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Hi guys just wondering because i saw a comment on a blog that pritty much said you wont ascend if you eat meat. Is this true? I would like to become vegetarian but I only see my family ridiculing me for it. Well not my mum but everyone else. Much thanks   

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No you do not need to lose you desire for meat, but the taste of most food will become irrelevant. At times when the transition happens you may lose the need for food altogether, keep someone close to you to help you during these times. Just to let you know, I am not a vegetarian, I eat meat and lots of it. I was raised on meat and without the added protein of certain foods, it is like eating tofu. Do what feels right, eat what you love, let the memories of everything you eat pass through you. Experience is life, and a part of life is eating, for me that means meat and lots of it.



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