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Discernment ~ Ascended Masters vs. Star Brothers from Jesus Christ

Recently I am very confused after I've read the following quotation of the message.

I hope everyone think about this issues on the distinction between Ascended Masters vs. Star Brothers.


Quotation Source:

Channeler: Kim Michaels

from Ascended Master Jesus Christ

"• The true spiritual teachers of humankind – the ascended masters – have risen above the human ego, the duality consciousness and the material universe. Thus, we can accomplish our goals by using the power of God within us, meaning that we need no technology that is available in the material universe.

ANY teaching that links spiritual teachers to beings in UFOs, flying saucers, space-crafts, star-ships or whatever you want to call them should – by the wise student – be considered a false teaching that is given deliberately to deceive you and leave you feeling confused and discouraged.

The ascended masters do NOT – in any way – work with beings from star-ships or from Orion or the Pleiades. Neither do we work with beings who belong to the space brothers, the Galactic Federation or the Galactic Council. Any teaching that links the names of known ascended masters to such beings is a false teaching. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The entire idea that alien beings in UFOs play a beneficial role in the spiritual growth or salvation of humankind is a false idea. It is designed to play on the minds of people who have not accepted responsibility for their own salvation. These people are always looking for an easy way out, for an external savior who will do all the work for them. And since many people in the modern world can no longer – for good reason – believe in the Christian claim that I will appear in the sky and do all the work for them, they are looking for another savior. Thus, they can easily be ensnared by ideas that claim an advanced civilization will fly to earth in space-ships and will solve all of humankind’s problems through their superior wisdom and advanced technology.

Even if – and note the “if” – such a civilization did come to earth, any civilization that is using space-ships and technology will still be very primitive in terms of spiritual wisdom. If you have wisdom, you transcend the need for physical technology. Thus, such a civilization simply would not have the wisdom to solve humankind’s problems—even if it existed.

I, the ascended Jesus Christ, did come to earth from Venus, but that does not mean that I originated on Venus. I was born in a higher realm, and that is where I returned after my ascension. Thus, I am indeed in God’s kingdom, and if you have not seen me, you have not looked high enough. Stop studying false teachings, take responsibility for raising your consciousness, and you will find me. Consequently, the idea that I live on a star-ship called Capricorn near the planet Venus is completely false."

The concept of starseeds is not a concept given by the ascended masters, and thus I encourage you to use discernment when you come across any teaching or channeling that uses this term. The term originated in the mental realm, and it is used by beings who are not necessarily malicious but are certainly not beyond duality."

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