Are UFOs real or not? Or a fantasy transformed to fiction? You'll find lot of fake vids and articles about UFOs on the internet and elsewhere. But, I strongly believe that they have always been here. It's just that in the recent past, more number of people have started to realize about their existence. The governments all around the world very well know about them and often potray them as aliens and scary creatures who want to takeover the planet. Always given a tag name "Science-Fiction"  or "UFO" in the movies and in the media.

The so called "UFOs" are our friends. All they want is love and peace for us. They want the governments to make public statements (announcements) about their existence and want them (governments) release all the Free Energy tools (which would not cost any money for the utilization of electricity, gas, fuels, or for communication, traveling, free and instantaneous healing of diseases and health problems etc.) to their citizens that would be beneficent to the whole world. Now what's happening is, our governments create weapons and wars; misguide their citizens by controlling their minds through movies and false media reports. If the  motive of the "UFOs" were really to take over our planet, they would have done it eons ago because their technology is very well advanced than ours.

Our Prime Minsters and Presidents are not immature at all. If they want, they can easily negotiate peace and love with their neighbouring countries or the countries they're in war with. They have the power in them to do so. How long does it take to drop their weapons and establish peace among themselves? I bet it is much easier than fighting wars.

The biggest mind controlling game that has successfully been implemented on our planet is "work for money". This phenomenon had caused a dramatic change in the whole humanity. The "people" who created the concept of money very well knew that it would create all sort of problems on our planet. Unfortunately the innocent human had fallen to this trap. Now people are categorized as rich and poor, white collars and blue collars, upper class, middle class and lower class, based upon how much money they have in their bank accounts. This is ridiculous. We all are Equals and Abundance is our Birth Right. The humanity is trapped and locked into this frequency of hypnotism of the need for money. Please wake up my friends and break open this hypnotic spell.

The greed for MONEY, power and control over the others is what is making them create weapons and wars. But for how long will they continue to dominate their people, controlling their minds, suffocating them and spreading misinformation about "UFOs" ?

Truth is "UFOs" see us as Equals because they know that we are their brothers and sisters, we are a family living in this lovely home known as Universe. So, the next time you come across an "UFO", wave across the skies and say hello or kiss them goodnight and say thank you. They're always with us.

And, don't forget to do your daily meditations because you can have access to greater frequencies/vibrations wherein you can "talk" to "whoever you want to" or "know whatever you want to".

Thank You.

Love, Light and Gratitude,


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  • Hi dinesh, thanks for the great reply.

    It is my observation, that some people it seems, can become overwhlemed somehow with these fear energies and start to act in very unloving ways.

    Whereas previously, they were either genuinely loving and peaceful people or were putting on an act of being compassionate and truly loving people or as said, have just become overwhlemed somehow with these separation type energies (fear) and then act on them, when there is no real cause to do so.

    Yes, i use the violet ray all the time, apparently it is not fix all for everything or it takes time for its energy to process things.

    Then again, if we are up against technolgies or some kind of negative spiritual influences, that surely does not help the cause and believe me, i have seen enough people saying and doing things that are completely out of character, as if possessed.

    Though with all that said, i am so ready for a world where people can truly trust one another and not be playing this game of, i'll throw you under the bus at the slightest hint of my security being seemingly at threat.

    This kind of survival mentality only reinforces this type of doggy dog world mentality, many just don't seem to get it.

    I have seen many flying objects, many of them were surely not the flying technolgy most people are aware of, they do like to cloak themselves as clouds quite often.

    One time, while at the park, they were very low in the sky and a very large perfectly disc shaped cloud moved over the park, there is no way that was a normal cloud, it had perfect symmetry and stayed that way for at least 20 minutes.

    Also, sometimes when they are cloaked as a cloud, they will dissolve the cloud or the illusion of one very quickly, like within 10 seconds and that is not natural either.

    I speak to them quite often up there and i will say hello to them right now, peace and love to you, my brothers and sisters of the stars or where ever you may come from.

    peace love light

  • Hi folks, Hi dinesh, thanks for sharing.

    Well, i'm awake to all this you speak of, though honestly, what good is it, when many around us are in such fear for their security, that they readily and happily throw one another to the wolves.

    Some even say we have much to learn, i can only assume they are speaking about making money and surviving in nightmare world, if that is the case, they can keep their nightmare mind controlled world.

    If this world is not going to change in my lifetime, i'd rather not be here with these mind damaged people, it seems many have lost all common sense, though fear is a big part of that also.

    peace love light

    • Hello Violet Ray. Thank you too. Yes, you're right when you say that they have lost common sense. I think it's got to do with  the fact that, how they were raised during their childhoods. If they were led to believe that certain ways of living and thinking would make them successful in life, then they would follow those teachings or footsteps. Or, it could even be that they were forced to follow a path due to some unavoidable circumstances that they've encountered in their lives. This is how they develop and program fear in them and project it on others too. Also, the possibilities are countless as to how they (would/have/had) created these fear based technologies.

      Fortunate are those who are aware of these false grids or programming and are immune to them.In my opinion, it would be (easier said than done) unfair to neglect or ignore people who have fallen victims to these fear based programs that they have created on their own either consciously or unconsciously.  One of the reasons we have incarnated on his planet is to eliminate these fear based programming frequencies. Yes, these are difficult times now on the planet where our divine qualities such as hope and faith will be put to test.

      And, what better way to get rid of these fear based programming off the people and off our planet by making use of the Violet Ray/Violet Flame? The Violet Flame as you would know has the power to transmute all negative energies into the Positive Energies.

      Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude.

  • Nice pic thanks :)

  • Oh Yeah!

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