After mocking Christians: did kangaroos jump from Mount Ararat (after the flood))  all the way to Australia, the evolutionists encountered their own version of absurdity! Of course this places evolution squarely on the same par with all the other 'origin' myths that people have narated throughout history!

In a nut shell, some species of apes that looks closely like African monkeys are also found in south America! This gives the evolutionists only two options to choose from so they may explain  their presence there. One is that a seires of zillions of similar accidents happened in parallel in African and South America! The other is that in fact monkeys migrated all the way to America! Of course no even insane person can believe the first. But some insane people can believe the second, and evolutionists are insane people! So they say that some seafaring monkey actually beat the Columbus to become the first primate to cross the Atlantic ocean!

Actualy I am finding it easier to beleive that kangaroos jumped all the way to Australia than to beleive this mainstream story. Of course the monkeys could not have made a boat. So they had to use a floating log! What was the monkey realy desperately trying to escape from in Africa and then move all the way o the dangerous ocean? Did the monkey rowed or did it relied on a wind? Couldn't the log easily capsize? What did it eat for several weeks? Also try to squat for even 30 minutes and you will find that your knees gets tired too quickly. The monkey had to sit in that position for weeks or even months!

This shows how modern scientists are willing to believe anything in order to preserve their doctrines! Gone are the days when science, unlike religion, was able to correct its past mistakes! Those days the Christian priests were on the pedestal, trying to appear to everyone that 'they can never err'. When they seem to be in error, it is your 'intuition' or 'common sense' that is the problem. Those days science was the humble guy who believed that he can make mistakes and so needs to constantly  retract from its past beliefs. Not so anymore!

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  • OK Roaring I totally agree with you that Darwin's theories are mainly untrue, but sometimes answers arrive, when we open the scope of our knowledge to aspects that are not officially endorsed by the current orthodoxy, but explain the full picture.....

    As you may have realized, from my own past comments, the history of humanity on Earth, is far richer and much longer, than the orthodox paradigm's understanding...

    Sea faring civilization, of a trading and commercial nature, existed on Earth during the Atlantean epoch, which commenced around 177,000 B.C.

    In that timescale of millennia, Atlanteans, not unlike the much later Romans, enjoyed the spectacle of exotic species of animals, in zoos and also in arenas, of public entertainment...
    There was a thriving trade between the Atlantis capital of Poseidia and many global outreaches, within and outside the Atlantean Empire....This was similar to London in the 19th century...
    Species of animals and plants and many consumed commodities, were traded across continents....

    Monkeys were pets and also displayed, as described....They were of value in trade and barter...
    • One of the few things that Darwin got it right (especially against orthodox creationism) is that living things does change from time to time. They were not created as it were 'perfect' from the start. He also did well to attempt a scientific explanation and reasoned well that 'a creator could have made every living thing in a given Island'. In other words the ubsence of say a lion in Madagascar raises a good suspicion against creationism.

      But trying to remove all consciousness from natural phenomenon is the misguided, futile pursuit that Darwinists engage in. After all we are conscious beings and we must have inherited this trait from the universe in some way. Ergo it should be a surprise to see what seems to be another 'mind' at work in nature. We move, and we see things in the universe moving.We are warm and stars etc are warm. We have a mind and so it should not be a surprise to see what looks like a 'mind' in nature.
    • Of course Atlantis idea makes more sense than the idea of a sea faring monkey on a piece of log! What if we say there was once a continent connecting Africa with America? Then we can explain the presence of those animals!

      Also Lemuria can explain the presence of Lemurs in Madagascar. I don't know if such idea was the one that made the person to name it LEMURia, i.e. lemur= the inhabitant of lemuria?
      • It is somewhat akin to Atlantis giving it's name to the then surrounding Atlantic ocean and also the Atlas mountains of north Africa...

        Speaking of Atlantis, the actual name of the Greek variation is "Atlas" and today we think of global maps and mapping...That was the ancient King, who gave his name to Atlantis, albeit it was actually King "Atlant."
        He was recorded in Greek myths as the Titan Atlas.

        Lemurs are currently indigenous to Madagascar, and also it is interesting that that island nation is on the Indian ocean side of Africa...Lemuria was in the Pacific region and also traded with India and Africa...The name is not a co-incidence....The land of Mu....
        • I had seen some models place Lemuria in Indian ocean, connecting India, Indonesia and Africa.
  • What more? They also found dinosaur fossils in Morocco, Lemurs in Madagascar etc. So they say that the dinosaur lemurs etc swam a distance of over 400 km! They also say plants crossed oceans into other continents! If evolutionists find plants in Jupiter that looks like those on earth, they will never abandon their theory! They will tell us that plants were also space travellers in some way!

    All these are 'epicycles' added to prop up the theory of evolution! Meanwhile I can show you that it is no more significantly more unlikely for another dinosaur to pop up from anothet continent than for two species to remain even remortly similar without inter-breeding amid a DNA that is supposedly constantly changing randomly!
    • Yes, the orthodox "science" seems to want to discount any notion of civilizations before Sumer, some 4000 B.C. And so they cannot conceive of "cavemen" building cyclopean architecture and massive sea-faring ships, with which to navigate the globe, in trade.....Transporting ancient species, from continent to continent....
      Ancient people were not all as dumb, as modern orthodoxy supposes...
      • I have criticized somewhere this idea that 'ancient people were dumb'. The way they dismiss some bible stories suggest that the israelites were incredibly stupid! I said this isn't the case. Jews definetly undestood 'propaganda' very well! They understood that someone can try to rewrite history, especially by the use of pseudepigraph. That is why they did not include several books, e.g. the book of 'Baruch' in the cannon. So they were not stupid! No blatant propaganda could easily be inserted!
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