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OMG!!!  Did any body feel that…this morning or for some last night….Talk about feeling the energy of change….It was so amazing…I was laying there than all of a sudden I felt a shift in my whole being…like I stepped into,,,,,I don’t know …like my words are limited to even desecirbe…It was so noticeable and so blissful…I woke up and said…What the hell was that…With a big ass smile on my soul….a voice started started talking and said….


“We are here…We have entered your plain…The love or the Great Source is here”…I said What!!! and it feels like that when you all come to town…He said…”we want to make sure you all knew”…I said is this just on a personal level or a global…He said “On a global…those who have lifted there vibration enough to merge with us and understand or commincation…felt it first…and those who are still a little fuzzy will feel it a little later…”


O’ Sh@* about shifting into the New Age….and people I am not exaggerating…..It felt soooo… nothing I ever felt before…


So I ask did anybody feel it…

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Damm wish it was me wakeing in the morning

It’s been two days now I feel strange but pleasant energies on my body. Yesterday in the morning I had an understanding/perception that everything was happening in a different rhythm.  And something else, strangely enough the last two nights, thoughts kept coming to me to thank me to thank George myself so I did. The energy was great I felt.

It was something like encouraging me to thank the experiences I’ve had so far in this body. It was so vivid and new to me all this. From my part I’d agree with you the energies are changing on this planet. Love to all.

Yeah I guess that is going on. I didn't notice last night, but I have felt increasing energies for awhile now, especially the other day.

Last night... I did feel something though, it was kinda subtle. Like a warmth and protective cocoon feeling On My Feet (of all places).


I wish I could get some Answers for my Questions...

and I wish the universe would release My Gift to me...

yes, i have been having a lot of emotional releases of past sorrows of knowing life events of mine and others that is stored in my  sub-conscience, wow.

i have also been getting strong e.s.p. help more than ever before, that is just minutes before it happens, i guess to prove to me that something is with me at a close relation with me.!!!! i don't know about why me.

i will keep an open mind, but not a gulible one, to what is to manifest while around me.

blessings to us all for we are one.


Hi, Marianinia, is the pain between your shoulder blades?  If you look up angel wing chakra, you will see some interesting information you may enjoy :)  I hope you feel better !!!! 

Could also be your 1st Kundalini awakening - I have been experiencing this of late too.  I know too we are being given more chakra's.  Can anyone tell me what is "red spirit" my daughter held my crystal pendulum I wear around my neck near my heart chakra and said Mummy you have a red spirit....not to be confused with  Aura.  I have tried looking this up not a lot of information - what I feel most resonated "red spirit" being the beautiful Native American tribes - which I know I have a long affinity....appreciate any insights... with love and light :-)

Well a couple of week's ago i started to thank my body y limp's my organ's and when i told them how much i loved them i could actully fell a strong love bursting thourout my body i had never felt anything like it but it was wonderfull, i did wish though i felt the energy you guys are felling right now:)

All my love to you<3


Blessed Be


thank you for sharing.

bless you.

you are giving me ideas now feather winger ... now you mentioned oneness it felt like it. it was such a beautiful energy and everything else goes away. just your being and that energy of acceptance and love of you and your body.

another word that kept coming to my mind to say to myself was "I'm divine". it was again in a sense the feel of the oneness energy in a different way. it was beautiful.

if you or any of you know any other simple techniques about these energies. thanking the body and the divinity of the being it would be nice to bring it forword for us to see and get to know. its an amazing feeling many would find it worth trying it.

love you all George

Similar to Reiki self healing too Feather Winger - like you learning to do this for myself - I love the words above and will also incorporate this too.  Attending a Oneness course next week - very much looking forward this too :-) love and light for sharing Feather Winger :-) x

YES!!!!!!!!  Not only that, but the tension that has been in the ethers has lifted - people in the streets are smiling, not everyone is fighting like they were, there is a positive shift in the air! 

My body feels reborn :)  I love you very much for your sharing, dear lady, thank you so much :)

Yes I felt it. Very blissful. Life keeps getting more lovely.



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