Dear Friends,


I noticed today, that Clifford's posts have gone....he no longer seems to be here.....


Any ideas as to why....??

The last time I spoke to him, he seemed his usual good humoured self...


Did someone have an argument with him....?? Or know why he should go...??


If you're reading this Cliff...Just know we love ya...and wish you well...


Blessings, Drekx Omega



P.S. Note that this investigative discussion will be removed after a few days, by which time it will have hopefully filled in some missing gaps...


Update 29th, for your perusal, giving the answers we have requested:

Selamat balik, dratzo......

As promised I shall forward some feeback I have gleaned from Clifford, over on the ISN website, where I had communicated with him...

Hope this explains all for everyone and thus renders our little discussion concluded..


Blessings of LIGHT and LOVE to you all,

Drekx Omega

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  • hey~!~.......welcome back MOL or Yoda man.

    Looking forwatd to your input here on this site..................................



    After a five day absence, MoL has returned to ACC, with a new pen name of "MasterYoda."

    We're all hoping you feel refreshed and recharged, dear brother....and ready to share your Light with the crew...


    Obviously the title of this forum still stands, as historical record.....or we could say that Master of Light left and returned in the guise of MasterYoda...?? The same soul is back and most welcome... ;-)


    Hope you enjoyed our aurora lights for your beacon back home... :-)


    Blessings, Drekx Omega

  • Frenzy44,

    You're seriously delusional and if this forum has achieved anything, it has exposed Ainu-Ra for the massive fraud that it undoubtedly is......

    ACC watches your frail attempts at control and wonders....WHY...


    Get real, Frenzy....I'm fine and nobody has taken over my body....There are no "new souls" to replace me...what poppycock and twaddle you speak....


    I AM THAT I AM......And there are no other Gods before me..


    Commander Drekx Omega


    P.S. Walk-ins need not apply.....LOL :-)

  • Selamat balik Dratzo,


    That concludes are forum business of debating the circumstances surrounding MoL's departure from ACC and some of the factors that contributed to his departure.....


    We ALL look forward to Clifford's return, sometime, when he feels up to it....


    In the mean time, ACC life goes on and the fogs of many glamours have been blown away, for truth to be revealed....pristine and sparkling in the sunshine of the soul...


    I will now close this discussion, but retain it's contents for member reference and perusal...


    Blessings of LOVE and LIGHT, Drekx


  • Yesterday, an adandonment of a potential military strike against Syria was achieved in my nation, the UK...The British parliament voted against actions sought by the executive, in support of Obama's call to arms..


    So we are most able to work for ourselves, for peace on earth, without any support or blessings from your "Ainu-Ra," thanks...

    As for unity, Ainu-Ra has the OPPOSITE EFFECT and should be disbanded, if you people can wake up to truth...

    You might consider my forum to be "nonsence," but many love MoL and want to know some answers....and it seems Ainu-Ra has been tested and found wanting.....So all I see is your embarrassment and attempts to backtrack..As for provoking you lot, it seems you have no self control.Your faces get redder and redder....07

  • Very well stated Faith!

    LOL this whole thing is quite amusingly sad in my opinion. A private separatist group claiming "a war" against another group of humans/nonhumans to unite humanity while transcending duality and claiming "to thine own self be true" condemns anyone with different beliefs as being agents of "evil" and relieving anyone who gets too close of their duty to fulfill their soul "mission" while separating themselves as special and above all others. 

    Well...of the Seven Deadly Sins I see 5 fitting this group well enough here:

    lust-  intense desire for Spiritual power to decide beliefs.

    gluttony-  (selfishness) placing concern with one's own interests above the well-being or interests of others.

    wrath-  described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger towards the beliefs of another.

    pride-  considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. It is identified as a desire to be more important or attractive than others, failing to acknowledge the good work of others, and excessive love of self.

    sloth-  by believing to be Enlightened, spiritual laziness is emphasized. Failing to develop spiritually is key to becoming guilty of sloth.

    I keep seeing Medieval Europe and Puritan America replaying in the spiritual community at this moment in time.....

    "'Es a witch...burn 'im at the stake" & "'es a heretic..." you get the point?

    NEWSFLASH: The world does NOT contain evil whatsoever.  The world only contains actions and reactions. The physical realm is a big electrochemical experiment. Actions and reactions...nothing more, nothing less.

