Discovering my real self....

I have been with Release Technique to help facilitate my hung up implants since my family were very military and antiii- most things.  I traveled at least 5 years continuosly.  Nice I speak or have understanding of quite  FEW LANGUAGES.  I discovered I was a Greek Mythology geek at a young age. I am a horse by nature.  And was called an angel when I was quite young.  My recent partner (husband) read St. Germain Discourses before and all his teaching 'rang' with me thorougly.  Everything I have been exposed to has been real for me.  We have been in training about the New Golden Way. We are ready to join Telos, and I Agartha.  I will leave my purpose up to Adama an Ashtar guidance.  They are more advanced than I ! As a lightworker, Reiki Master, I discovered my Angel, BALKETHAZAR.  i AM Doing tutelage under METATRON. hEART MEDITATION IS MOST IMPORTANT and Learn to do MerKaBa.  Since Atlantis and Lemuria wars, Egyptian history is deeper than public schools have ever taught:  Check this   You will discover that our American Continent isn't the beginning of all time.  Even before Caesar Agustus...Expaning heart knowledge. Check with Mikos!

LOVE you all on your Journey!

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  • Thank you welcome to ACC!!! Good to see your training and doing!!
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