I think when you are a good man and have morality, you can not make it in this system till the top.

I probably didn't pay close attention, I only remembered something about her resignation.

I have been observing several politicians in the last couple of years. Some look like nice guys at first, but they don't serve their people. Some are unpolished and street smart, they care but lack experience. Some are veterans from established political parties, but they start to make positive moves. 

It depends on their strengths and talents and if they have their priorities straight. Their political moves eventually show us on which side they are. I'm also skeptical, but I notice some serious changes here and there. 



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