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Does anyone has psych powers and can help me with a relationship issue?

brothers and sisters I write to you all on concern of my trouble soul. Im unsure if I should keep fighting to go back to an old relationship or cut ties with this person please advise me.As Im lose and confuse if this person is truly my soul mate or not. His name is Norberto from South America  my is Norma from North america. His bday is january 22 1983 my is august, 19 1985. If anyone feel any singnals let me know.

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Dear Astra...No one can tell you what to do, even if they are psychic, because what should be shall be, regardless of what you do or you don't do...or what others tell you...Letting other people do the thinking and tuning to your truth is the same as to giving your power away...If anything, you can ask your Higher Self to guide you and to show you the way...What I  do which helps me every time... I go within my high Heart and connect, I call my twin flame or soul mate and immediately my heart starts beating so fast and so hard that it shows me He is present and listening...Blessings and trust your inner guidance...

Well said amparo alvarez! Listen to you heart, what do you feel when your apart or when your together? Time can sometimes be your greatest tool. I think being honest and open is the best to go by. Good luck with this conundrum!

Thank you Amparo , I feel a inner an inner voice telling  me to keep friends with this person yet I got  harshly  criticize because this person whom I was engage betray me with someone else. And we no longer together bet we talk often I'm unsure if im blinded by loved or I'm a fool. My inner voice tells me to have faith on him . 



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