Do i have to become vegetarian?

Hi guys just wondering because i saw a comment on a blog that pritty much said you wont ascend if you eat meat. Is this true? I would like to become vegetarian but I only see my family ridiculing me for it. Well not my mum but everyone else. Much thanks   

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  • No you do not need to lose you desire for meat, but the taste of most food will become irrelevant. At times when the transition happens you may lose the need for food altogether, keep someone close to you to help you during these times. Just to let you know, I am not a vegetarian, I eat meat and lots of it. I was raised on meat and without the added protein of certain foods, it is like eating tofu. Do what feels right, eat what you love, let the memories of everything you eat pass through you. Experience is life, and a part of life is eating, for me that means meat and lots of it.
  • You know, you are totally right about industrial food, I've seen videos of how our food is created and it's not for the weak stomached... the FEAR that an animal experiences releases a chemical into the food, perhaps that is why we have so many kids with allergies these days... all the stuff that's in the food. 

    In our town we're lucky to have choices of supporting local farms instead of corporate food mills.  I really recommend farmer's markets and community food co-ops. 

    If you do find yourself eating mill food, definately say a blessing for the animal's soul, you would be healing it because you are a divine creator, you would actually be healing a bit of the karma of mankind, when you think about group karma, we have a lot to make up for, in the future we will be caretakers of this planet, so awesome :)  I hold on to the vision of the future when faced with some terrible truths about this world we live in. 

    Oh speaking of which, I know a group of local kids who got together and approached the city with an offer to bless the city water supply... there is contraversy right now about fluoride in the water.... and these teenagers wanted to bless the water with invocations to the great mother and father... how beautiful is that?  And the city approved it!  The young people are ready to take responsibility for the earth, I see it in all of them, what a great group!  

  • To become vegetarian is one of the best things I've done after quit smoking (10 years ago). Next step for me is to become vegan. When you are vegetarian or vegan you are not a part of the process of suffering and killing animals. If everybody was vegetarian, the oceans would be full of fish in a couple of years and people would be healthier and happier! MUCH LOVE AND LIGHT. Gere from Barcelona.

  • As with Everything it all has to do with the Energy associated with it.

    One of those ET food replicators could produce artificial meat if you wanted it to. You think it would be wrong to eat that?

    It would probably have the same molecular structure, it would be actual meat, it wouldn't be some veggie protein mix.


    I eat Meat because it tastes good, I eat it for the experience. In fact I eat everything I do because its Tasty, if it isn't Tasty I don't eat it. Which means I only rarely eat vegetables.

    But if you ate My Food... not only would it be healthy for you, over a period of months it just might make you Younger too.

    Because I so thoroughly enjoy my food, and I infuse it with energy, that it actually becomes very healthy. Occasionally... my food will not get the energy... and it goes to show me just How Big the difference is.


    So im in it for the experience - I live to eat - I don't eat to live.

    When the time comes for me to stop eating Meat and processed foods... I may actually stop eating altogether, because I would just jump onto the Light/Breath bandwagon. Because I would have actually outgrown the soul Desire to eat and my body would have adjusted.

    That's part of why I eat so many "wrong" foods, because im savoring that experience while I can.


    I do have inhibitions about eating some animals though. I don't like Deer or animal meat that has been recently processed, if it comes from the supermarket that is fine but if someone just killed a chicken, for some reason there is something very peculiar about that meat.

    I also don't like eating Lobsters or Crab that are boiled alive. For god's sake smash its head in with a hammer before you put it in there ! ! !

  • The majority of the world is brown, poor and uneducated... they live in huts and raise animals and farm- that is when they aren't being terrorized by warlords and foreign governments.  They will never be denied the right to ascend, lol, it makes me smile to think that our 3d level intellect is trying to put limits on a god given divine plan of evolution... no one has to sit in the back of the bus on this ride. 

    Are you going to tell the poor farmer that he can't get to heaven because he ate his goat? 

    Meat eating is a choice that is done between each man and his maker and not for us to decide, but here is an idea- how about honoring the food you eat, how about thanking the meat on your plate?  Saying a prayer for the soul of the animal, asking it for forgiveness? 