    It is a PERSONAL JUDGEMENT on what is good or evil which we perceive in our own minds. It has nothing to do with the one this judgement is projected on and EVERYTHING to do with the judges themselves.

    We truly don't experience anything outside ourselves. To classify the KNOWING of another BEing as evil we are only in effect judging ourselves as "better than" and in effect telling our "God(s)" they are incompetent and unknowing in which we could have done much better.

    When we touch a chair we do not experience the chair, we experience the sensation in our hand which is relayed to the brain. The brain then turns said electrical signals into a sensation as it sees fit based on the programming up to that point. Quantum physics will show us that at the atomic level the atoms of two substances never truly come into contact. There is an electromagnetic repulsion field which keeps the two from ever achieving contact therefore we are never actually touching the chair at all.

    Soooo...what is this crazy dude ranting on about? Search within for the answer. The only way to understand this is by experience. No book can give one this knowledge in any fashion which rings close to the understanding of experience itself.


    Love & Light

    • This thread was conveniently closed before my realization that this post need expansion so as not to sound accusatory. I am now taking this opportunity. My personal knowing is that sin is all holographic hoopla designed by the observer and not an actual event.

      What I was referring to in this post's top portion is using the obvious Abrahamic dogma within said group to describe said group, which I see being used in a "New Age" spin by self appointed..dare I say...Gods, throughout the comment section by members of in ACC as a whole. Just read through the articles comments if my observation is in question and note the hostility towards other belief systems.

      I'm sure all the members of this group are well meaning in their intention and outstanding people in real life though it appears some have followed the allegorical symbolism of the biblical story of Lucifer on ACC, which is not meant to be read as literally an accounting of history as in modern linguistic fashion.

      I see some had/have a great understanding of the All, being "God's right hand" until such a point of being put on a pedestal of praise that the Narcissistic pride of Soul Ego fell from knowing to the point of living in personhood by giving titles of Archangel and feelings of being "special & above others." Over time the messages became more and more dualistic and possibly incoherent to the point of a Hollywood blockbuster film storyline.

      If the ALL is ONE and perfect "in design" how does good guys vs. bad guys fit into anything and why are members of the group attacking the characters and beliefs of others when it is said "STAND IN YOUR TRUTH" by the group as a core doctrine?  


      what do you have against me dude? We've met twice and you've shown me nothing but contempt. Where's this love you preach man? The first was in my thread months ago when you told me I should leave ACC after whipping out "Archangel Credentials", now it is an attempted character assassination when I speak my observations?

      If you have something to counter my claims or my article content bring it out and lay it on the table brother. Otherwise stop the childishness please. Let's squash this once and for all, I'm sure you're cool people once you drop the high and mighty "shadow mask". I have no urge to be enemies though this is quite hard to do when you attack and disappear.

  • Hi Clifford, much Love to you  my dear brother .. and see you soon.. 

    peace in your heart..



  • Okay DW I am genuinely confused.
    You say you are all about the importance of not creating separation. Yeah? In my discernment it looks like
    You are PROMOTING both Separation and Specialness.
    You claim to be "Holy Kumaras" okay. But so is everyone
    else . . . To the degree that one recognizes this ASPECT of themselves within.
    The Divine is present in all to the degree that each enlivens and awakens their GOD PRESENCE within.
    Coming here and identifying certain ones as special and then inviting these "Special Ones" to your group which EXCLUDES
    OTHERS while encouraging others to feel special or above others seems quite clearly To NOT CREATE UNITY but DIVISION and SEPARATION . . .yes?
    You and your group lament the lack of Unity as you portray Specialness and Separation.
    There is no such thing as permanent Personhood.
    All Is Impermanent . . . In the world of form.
    The Hollographic Nature of the Divine includes all as an aspect of Each. NO ONE IS PERMANANTLY ANYTHING.
    Look within . . . It was your game plan to claim to be special and then be disappointed that there is separation.
    Bless your hearts and good luck refining your tecnique.
    I am pretty sure the. Reason for the Divine expession, "I AM.THAT I Am" . . . Was to prevent just such excercises in futility
    from those wishing to be claiming God Or any of GOD'S Qualities from being claimed by anyone Religion or ENTITY . . . Yeah?
    Cells in the body of the Divine.
    Specialness is the opposite of Unity Consciousness.
    • Dear Faith.......I beam on you....!! 08

      Nicely put....!! 12

      Cheers, Drekx16


This reply was deleted.

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