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I did a little update on the "Header design" here on Ashtar Command.
What do you think? =)

P.S. In 2015 or late 2014 you will se BIG layout/functional changes on Ashtar Command Community, the site will be much faster and Adapted for mobile phones + tablets....Just wanted you all to know that.



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@Mr Ed:.Yeah I remember that video =) Cool that you remember it ....
Thanks for the comment <3


Oh Pleeease Dear Lord NOOOO!

Please do not make this site unbearable for old-school PC-users. Phone-optimized sites are impossible to use and they don't work very well with firefox either. Not to mention what they do to my graphix processor during the summer.. Some sites I can't even access if the temp goes above 25C in the room.

If you turn this site into a phone-circus, I'll probably have to go somewhere else. ;)

The site as it is now, is perfect. Laggy from time to time but some dealings with the cache will fix you up there, good as new. Otherwise its easy to use even though we could certainly use a function that can collapse the posts of users we want to block from even seeing. Some posts here would be rather impossible to follow on a phone due to excessive trolling and wall-of-texts in between. ;)

I read and work on the height of pages, and you want to cut my browser-window by at least 20% of that height now. I'd definitely not like that.

(I have old gear and won't afford new for many many years, maybe never, which is too bad because I could really use a proper computer)

@Acute: *Smile* - Change is the Only constant thing in the Universe =)


Lol. At least keep the blue background then. White text on blue background is pleasant for my eyes. :)

Pictures fine but i hate all the blue in the background

Much Love


@Plaz: Thanks for the Feedback and your honest opinion =)

Great stuff Ben ..

Now imagine what Ashtar Command would look like if you pimped it up with a really futuristic look using high tech visuals ... with digital, futuristic, cyber animated graphics ... like this: ...

.. just something to keep in mind when you do the layout/functional changes ... go for the cyber genre ... the wave of the future .. hell yeah <3

@Luke =)
Really cool!

for me okay as okay to you, 'cause you know many things that I don't know ' then you choose. Hello

I like it fine....I also want to weigh in on the white lettering on blue background...I love that too...for me it is easier to read than most other color combinations....I am legally blind and it is really nice on my eyes....I remember that video too...I simply loved it.  

~Keep up the Good Works Ben!... I like the new images. From a graphic perspective, I might move the kid a little to your right, so the Earth & the Ashtar symbol aren't perfectly touching. I would also move the bigger ship a little to the right & down a couple of centimeters, to break the horizon line. I 'think' this would add to the 3d effect. Of course, these are merely my opinion, I tend to obsess on this kind of stuff. No doubt, you did as well ;-) ... again, nice job Brother. ~InLight 

Just saw the adjustments... Nice ;-)

I think it flows a little better now... how bout you?  



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