    Master DK advises that the plant kingdom has offered itself collectively for the nourishment of all living beings on earth, in return in the next life it may come back as a higher life form... so technically, he said- the animals; having already been consumed as plants- shouldn't have to remake the same sacrifice as they have already experienced that karma. 

    That being said, he also said that at certain points in the growth of the aspirant he/she will need the protein available and the experience of eating flesh as part of their education... but that once they have reached a certain level they will not be able to go any higher unless they discipline their physical bodies and abstain from drinking spirits and eating flesh.  I eat whatever my body tells me it wants, and lately it doesn't want salt or meat but I can eat a rare steak with no qualms, I believe the body is illusion so it's the intention and not the act. 

    To my way of thinking there are no right or wrong answers, it's what suits your own natures... there are some societies which live on insects and rodents, it's all they have to eat- who am I to judge.... we are lucky to have a choice, just try to be as healthy as you can and don't eat for pleasure as that is egoic and causes weight issues... not judging here but for your own well being you shouldn't fill your heart chakra with food :) 

  • Well I don't think something like eating meat isn't going to stop you from ascending. It's not like taking drugs or drinking, that very well could stop you from ascending. Eating meat is just eating meat. I mean animals eat meat lol Meat is healthy, it's packed with proteins and nutrients to help your body grow. It's good to give up eating meat too, but eating meat isn't some horrible thing that people try to make it out to be.

    If you want to stop eating meat, well that's your choice, and people should respect it. If not, well that's too bad for them. Why live life for other people. We don't live our own lives, we live lives based on what others expect of us. Part of sovereignty is doing what you feel is best for you, regardless of what anyone says. Stand strong in your self, and you'll be an example to them of empowerment. Even if they make fun of you, just say, well it's my life, I'll do what I feel is best, and it doesn't matter what you say. Again, why live life, for other people. Live your own life, as you see fit.

  • First of all...humans ARE meat eaters. Just look at our teeth, and our digestive system: is our stomach divided in four, like a cow? No. Humans ARE NOT HERBIVORES. Eating meat is good for you. You are supposed to eat meat and fish, and also veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts, and lots of good fats, like butter, olive oil, coconut oil and animal fat. 

    Becoming a vegetarian, or even worse a vegan, will give poor health, physical and mental. Not having the right nutrients, will affect the way your brain works. Lots of people think they are high and mighty because they don't eat animals, they feel lighter and full of energy, they feel more spiritual. Well, it's BS. It' s actually your brain not working properly, giving you delusion, obsessive compulsive thoughts (even anorexia nervosa is a symptom), and a feeling of superiority. But in reality, you will probably look just like a smug asshole. Ever noticed how vegetarians/vegans are so obsessed with what they eat? tell everybody how wrong is to eat meat? how in spite of all the the propaganda, they still look like zombies (well most of them: the others are obese due to the over consumption of grain and sugar)? Before you do some serious damage to your health, please do some research. Look for the "real" answers, and not just what you think you want to hear. 

    Vegetarians/vegans, are NOT better people. Look at Ravinder, I guess he goes by a different name now (some kali krishna thing): he tells everybody not to eat meat. He loves the animals. And just a few weeks ago, he suggested that bombs should be put in every fast food, and kill the customers as well as the workers. 

    Do you want to be like that asshole? He *really* thinks he is better than you (or me, for sure).

    Stop the vegetarian agenda! (do you rally want to give more power to monsanto?)

    Ok,you can start hatin' on me now.

    I have to go eat a medium rare rib-eye steak.

    • By the way, there is a theory that humans were able to build their brain that time down in Africa, because they ate the meat the large predators left over. I don't know if this is true, I really can't remember these days^^ I am not such happy that our ancestors were probably scavengers.

      Anyway, humans indeed are omnivores, our next relatives like chimpanzees also sometimes hunt and eat meat. And even the so nice dolphins aren't vegetarians.

      But, and there is a huge but, we do not need meat every day. There is no need for intensive mass animal farming, there is no need to torture the animals we eat. We have to stop to see them as things, as money with four legs. We have to wake up and understand what we eat. And we should take responsibility for the animals we eat to give them an appropriate life. And yes, maybe then meat won't be cheap any more, so what? We won't starve, there are enough other stuff to eat.

      Just my two cents.

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