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Do Not ..Do Not Look For Other Planets To Live On For It's Your Duty To Look After Your Home Planet First.

Those people who are here on Planet Earth must do their best to look after Planet Earth for what to do to your home planet you do to yourself.

Do not look for Heaven up in the skies but it's your duty to create Heaven on Earth. There are beings on other planets who have created heavenly conditions on their planets and like them beings in this planet can do the same 

Just by following 3 Golden rules you can create heaven on earth 

Firstly: Do no harm to Planet Earth

Secondly: Do no harm to living entities on Planet Earth 

Thirdly: Evolve spiritually are not this body but a spiritual being of love and light.

There is breakaway civilization of humans who are already living on other Planets ...the ones who abondoned Planet Earth but it's their duty still to assist Planet Earths ascension.

Vast amounts of money the government's are spending on space exploration must be stopped and all money should be spent to create heaven on earth.

Once heaven on earth is created then willingly beings for other planets will be happy to come to this planet and welcome you all to their home planets. 

Some beings from other Planets have incarnated on planet earth to assist humans in improving life on planet earth.

Everyone here on planet earth must do their part in helping mother earth to get to it's original healthy state.

Remember mother earth is a living entity and just as you need lots of love so does she. Heal planet earth and you will heal yourselves.


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