I will try to make this short. In the past i felt a lot of separation between me and people , i felt like i was the only one with love that existed in this world and i had a victim mentality and because of this i was afraid to express love and i had hatred for people.  This changed when I achieved my first dose of  Universal Love energy and became an enlightened One.

   At that time I had the Heart Flame burning inside me for at least 3 days. and i was able to channel the language of love. My feeling of separation was gone and because of this my ego could not manifest.  But with time this flame died out?  I'm trying desperately to hang on to this higher consciousness that god has given me but my heart flame is gone and sometimes the old thought patterns that come from the feeling of separation come back. I can no longer channel the language of love and this makes me a little uncertain with my words.

   Does any one have a technique or a ritual to receive  large amounts of love energy fast and keep the heart flame burning forever? I want to channel the language of love agian and i want to erase the separation in my mind.

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  • My father is an Eckist, I've read some literature of Darwin and Harold, the light and sound of God, he taught me to sing HU to God from a young age and here I am, the Arcturians talk of Eckists, and Eckists also talk of the Akashic records, why would extra terrestrials speak of a following on Earth unless majority of it was true. May the blessings be, barak abashar <3
  • No technique as such! You have to be the change or love/God, if u want to see it! Anything that happens, starts from within...
  • Kundalini Yoga

    • i discovered a technique by accident no wonder jesus says you can be reborn in the water. the water has energy but you need really warm water. you sit with you sacral chakra in the water and leave your heart chakra out you visualize the hot water energy entering your sacrum and traveling into your heart, it really works but it take times to have effects , I've been noticing my heart chakra opening up more , i also do kudalini  yoga too

  • To channel love, you have to BE love in everything you think. say, and do.  Try singing the "HU", (pronounced "HUE") an ancient name for the creator.  It is a direct love song to God.  It can be done for a few minutes every day, but now that things are changing so fast I would concentrate on the practice for 20-30 minutes at a time every day at least.

    You just sit quietly, take a few deep breaths, and softly sing HU on the outbreath.  Put your focus on the 3rd eye between the eyebrows or slightly above.  After a while, you may possibly connect directly to the Source of all that is!  If you aren't feeling the love, think of something or someone that gives you those feelings, and attach the feeling to the sound of HU as it flows outward from your voice.

    Can be sung out loud or silently.  It's also good if you are frightened or in distress of any kind...it helps relieve you of all inner conflicts.

    It is the only thing that I KNOW that will put you directly into the path you are seeking....simple and easy too!



    • Yes Enkankar is wonderful. I used to practice it back in university but got away from it.

      I have many of the books. Great tips for OBE's also. Rebazar Tarz showed up in one of my dreams. I have a friend in Sedona that practiced Eckankar for years and had amazing experiences.

      Here is the link


      • Yes, I am a member of ECKANKAR...have been since 1983.  It has made such a sweet change in my life.  It lifts you up from inside out.  I realize now that the very things I need to ascend are taught as a matter of course in Eckankar.

        One thing I will mention is that some people see sparkling blue light when they are reading or chanting spiritual tones. It can also come in your dreams or an obe experience.  It is a sign that the Spiritual Masters are with you.  You can find out more if you are interested by looking up Eckankar in the phone book, or by going to www.eckankar.org

        Many Blessisngs!

        • Really thats interesting. I work in a healing profession. I often see tiny blue lights around my clients. I never knew what it meant. Thank you

          Blessings to you also!

          • Ah, many of us have a lot of past-life connections with ECK Masters.  It's possible they are trying to re-connect, but you always have the freedom to choose your own path in each lifetime.

            Singing the HU love song to God is probably the best way to connect at this time if you  choose.  The world is changing very fast, but if you are meant to take a step up in consciousness, it's a very good way to do it.

    • they do this practice at Echankar..attended one group years ago..the high energy can be accessed so quickly..i look thru my window..and sing HU..(i pronounce YOU)..and amazingly watch light appearing..getting brighter every moment….thanks for reminder..need to do more often…IT TRULY WORKS~

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