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I am aware of the 12 strands of DNA but does anyone else think these strands of DNA correspond to the 12 chakras of the human body? Yes I said 12, not only 7 chakras!! These 12 chakras relate to the 12 dimensions you can visit each time the veil is broken and gateway is opened up.


There are 11 points on the tree of life representing these chakras and the 12th is the chakra out of the body above the crown that connects us to divine universal source. This is referred to as En Sof.


I do wonder again about a possible 13th hidden chakra...I might be wrong on this one but I have heard some talk not just about the heart but the sacral heart (hence the sacred heart of Jesus).

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there are 3 above the crown,  Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur.  Light, Limitless, and Limitless Light.  They represent 3 Facets of source in its action of bringing to conceptualization.  After that things take on the process of Creation to Actualization.  They are also known as the veils of formlessness as no real definition applies, they being layers of potential to come into existence.  Layers of Source is also an appropriate concept of them, they are place where infinite impossibility is actualized into filtered finite probability, the place where concepts themselves are created before being manifest attaining unto themselves potential to be conceived and potentialized.

Ahh thats cool to know.  Thanks for the clarification.  I always thought of Soph, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur as being three in one. Its nice to learn about all these things! Thanks :)

i have found another "chakra" that is equal in the way it relates instantly with other chakra, and it seems to relate to the lower body.  It corresponds to the chakras at the base of the spine, the s** organ, and the mid waist chakra.  It seems to be located relative to the body between the mid waist chakra and the s** organ chakra.  Relative to the physical body is superficial because it seems to have no direct place in the body except through the chakras themselves and non existent in the material as it is commonly understood unless you consider a 5th or 6th dimensional body.  It is also interesting to note the solar plexus seems to be able to interact with both of them but not in the same way as the others, it interacts in manner that is similar to chakra energy flow like normal.  And the solar plexus so far does not seem to have a fusion chakra, but i infer that that too will change.

That sounds pretty accurate actually. Its like a small compartment near the heart. The thymus is right next to the heart right? Interesting topic.

I have not found other writings to confirm a concept that has in my mind about this but I feel this high heart chakra could be considered as a chakra in it's own right or maybe more precisely a fusion chakra that IS a unified integration of both the heart chakra and the third eye chakra or perhaps even a the throat chakra as well.  The only evidence I have toward this is personal experience of feeling energies from both or all three simultaneously seemingly both emanate and focus into the high heart and reciprocate from there emanating/focusing out to both or all three without flowing along their normal courses.  It is like all three expressed energy onto a field of being behind my energy field and focused in the high heart and from there back into.  Or like a point that intersects all three chakra at the same time from a higher dimensional plane.

Glad you posted this chakra system chart, Feather Winger....It is important that everyone is up to speed on this evolutionary process, which is indeed developing 13 fully functional chakras, from the previous 7...which means 6 new centres, as indicated....


And if you want to post another image of some tea and cakes also, I'll be happy to share them with you, dear one, even if some may condemn you sometimes for being "off-topic..." I won't......  :-) Cheers, Drekx

Yes, not certain about cream, but the berries are full of detox potential.... :-)

Oooooo....!! I didn't know you were going to spread it all over the body, Feather.... ;-) Glad you enjoyed this... :-)

But I was thinking of there are such detox diet regimes, using fruits and veg.

But when I think of the hormones that are often in cow's milk, that can be a toxin....Genuinely fresh milk may be OK, but maybe not so available in our western societies...

Well, if it's really natural milk, produced in the traditional way, before farming was turned into an ugly industrial process, then I'll agree....


Austria is a great alpine country....I have relatives in Germany, just across the border in Mittenwald, Bavaria, as well as Minden, Westfalica, further north..

As an American, how came you to Austria, FW...??

Indigo is a colour that equates with purple in appearance....residing at a frequency between blue and violet, on the electromagnetic spectrum...

I'll post this comparison image, which has a close approximation to that tone, as the base colour...

Indigo is that colour that all the kids in school used to argue about...its its purple lol! I love indigo because its so hard to pin point.

Yes, technically indigo is a primary colour, so cannot be a strict purple, which is a mix of blue and red...But in appearance, purple is the better approximation and esoterically, indigo is the primary ray for this solar system and absorbs all the others, as well as backing them...The "king" among the colours I would suggest...A type of "royal" purple......



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